According To Guap

Today’s Music: KISS = I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night
Mel: What should I wear to a distillery?

Brain Tomahawk: Beer Goggles?

El Guapo: A bib

Mel: Thanks! I’m excited for the big 21 this year! Finally. I can drink!!
– Above taken from twitter conversations. At different times.

Have you ever seen such a happy couple?

Today is a big day. A special day. Yes, it’s a birthday-versary!
It’s the *mumblemumble*th anniversary of Melissa’s 21st birthday!

But what do you get the blogger who has everything? One with a successful loving husband who works to fill in gaps in her education and help shore up her geek cred. (Even if his sense of smell is lacking)
What do you get the woman who has two adorably cute children – ones that can play with each other while dressed as superheroes?

She’s a super hero too!

They’re both really very sweet. One of them will remember to say goodnight to the evil giant crab under the bed, while the other sends his Mom the sweetest text messages.

What do you get a woman who is creative enough to regularly enter Trifecta or 100 Word Song? Who is fearless enough to tell you things she is afraid to tell you?

Do you get her a trip to a city? Nah, she’s already done that.

…after that, the city was never the same…

Do you set her up a second blog? Nope, she’s got one of those too
(Before I tell you what you get an incredible blogger, a spectacular wife and mother, and a good friend, I just want to let you know that she does have a dark side as well.)

Obviously, you get her a blog post, and join a bunch of really cool bloggers simultaneously yelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL!!!!
It’s a pleasure reading your posts, tweets and emails, and it’s an honor and a pleasure to know you. (And if you’re late getting to this post, I’ll know it was just a phone reception issue.)
Hope you and your family have a fantastic day in your honor, and many many days to come!

You only heard me?
Oh…well how about we yell it out sequentially.
The birthday party continues at all the sites listed below.
Old Dog New Tits
KBar3 & Donna
My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
The Joy of Joe
Betty Rants, and the Raggs
And finally, a delightful tribute from her husband.
Follow the party around the web!
And wish Melissa the happiest birthday ever! (until next year of course. 😉 )

19 responses to “According To Guap

  1. Happy Birthday Melissa!


  2. Thanks so much! I’m crying, laughing, hot flashing, crying some more! Guap…you are one of my most favorite people in the Bloggerverse. You make me smile on a daily basis…even when I don’t want to sometimes. And when I offer my 4 yo up to you, what do you do? You offer to bring her Zip Lining with you and the most fantastic woman (AKA Your girl). I’ve never met her, but can only imagine someone married to someone as incredible as you would have to be extra-special, too.

    Much love to you, my friend. Thank you for taking so much time in working with all the others to make me smile. My face hurts right now. I can’t say enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


    • Ha! Your corner of the sphere is one of the most fun places to hang out in, Mel!
      It was our pleasure to do this! Once we figured out what we were going to do, your sense of humor soaked into the whole thing and it was lots of fun (until Becky accused me of wearing a Members Only jacket.)
      (Long Story.)
      (And no, I wasn’t wearing one.)

      Hope you have a fantastic day, and every day to follow, and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




  4. This was absolutely fabulous, Guap. I think I may just hang around here all day and keep re-reading it. Sooner or later you’re bound to stroll by in your Members Only jacket. It’s cool… Love the posts you selected, they really show what she’s all about. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much as I read them again. Well done, my partner in crime. Oh, and happy birthday, Mel!


    • In several posts on this blog, there is a poor sad fellow in a yellow outfit.
      We refer to him as Lederhosen man, even though they aren’t really lederhosen.
      If you stumble across him, remember, he is not me, Becky.
      Oh,and hide your eyes from him too.


  5. Great job, Guap. I love the pictures. LOVE.


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  7. DYING LAUGHING at that happy couple pic. Awesome!! You find the best stuff on the ‘net!


  8. whiteladyinthehood

    I’m pretty sure you may just be the coolest friend to have in blogtown…(checking out your friend to wish her a happy b-day)


  9. Your kids playing super-hero is one of the unexpected delights of being a parent.

    Your birthday posts are always nice. Behind the jaded facade and the magnificent hair, you’re just a big softy, aren’t you?


  10. Best wishes, and rock and roll. Can’t beat it, and why would you wanna try?


  11. Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!!!!


Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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