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Friday Foolishness – Homeroom Edition

Today’s Music: Van Halen – Hot For Teacher

Well, it’s been a busy week in Guapton. TMWGITU was away for a week. But she came back! And That made the rest of the week bearable.
That, and the great posts I was lucky to see this week.
H.E Ellis kicked off her new published book with interview with Death (and you can click through for interviews with the rest of the Horsemen).
Ashley told a wonderful dating story, with a moral!
ketchup writing prompt, and I can’t wait to read the entries!
Finally, Becaa honored me with a Versatile Blogger award! She’s delightfully bent, so you should give her a look.
And Pudding Girl gave me an award! I’m not sure why, but if you want a re-ward, check out her site – great stuff!

But last week wasn’t just about seeing all the cool stuff in the ‘sphere. It was also about last week’s poll! We asked What should Curiosity rover focus on?
And wow, did you have some ideas! Here’s what you said (As always, my comments are vaccuum-packed in italics.)

Build a Margaurita machine and pipe in Jimmy Buffet. KJ
(What does a Martian parrothead look like?)
Find the other rovers, make sweet, sweet love, and baby rovers. Quirky
(Step awaaaay from the Barry White cds.)
Or find the other rovers and have an ultimate death match! Quirky
(Wait a minute – I smell a screenplay in your two answers…)
Try to understand Venus. (Stacy Lyn)
(That’s going to take more technology than NASA will ever have…)
Get curiouser & curiouser – Benzeknees
(WE HAVE A WINNER!!! And one that encompasses the spirit of exploration!)
make a sliced soup sandwich ~whatimeant2say
(Just doesn’t taste the same in dehydrated food cubes.)
Curiosity should get pimped out. Michelle at Motley News
(Well, they chromed it’s antennae…)
Give Zak a hand getting through the face Maze. (Anyone?)
(I think Zak is just relaxing in the two-headed squirrel cave.)
(Zak note by BrainTomahawk) I ALWAYS forget to sign 😉
(This one might have been better as anonymous!)
I’d say enjoy the silence but it’ll have to listen to will.i.am – Carrie C. Nerd
(In space, no one can hear you rap-sing…)
phone home! – Lindav
(But not collect – those charges will bankrupt us!)
Take pictures in skimpy outfits and post them on facebook Lisa
(This is the cutting edge technological outfit NASA we’re talking about. They’re still on Friendster.)
Probe Uranus – Hotspur
(NASA. Now run by 12 year olds.)
transform into a health club for Martians so they won’t invade Earth!
(And then we can ship all of Earth’s gym rats off planet!)
Looking for Squirrel Martians.. zannyro
(Is Baldy recruiting?)
MONSTER TRUCK JAM!!! Quick someone tell NASA to send more rovers! –Kari
(Ooh – can they send that one Rover that changes into a Robot? Oh wait, it already does..)
go rogue and go crazy with exploration! ~flame
(They’ve gone nuts already – it’s travelling almost three feet a day! Three feet!!!)
scout martian brothels…in the name of science Stay Abnormal
(It’s a dirty job, but someones gotta do it. Where do I send my application?)
map out the best hiking trails on Mt Sharp, you know, for future reference. Alex
(Just bring your dehydrated astronaut food for a fun day out!)
Making Mars angels (jell jell)
(Or Mars bars!)
do some dune surfing on the Martian sand dunes – sandylikeabeach
(I knew they shouldn’t have hired that Mission Specialist in the Hawaiian shirt!)
search for intelligent life on Earth. Snaap
(NASA doesn’t investigate myths.)
Should have taken Justin Beiber w/ it & rid our planet of the little freak!
(In space, no one can hear you Beleib.)
Satisfy. Elyse 54.5
(Umm…I have no idea if it has that attachment…)
Kill the cat. GingerSnaap
(The Stainless Steel Cat? (Anyone? Anyone?)

Congratulations to Benzeknees for this weeks winning answer! I’ll see if I can’t put together a letter that won’t excite the security agencies that can be sent to NASA.
And from the available choices, the most popular answer, by far, was BUILD A BAR!!! (That’ll get those aliens to stop by!). Because it’s all about finding aliens. What? That’s what I meant, isn’t it?

A serious note before the poll – I’ve been lucky to meet a whole lot of teachers in my online adventures. The job you do is incredible, and you all deserve every honor for doing it day after day, year after year.

Thank you, Gary Larson

But it’s a brand new week. A week that brought the first day of school to most of the United States. And that makes us wonder, are kids learning the right things? Or should the curricula be updated?
That’s this weeks poll, everyone. So break out your number two pencils* and get ready to fill in the answer bubbles.
Fill in the boxes completely,and fill them out often,but fill them out before Thursday, 13 Sept, 2359 EST,because that’s when this one closes.
And if you write an answer in and leave an ID, I’ll link back to you next week.
(*Don’t actually use a pencil on your monitor please.)

And until next week, enjoy this.
Yeah, no theme or explanation. I’m just feeling goofy.

Have a great week, everyone!