Friday Foolishness – From Here To There Edition

Today’s Music: Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Kill Your Television

Wow, I suck. I was barely out in the sphere this week. One of the sad side effects of real life is that sometimes it’s such a timesuck. But I did get to see a few good posts.
Running On Sober ran 18 miles. Without timing it.
Mel is taking ballet lessons, and finally,
Jell Jell had a baby!!!

If y’all knew how much I enjoyed reading all your stuff, you might charge me for the privilege

In other “last week” news, we asked about themed donuts, and what would be a good way to make a donut. Wow, y’all have some…interesting ideas about pastries. here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are sprinkled in italics.)
Glazed…enough said. -kbar3
(There’s always room for the classics!)
Bacon. Red.
(For when sugar and filling are not bad enough for your cholesterol…)
Who Dat? (haha) (Stacy Lyn)
(Who da man! Anyone? Anyone? )
Depression Destroyer : laced with all the happy pills a person could ever need Amy
(The FDA might have something to say about this…)
Donut Hell

(I see your Simpsons Donuts, and raise you Death By Donut.)

Donut jelly – John Phillips
(Even easier to dribble all over your shirt!)
Coffee Flavoured – Decaf and Regular – John Phillips
(Decaf? Heathen.)
Donut filled cream pie – John Phillips
A vibrating donut – ooh that’s bad John Phillips
(Damn right that’s bad. All my jelly and sprinkles falli- Ohhhhhhhh…)
Congrats On Your First Colonoscopy donut!
(As long as it’s not a colonoscopy flavored donut.)
Decorate and make them look like Krispy Kremes. Michelle at Motley News
(But then everyone will want to eat them. STAY AWAY FROM MY KRISPY KREMES!!!)
Harry Potter themed donut with a wrapper with your limerick on it! ~Wonderbutt
(That’s an upgrade from the fish people usually wrap my limericks in!)
The most luscious no calorie donut by Benzeknees
(Wouldn’t that be a sugar free doughy life-saver?)
A Hertz Donut. “What’s A Hertz Donut?” OW!
(It’s like getting punched in the brain.)
Bacon-flavored donut with bacon-flavored ice cream on top – Hotspur
(I’m afraid to ask – what’s the filling?)
Hahaha, HULK DONUTT!!!! -asplenia
(Make it angry. You’d like it when it was angry.)
GingerSnaap, Zannyro, Alex, or Kanerva (Frank)
(Sounds like that would be a very sticky donut. With an attitude…)
Why a Dallas Cowboy donut!!
(Why indeed?)
Cupcake donuts! Deep-fried cupcakes. Both. –Jell Jell
(Wait – I thought the cravings would be gone by now…)
The Houdini…watch it disappear. Stay Abnormal
(Or drown it in milk! Too soon?)
The Science Channel Black Hole Donut Lindav
(I would pay a lot of money to hear Morgan Freeman narrate my donut eating.)
The Tasmanian Donut. This mini tornado is a blast to eat! If you can catch it..
(It’s not the catching that scares me. It’s the cleaning up afterwards. Powdered sugar everywhere…)
Black holes – sandylikeabeach
(Such a strong force, not even deliciousness can escape. Until you eat it!)
Motorboat donut….they have twin peaks
(Yeah,but wouldn’t you want that to have a happy ending?)
An Everlasting an Everlasting Gobstopper -Mel at According to Mags
(I don’t think I’ve ever sucked on a donut. Well, except for that one time….)
Orgasmic & Gingerlicious
(I hope you use protection. Another napkin, dear?)
Canadian donut-Beer soaked, Maple syrup drizzled, topped with Can. Bacon. KJ
(Bonus: recycle old ones as hockey pucks!)
The Nobody Will Judge You for Eating Me donut Elyse 54.5
(People will judge you when you eat donuts. And think you’re AWESOME!!!)

Congratulations to John Phillips for this weeks winning answer. And from the available choices, the most popular was Dr Who donut – It’s bigger on the inside. So congratulations to all you lucky donut choosers too!

This week, our thoughts turn to travel. The car. The bicycle. The pogo stick
All noble and historic forms of transportation. But it’s the 21st century now.
So we ask, can’t we find a better way to get around? You tell me.
Leave your name in your answer, and we’ll link back to you next week. But do it before 27 Sept, because that’s when this one ends.

And until next time, enjoy this. Eddie Izzard’s bit about the Death Star cafeteria.
If you haven’t seen this before, you’re in for a treat. If you have seen it, then you know it will be fun to watch again!

Ok, I’m finishing this up at 0055 EST. Because sometimes WP likes to eat the posts.
So I hope y’all have a fun weekend, a great week, and I’ll see you when I see you.

88 responses to “Friday Foolishness – From Here To There Edition

  1. There was no breakfast in the house today, and so, the donut extravaganza here is not helping. I think I may need to make a morning outing. It’s Friday — no one will notice, right?

    P.S. Eddie Izzard is one of my favorites. Somewhere I literally have this same routine on VHS tape — no joke.

  2. Bacon-related were great suggestions. But hey – many like sticky donuts! BTW – this week I had a chocolate stout hamburger: Creamy Goat Cheese Folded into Chocolate Shavings and Cocoa Dust, Mayonnaise and Chocolate Stout Mushroom Sauce … and it was awesome! Thanks for Eddie Izzard!

  3. Great post. Now I’m hungry. I think I’ll meander on down to our Deathstar cafeteria and see what’s up. I may meet Jeff Vader there…you never know.

  4. I just ate A: (wait for it) Fresh Hot Chocolate Filled Yes; Krispy Kreme!!! Ha Ha they just opened up their new shop 2 whole blocks from my house! Are ya’ll jealous? Ahh I feel so bad for you I am going to eat one more in my sympathy. Have a Great Day from T-town Alabama :)

  5. Morning Guapo! That is one of my favorite Eddie Izzard bits, too funny! Oh, and you do know why we don’t have those jet packs. Yep, I know you do. ;)
    Have a great weekend! Mine started last night in some bar called The Green Lantern. $11 for two beers, are you shitting me!!??

  6. Neds Atomic Dustbin – there’s a blast from my childhood past, they still play a gig every Christmas in London

  7. Nothing makes Friday better than being the winner of the world famous Friday Foolishness Poll. Love the music today.

    • Thought I’d go back in time a bit for the song and play something a little less known, John.
      And congratulations! If I weren’t so lazy, I’d go back and confirm this, but I think you have the most wins at these.

  8. Great. And now I have a donut craving. And I was going to work out today. Oh well.

  9. Dang that John Phillips – he’s good, eh? (not that I had a submission or anything…) I’ll try this week. And now, like Emily, I have a donut craving!
    Love the Simpsons clip! haha!
    Have a fun filled weekend, my friend!

  10. Your post came up in my reader just underneath one by August McLaughlin about healthy desserts! I had just pointed out your photo of delicious looking donuts to my husband! Hahaha! I will have to settle for a cinnamon raisin bagel… :)

  11. I’ve never heard of Eddie Izzard – he was hilarious!

  12. Eddie Izzard, Bacon donuts, Kill Your Television, Jet packs and a mention in your weekly-wrap, WOOT! It’s gonna be a hell of a day! Have a super weekend!

  13. Oh, great. I’m stuck in a conference, and now I just want a donut. Or two.

  14. Eddie Izzard is truly a delight, SO funny every time. Also, love Ned’s! Lastly, Dunkin has a very very tasty Pumkin Donut this season. A must try. Thanks for sharing!

  15. The video was awesome! Thank you for my Friday laugh!

  16. I wonder how many people will seek out donuts this week? Very funny videos. A chocolate krispy cream donut that sounds good. One of my favorites is a glazed cake donut with huckelberries luckily I’m not in driving distance.

  17. There’s nothing I like better than the yummy comment sprinkles on our Friday Foolishness Foolishness! And I thought John Phillips Sousa’s answer was ACES. Almost as good as his marches unless I”m mixed up and John Phillips is not THAT John Philips.

  18. I tried so hard to think of a good donut filling for last week’s poll but I kept drawing a blank. And I think Morgan Freeman should narrate pretty much everything.

  19. Donuts how did I miss donuts.? Jm slipping for sure. I couldnt smell this post out? Gah! Good answers tho. Not sure I could have done better. Great foolishness as always :-)

  20. Oh that was good. The donut I mean….

  21. Love this segment…NOW, I’m hungry. Think I’ll go out and buy a CREAM filled donut. Yummy!!! :)

    • Thanks, dreamshadow59!
      If I can inspire just one person to buy a donut, then my time here was well spent.
      Sorry, I meant Inspire them to buy and deliver to me.

  22. Real life should be lived as well! Unfortunately ;).

  23. Oops, I was the bicycle comment. Because I am relearning how to ride my bike and went to the store to buy a seat and they’re all “here!” and I’m all “Are you HIGH?? Have you even SEEN the size of my ass??”

    So, future mode of transportation: a bicycle with realistic seats.

  24. Those donuts look reeeeeeeal goooooood.

  25. There’s a better way to get around than a pogo stick? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  26. Wow, those donuts look great. I want some donuts. Or some holes. Or some donuts filled with holes. The filling of the above? Was bacon.

    Holy Crap! I haven’t heard that Ned’s song in a long time! I’m gonna have to pull out that CD again.

  27. I think I need a trip to Timmy’s after those pics – do you have Tim Horton’s yet in the US?

  28. Voo Doo Donuts.
    Life is good…

  29. Love it. Apparently, Little V does not remember all the Izzard I watched whilst she was en utero. She walk up and asks, “Is that a girl or a boy?” Then, she starts laughing. “Oh, he’s telling jokes!” And just to prove she is mine… “I really like his shoes.”

    Hope you had a great weekend start!

  30. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin? Oh my, I had forgotten.
    And I know that a Tardis is a time-travelling phone-booth of some kind, but I just love the name–it’s reminiscent of my pal, Tardsie!
    Where is the herb-flavored doughnut? And by herb, I don’t mean parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme.

  31. Love the last vid, Guap! Everything from the boa-lined curtain to how well that ladyguy walks in spiked boots, very funny. Have a great week!

  32. Eewww..bacon flavored donuts?!?

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