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Friday Foolishness – Psychedelic Edition

Today’s Music: The Kinks – Superman

Yowza! Welcome one and all, all and one, to the Foolishest Friday on the web!
Well, that’s probably not true. Both Fox News and Huffington Post still have active websites, so I’m probably just a bit player at foolishness.
But forget about them. Here’s some of what was truly great on the web this week!
There was a poetic collaboration between Hasty Words and Hotspur. Prawn and Quartered talked about fun things to do if she had kids.
And Summer Grant got some really good news!

Thanks to them, and all of you for the great posts this week. Being a blog reader is at least, if not more rewarding than being a blog writer.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s turn to what you really want to know: How would you like your burger? That was the question in last weeks poll. And from your answers, your waiters must cringe when you show up.
So here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are grilled in italics.)

Whatever kind of burger David Beckham is eating! Like a GingerSnaap Burger!
(Wouldn’t that be a stop-whining-and-play-your-damn-position-and-not-hurt-yourself-to-miss-the-world-cup burger?)
Cooked by my husband over charcoal. John makes the best. Elyse 54.5
(WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Because I’m an old romantic softie at heart.)
Avo, cheese jalapenpo pepper sweet potato fries
Burger made from ganache dipped in dk chocolate. No bun needed. WG
(Without a bun, it will melt all over you.)
Nephi – It starts with good meat and seasoning it – NOT all the toppings (Frank)
(I start by seasoning with salt. And the tears of my enemies.)
Baron Burger, double swiss bacon & mushroom, Benzeknees
(Smart to include mushrooms. Just tell people it’s a salad!)
Bun. Cow. Bleu Cheese. Bun. Yum. –Kbar3
(What, just one cow? Aren’t you hungry at all?)
recalled due to E-coli threat
(Mine had the brain eating ameoba, so I forgot it was dangerous and took another bite. Mmmm!)
The one that stretches 6″ as you pull it out. Wait, that’s booger.Michelle MNews
(Or as six year olds like to call it, Hamburger Helper!)
I like my meat thick juicy and a bit rigid.
(Sorry, we’re not doing the hot dog poll til next spring.)
remembered as Chief Justice between June 23, 1969 – September 26, 1986
(Little known fact, Justice Warren Burger’s secret identity was Mayor McCheese.)
Pnpple, ppr jack, tryki, sriracha, ranch, lttc, tmto, onion bun. Quirky
(I’m guessing you left out the vowels so it would fit in your mouth?)
One that you don’t have to abbreviate when you type in the other box. Quirky
Don’t you dare bring those pickles near me. Becca 25tofly
(YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE PICKLES!!! Wow, that sounded better in my head…)
burgermeister, meisterburger! (wordsandotherthings)
(And would you like your beverage in the Chalice from the Palace, or the Flagon with the Dragon?
(And I really hope we’re referencing the same guy here…))

The one with triple meat and bacon that uses two doughnuts as buns. – Hotspur
(Wouldn’t it be easier to just donate your heart to someone who appreciates it?)
topped with Canadian bacon with a side of BEER! KJ
(I thought you were a real Canadian. Beer is the entree, the burger is the side…)

Congratulations to Elyse for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between 12ozgroundpicklesonionsbitofcajunseasoninggrilledraresourdoughbunfreshtomatolettucemustard. Mmmmmmm. And extra napkins. and Covered in cheese, surrounded by fries and accompanied by a chocolate shake. (Says TMWGITU). Because everyone loves the classics!

And this week, we have one special, honorary winner. The answer Served on a paper plate in a dive bar. With extra pickles. is based on the burgers at Corner Bistro. And Congratulations to Brain Tomahawk for catching that. When we go for the burgers, first round is on me.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Well, that was a fun and mildly bizarre wrap-up of the week that was. So where can we go for the week that will be? Glad you asked!
This week we travel into the deepest recesses of the mind.
No, not those recesses.
We’re looking for the recesses of the untapped potential within our minds, to do wonderful things. Magical things.
Inane things!
That’s this weeks poll. So unleash your minds and vote. But vote by 2359 EST on 18 October, because that’s when this one ends.

And until next week, enjoy this.
In a comment above is (I think) a reference to a Danny Kaye movie, Hans Christian Anderson.
My response comes from a different Danny Kaye movie, The Court Jester.
This is from that.

Until we meet again, Have a great week!