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Friday Foolishness – East Coast Edition

Today’s Music: Labrinth – Express Yourself
Note On Today’s Music: Not my usual thing, but I really like the backbone, and thought it was a fun tune to boot. Hope you like it!

Hurricane recovery! Election! Snowstorm in NYC! But none of that compares with some of the great stuff that was in the ‘sphere this week.
Running On Sober finished her thoughts on finishing a marathon. Becca went one-on-one (really, two-on-one) against the bugs!!!
And in a nod to politics, Gemini Girl wrote what I thought was an excellent summation of the late political frenzy.
And that’s just the tiniest sliver of what was great this week.

Also, for those that want to help those still in need from the disaster wreckage, please visit The Red Cross.

Something that was great last week, was (of course) last week’s poll.
It was the one year anniversary of the Friday Foolishness, and we wanted to know what you learned. And judging from the answers, you all have surpassed the teacher.
Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are commemorated in italics.)
I’ve learned that I haven’t learned a damn thing! I want my money back! Snaap
(Sorry – it’s all been spent on the Guapo concert ticket and wayward ice cream recovery fund.)
You are probably an in the closet zombie – Becca 25tofly
(Nono, the braaaiiiinnnss are there for…nevermind)
Barack Obama says what he means, and means what he says… Androgoth
(Nono – the political polls don’t start until the next campaign cycle. Next Tuesday, I think.)
there’s a reason I was put on this earth (words&otherthings)
(Hope they aren’t too upset you’re spending your time here!)
I like to participate in group activities after all. –jell jell
(It’s like yoga, but without all the sweating and grunting. Or beneficial side effects…)
Your readers are very witty and you are not allowed to stop – John Phillips
(I was going to go with “inane leading the silly”, but yeah, witty works too I suppose…)
We need to have Friday on all the days which end in Y ~ Red
(Wouldn’t that be better as Saturday?)
there is a funny, wonderful guy who lives in NYC who always makes me laugh! LindaV
(Is he taller than me?)
I look forward to Friday Foolishness all week! Benzeknees
(Move to NYC. You can get foolishness everyday!)
That Mitt Romney is Scary
(But his hair is perfect! (Anyone? Anyone?)
Nobody ever picks what’s offered. Elyse 54.5
(Hey, I’m just glad you guys read these!)
Obama can still kick ass… Androgoth
(He writes all of these responses.)
“BRRAAAIIIINNNNNSSSSS!!!!” is surprisingly versatile answer. – calahan
(Also, a surprisingly versatile food topping! nevermind…)
Mitt Romney walks like he has a cork up his ass… Well I only said… Androgoth
(You have to stop going through my drafts folder…)
all of the above, plus the fact that laughing only takes one question…NBI
(If only I could figure out what that question is…)
Frankenstein would have made a much better candidate… Androgoth
(What demographic are you living in?!?)
Everyone Talks Bollocks… Androgoth
(Yes, but they sing about the Sex Pistols.)
I can smile at least once a week. (Stacy)
They make me dizzy…oh, you said ‘Polls’, I thought you said’ Pills’
(Well, if you’re using the Poles right! Oh wait, I mean Polls…)
All of the above is still missing – Kanerva
(Should we:
-look in other polls?
-File a missing answer report?
-None of the above?
I’ll show myself out…)

A helluva lot of people have more wit than me. (Frank)
(But none of them have your joie devivre. Your elan. Your knowledge of where to find green spaghetti!)
They make my Friday so much better! KJ
(The doctors at the clinic say I’m much better on Fridays too!)

Congratulations to Stacy for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was we’ll answer pretty much anything…. Congratulations to all the pickers of that one, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s true!

Sandy looks much prettier from space…

This was a rough week in the northeast. The tri state area got hammered by a hurricane. Then a Nor’easter. And Trump still lives around here.
What does Mother Nature have against this area? That’s this week’s question, everyone.
Answer organically, answer naturally. But answer by 2359 EST on 15 November. Because that’s when this one closes.

And until we meet again, enjoy these.
I’ve never had Carlton Draught, no idea what it tastes like. But just from their sense of humor here, yeah, I’d give it a try.

Have a great week, and keep an eye out for me. (Not literally,Androgoth.)
I’ll be around…