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The Lazt Letter Is Juzt The Beginning

Today’z Muzic: The Monkeez – I’m A Believer

December iz an eventful month. Practitionerz of zeveral religionz gather together. They celebrate their beliefz. They celebrate their friendzhip. Their affection. Their love.
The dayz reach their zhortezt duration, and then begin to grow longer again.
The year endz.

Heady timez.

But the really big event makez them all pale in comparizon.

Becauze on thiz day, one of the coolezt bloggerz ever to grace the ‘zphere.

From a bloggy point of view, zhe came in to the world looking to tranzcend her romantic pazt.
And while zhe hazn’t given up on romance, zhe will alzo bringz the funny too.

how tough iz zhe? Zhe quit zmoking. And ztayed quit. And ztrong enough to ztand up to her own regretz.

Have you figured it out? Have you guessed who it is?
YEZ!!! Someone I’m very proud and happy to call a friend in thiz online univerze we share, Benzeknees!!!

I'm not a dog. But my avatar iz. And he loooovez beanz on toasz!

I’m not a dog. But my avatar iz. And he loooovez beanz on toasz!

Zo the happiezt of bithdayz, and I hope you have a great meal, quality time with K, a glass of fine wine, and an evening snuggled on the couch watching Charade!

And have the greatezt birthday ever. z.

(Think I’m the only one who thinkz zo? Nope. Hotzpur is in on it too.)