Daily Archives: 17 December, 2012

What Can You Do…

Today’s Music: Maura Kennedy – Chains

And here we are again.
To be honest I’ve read exceptionally little about the latest tragedy. I think I’m becoming inured to this kind of news.

Look over that last sentence.
I’m becoming inured. To stories of shootings. At schools.

How the hell is that possible?

Simple. The news of the shooting will be reported. It will be re-reported. It will be analyzed. Heartrending pictures of the victims will be shown, news conferences of grieving parents, footage of makeshift memorials filled with flowers, candles, stuffed animals will be shown.
And then, once the initial story is covered, the talking heads will come out. The Left heads will go on about how guns have no place in our society, and it’s the fault of the lobbyists for limiting regulation on them.
The Right heads will go on about he left is politicizing this in a callous use of politics during the tragedy. They’ll tell us that guns aren’t the problem, and that if one of one of the teachers had been packing heat, then this could have been averted, so guns are in fact the answer.

They’ll go around in circles. In the viewership, each side will say bad things about the other. The noise level will rise, and then subside, then fade away as we’re distracted by other things.
Until the next tragedy. And we’ll go around again.

So here’s my suggestion, for those of you who are against guns: Join the NRA.
I have absolutely no idea how long it will take, but just as the nature of political parties change over time, so do the nature of organizations.
Reform the the NRA from the inside. Membership is $35 a year. Not a lot of money, and worth if for a year or more experiment to see if we can change it from the inside.

For those of you who are against gun regulation, please explain how the overriding impetus of the NRA to protect gun ownership of any type of gun, with as minimal regulation as possible is a good idea.
This isn’t me taking a shot at you. I’ve fired guns.I enjoy it.
But I’d like to know how a drive to limit access (or increase screening/waiting periods) is a bad thing.
Even Freedom Of Speech, our most sacred amendment, has limits on it.


But our elected officials generally ain’t worth the ink their name was printed in on the ballot. And I have no idea how to start my own lobby or ramp it up to a degree where it’s listened to. If you have any ideas on that let me know.

I’ll be listening. After I’ve begun establishing a fifth column in the NRA.