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Friday Foolishness – Beauty Sleep Edition

Today’s Music: Dire Straits – Solid Rock
Note on Today’s Music: Because if the world is gonna end, this is the song I want to go out on.

The gears keep turning (until the whole machine seizes. Right Mayans?!?). But until that happens, we’ve come around to another Friday. In lieu of the usual opening “look at how cool (and foolish) these people are!”, here are a couple of posts I saw during the week in response to the tragedy in CT.
A Gripping Life posted a great mental health primer. Momshieb wrote from her perspective as a teacher, and The Washington Post put up something about Mental Illness vs Mental Condition that is really important before people start running for pitchforks.
Because we’re angry.

Thanks to them and all of you for a very thoughtful week in the ‘sphere.
But far be it from me to keep from dragging the whole thing down to a fickle fight in the mud. Because the foolishness goes on! In fact, it was going on last week too, when we asked if you’d done your holiday shopping yet. Well procrastinators (and even worse, early birds!) now it’s time to see what you said! (As always, my comments are a bargain in italics!)

Yes! Your yellow lederhosen is in the mail! SnaapTHAT!
(There are laws against mailing hazardous materials…)
Well, erm I still need to shop for some handcuffs, edible paint and… Andro
(I thought for sure you’d have some emergency spares on hand…)
No gifts this year… I am celebrating “Grinchmas”~ Bipolarmuse
(You realize the Grinch adopted all the Whos at the end…)
Yes I have my Gothmankini but it’s so bleeding cold 😦 Androgoth
(You’ll fit right in. Blue and frozen (and mostly naked) is the new black and studded! (and mostly naked.))
I have personal zombies that shop for me now ~
(Tried that. Kept losing them in line at the food court.)
I’ll drink to that!!! (BK will always drink to anything)
(A round of drinks for a round of shopping. Very meta…)
I believe I’ll wait on the planet Apocalypter, wait for the BigBang 🙂 buddhakat
(Wow, that drink hit you fast!)
Mostly done, but Christmas is a drag when I just buy what I want anyway. Quirky
(Sorry, got distracted. Take it again from Christmas in drag please…)
I was waiting to see if the end of the world comes first. If SO,no need.
(I’ve seen Target on xmas eve. Definitely a sign of the Apocalypse.)
I already have a holiday…don’t need another one, thanks. WG
(But aren’t the holidays about getting and giving all sorts of crap we don’t need?)
As soon as I hydrate with a few more holiday martinis…
(Make sure you eat! Oh, wait, olives. nevermind.)
All my gifts are made from spit and duct tape. So yes. –Emily @ The Waiting
(How many people do you have to gag with duct tape to get enough spit?)
Yes, I always finish before Thanksgiving so that I can relax. (Stacy)
(There’s no relaxing during the holiday season!!!)
Why shop early when panicked procrastination shopping feels so good? –BettyRants
(The adrenaline rush makes it easier to grab that last Elmo.)
I’m gonna call in sick on the 25th and clean up on the 26th.
(That’s a grea- waitaminute. Is this Santa?)
Do you mean is my Amazon wishlist up to date? Of course. Red.
(If END THIS MADNESS!!! isn’t on the list, then no, it isn’t up to date…)
I didn’t realize we were supposed to be shopping for a holiday…. 😉 Michelle
(In that case, I’ll have to guess that you’re cable tv/radio/newspaper has been spotty FOR THE LAST THREE MONTHS!!!)
I creep behind Santa’s sleigh & pick up anything that drops off – Benzeknees
(So who do you give all those drunken elves too?)
Yep. It only cost about $150 grand & I’m sitting in it now! (words&otherthings)
(Please tell me it’s a personal submarine!!!)
Dec. 26th baby, that’s the day for the best deals! GiggsMcGill
(I would think the fresh babies would be available September 25th…)
I’m a pagan, so my gift is film of me dancing naked in the moonlite! JohnE.
(Wow, usually I have to spend $9.99/month online to see something like that…)
No, waiting for the BRRAAAIIIINNNNSSSS!!!! Boutique to have a sale! lv
(You know you have to lick them to make sure they’re ripe, right?)
Does it count I refuse to buy for anyone I did not give birth to? Red
(I’m afraid to ask how long your shopping list is…)
No beer. Amaretto. Halloween? I was don for back to school. ~ Red
(If there’s no beer, I think you have more shopping to do…)
waiting until January when they mark the stuff down to almost nothing…(SnB)
(And when the prices more accurately reflect the item’s value!)
Shit. I have to shop? Elyse 54.5
(If you don’t shop, the terrorists win. Wait…sorry, wrong propaganda sheet…)
Not doing it this year, I picked up a fight with everybody. Saves money and time
(And they say the holiday spirit is dead!)
The world ends the 21st. I didn’t bother. – Stuphblog
(I’m planning on leaving the water running on the 20th. Hehehe.)
Yep. Online with a drink in hand. Suckers! KBar3
Nope, people shop for me, I don’t shop for them. x, Becca
(Yes, I’ve seen you listed on Amazon.)
Just waiting for the delivery guy in the yellow truck and lederhosen. (Frank)
(Sorry, what was your address again?)
I am the Queen of Internet Shopping – Addie
(But do you do the fandango? (Anyone? Anyone?)
I am waiting for Hubby to do that…wait. Crap. Thanks for reminding me! KJ
(Just like Santa Claus!)

Congratulations to KBar3 for this week’s winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Holiday shmoliday. Get me a beer. So congratulations to everyone who thinks like me! (And get help. I’m begging you.)

That was the last time I partied with an elephant.
But I've never slept so well since.

That was the last time I partied with an elephant.
But I’ve never slept so well since.

This week, the world is going to end! Wait – what do you mean it did already? WAIT!!! I’ve got to get into my pajamas!!!
So while I go change, you guys get this week’s question – about naps!

And until next time, enjoy these.
First off, a wondrous bending of the laws of physics!

And animals singing jingle bells!!!!

Have a great week everyone!