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Friday Foolishness – Runners Edition

Today’s Music: Delta Rae – Bottom of the River

Slightly longer than usual tangent on Today’s Music: John Phillips and I have been going back and forth on a sameness we’ve been hearing in some music genres lately. He commented that it’s ok if they sound the same as long as the sound is good.
Today’s Music has a heavy gospel-y sound that it seems a lot of bands are using these days.. Do some of the tracks sound the same? Maybe.
But like John says, it’s a great sound! Hope you like it.
Oh, and I have no idea what the hell is going on in this video.

Another week that was. And that I really hope will never be again. I went from feeling rundown and overworked to being sick. Thanks flu!
So what does one do when one is sick? Why, one reads blogs of course! (And apparently refers to ones self in the third person…) Here’s some of what I saw this week. Emily (@ The Waiting) told me waaaay too much about the interaction of a baby’s digestive system with raisins. Hilariously vile. My Cyber House Rules finally took her place in a hopefully never-ending summer camp. And Grippy wrote up another great therapeutic thursday.

Thanks to them, and everyone else out there for great stuff to read, all week long!

(One other note, If those who are so inclined could visit and nominate Trifecta for a bloggie in the “Topical” category, they would really appreciate it. And, as a lot of you know, they’re a great site with some fantastic authors!
Last week’s poll answers didn’t make me ill. but a lot of them didn’t make me hungry either – seriously, some of you have some very…odd appetites. We asked what you loved for your midnight snack . Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are delicious in italics.)

the meat-cake at the back of the fridge –Miss R
(Could be meat. Could be cake. Could be George!)
Sparklebumps…now not just for breakfast (SnB)
(Really, have Sparklebumps appetites ever been restricted by mealtimes?)
Crow. I seem to be eating more of it lately. Eric Murtaugh
(Humble pie is savorier.)
Mogwai Pie — B_T
(That would go great with a big bowl of Googly Moogly!)
(But I don’t waaaAAAAaaannnt tooooooooo…)
Tin foil (I have a tendency to sleepwalk) lindavernon
(Maybe lock the supply closet before bed…)
Grapes, wine, chocolates and a most beautiful woman 🙂 Geoff
(Doesn’t she get upset if you use her as a plat- Oh, AND a beautiful woman. Sorry, thought it said ON…)
Booze with a hangover prevention pill chaser. Quirky
(If you keep drinking through the night, mornings are that much more fun!)
Spoonfuls of peanut butter dipped in Nutella while hiding in the pantry. KBar3
(Better if you just use your finger. Cut out the middleman.)
Anything but pickles and ice cream – I upchucked that when I was 10! (Stacy)
(Well they’re not the same pickles and ice cream. I hope..)
Dick, I like me some dick at midnight
(If you wake it, it’s just going to spit at you…)
Leftover Chinese food, with a side of despair. (Madame Weebles)
(Nice thing is, an hour later you’re hungry for more!)
(Chinese I mean.)
(No, I mean despair.)

Nutella. Is there anything else in the world to eat?? (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(Well…there’s all that…stuff they say you can spread it on…)
Two favourites -mashed banana with sugar and cream or Lemon curd sandwich – MyBeautifulThings
Ben & Jerry’s Raspberry and Choc Chunk Frozen Yogurt. YUM!! Michelle
(I think you need to do more research. The other flavors are getting jealous.)
that commingling sounds a little risque, my friend-good thing it’s midnite! BK
(It’s only risque if you’re doing it right!)
haggi… wait – isn’t that brainz – o never mind DONT answer that! BK
(Seriously, don’t ever read the label when it’s that late!)
If I’m feeling choosy, hummus & pretzels. Otherwise… everything in the fridge
(I like to cover the fridge in hummus and start there.)
Ahhh well that would be telling? 😉 Geoff
(Your secret is perfectly safe on the internet.)
snacks? we don’t need no stinking snacks…pass the wine! – (polysyllabic)
(Wine without crackers?!? That’s a little too gangsta for me…)
donuts of course.. but I just came from the pantry with malt vinegar chips….and honey roasted peanuts and bbq chips. rather have a donut – LizzieC
(Donut entree with a side of chips?)
my husband Lex, covered in chocolate syrup.
(Apparently the syrup hides the kryptonite.)
My husband x, Becca
(He’s not named Lex, is he?)
Tum-t-tum-tum-TUMS! (UndercoverL)
(Nonono,in this case, those would be for breakfast.)
Nutella, spooned straight from the jar. Delicious
(Chop the bottom off the jar like you mean it!!!)
A Reuben sandwich, of course! ~Susan Hunter a.k.a. Maddie
(Whew! I was running out of Lex jokes!)
Cereal! Benzeknees
(I know we all love the simple things, but Sheesh!)
A sweet virgins neck, followed by a touch of breast… Hey lol Geoff
(But doesn’t the breast get dry- Ohhhhhh….nevermind.)
the blood of innocent children! (words&otherthings)
(Even tastier when you sprinkle their screams of terror on top!)
MREs while I zero in my night-vision scope. (John E.)
(Just don’t zoom in on the ingredients. Not while you’re armed.)
Dinner, when at a sci-fi convention. (John Again)
(If the Gagh ain’t served live, it’s just a pre-battle party.)
ben and Jerry’s chocolate therapy. all you need is a spoon. WG
(If you still need a spoon, you have not acheived chocolate zen…)
My husband… Carrie Rubin
(There sure are a lot of Lex’s out there this week…)
Cannabis and maybe some herbal tea.
(If it’s good cannabis, you’re going to want some chips too. And ice cream. And soup. And a sandwich. And a pizza. And oh! Those chocolate things! With that filling stuff! And…)
I am a saint. I never eat at midnight. Elyse 54.5
(Who knew sainting would be such hungry work…)
My husband (Lorre: Lorre (Articles of Absurdity and Dose of Justice)
(How does Lex do it?!?)
I just eat sugar straight from the bag. Emily @ The Waiting
(Not sprinkled on raisins?)
Jiggs Dinner (fine Newfie Cuisine for any time of the day (SnB)
(Where every moose there knows your name?)
never in the fridge… *wicked grins* Red.
(I think the meal you’re talking about would melt everything in there anyway.)
Grippy – A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of ice cold milk
(Until jelly revolts and takes its rightful place at the front of the sandwich!!!)
Potato Chips and David Beckham and Potato Chips! Gingerlicious
(A little too much oil there for one meal…)
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Frank)
(Snack, thy name is pillow.)
actually, i like haggis. even better is a fried egg & bacon on toast sammich
(If you had said a scotch egg, my arteries would have hardened immediately.)
Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches! GingerSnaaped
(I’m afraid to ask if Lex is the father…)
(I thought you were allergic to overly processed food?)
BRRRRRAAAAIIIIINNNNNSSSSS stuffed haggis – with pickle & vanilla ice cream
(WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Sadly, I’ll have to take a rain check on the award dinner…)

Congratulations to the (formerly) anonymous culinary daredevil (Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher)! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Whatever walks out of the fridge onto my plate. And I agree – let the food do the work. So congratulations to all of you lucky diners!
running nose
For this weeks poll, I’m calling on all of you armchair physicians to pull out all the anecdotes about your cousin’s-daughter’s-brother’s-best-friend’s-uncle’s-pool-cleaner to tell me about some of my symptoms.
well, one of my symptoms.
So diagnose as much as you like, but diagnose before 31 January, at 2359 EST, because that’s when this one closes. (Oh, and if you leave an “other” answer, write your name in too and I’ll link back to you next week.)

And to send you on your way, enjoy these.
First, I really have no idea what the most awkward part of this scene is. but it’s all funny.

And this, just because I’m easily amused. (And it’s got Selma in it, so Hotspur will like it.)

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday Foolishness – Edible Edition

Today’s Music: Alana Davis – Reaper
Note on Today’s Music: A brilliant cover of a great song. The rest of her stuff is pretty good too. Hope you enjoy it!

Friday again at last. Where did the week go? And why didn’t it go faster?
It was a very long one for me – late nights and lots of frustration. How did I get through it? Why, by reading blogs of course!
Here’s some of what I saw:
Sofia Leo is moving ahead with her plans for freedom! Jamie had some great great thoughts on gay marriage. Lorre is celebrating her fourth(!) No Divorcesary!
And the inestimable Cayman Thorn gave me a blog of the year award!

Thanks to them, and all of you for giving me great stories to keep my head from falling off this week.
And thanks for the extra sunlight for giving me a few more minutes each day to figure out how to respond to your comments from last week’s poll. And also for revealing how many of you have coffin fetishes. You all, of course, have different ideas about the extra light that we asked about in last weeks poll. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments rise and set in italics.)

Learn French. Je mange du fromage. (Sigh/went serious. Maybe next week. Maddie)
(Just grab a glass of wine and a beret. People will think you’re a native!)
Tune up the coffin. Don;t need the sunlight finding leaks. John Phillips
(Duct tape – strong enough for everything in life. And beyond…)
Feel like I didn’t wake up too late in the morning. – Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(Anything before noon is not too late. Trust me on this.)
so what if the days are getting shorter, it’s still winter till March 20th
(Stop dashing my hopes with your silly logic!)
Shut the blinds. –Lily In Canada
(*switches to infra red binoculars*)
Use the sunlight to charge batteries for my marijuana grow-op. John E.
(Couldn’t you just use the sunlight to grow all-natural?)
Sleep longer and watch out for mallets and stakes… Geoff
(You sleep on a croquet field?!?)
stay up late (like, till 5:15) (Stacy)
(Please tell me that’s a.m.!)
Laugh at Aussies because their days are getting shorter. (-UndercoverL)
(It’s all fun and games until someone gets bipped by a boomerang.)

Spend a little less time worrying about a Vampire getting me….zannyro
(…and a little bit more worrying about mosquitos…)
be caught sleeping in longer
(Not caught as much as envied…)
Is it too soon for nude sunbathing? (D. Delicious)
(Is that a serious question?!?)
…keep my front from falling off…once I find it. JOTS
(Nothing wrong with your front falling off. I mean, as long as there aren’t anti-nudity laws…)
Stand in the sunlight and sparkle like a half-breed vampire. x, Becca
(Sucks that sunlight doesn’t destroy the sparkly ones…)
Masturbate longer…Lorre (Articles of Absurdity)
(There’s still only 24 hours in the day…)
take more naps… yesss! I love me some afternoon naptime!
(With the extra light, you can branch into morning naps!)
shit…now the neighbors will see me naked. polysyllabicprofundities
(Without having to use the night-binoculars! I mean…or so I’ve heard…*crap*)
waste more time while I should be studying!! Woohoo! NBI
(That extra sunlight is just going to make the hangover more painful…)
turn on my lights later, duh! benzeknees
(I can’t believe you brought practical to the Foolishness…)
Make a movie about doughnuts, and drink my cares away! – Hotspur
(From the practical to the absurd…)
Run that extra 5 miles. Duh! – The Bumble Files
(Woah! It’s only a few extra minutes!)
deport piers morgan’s pimped up ride
(Could you make sure he’s in it at the time?)
sleep all day and party all night (SnB)
(So cutting down on the partying with longer days? Slacker.)
actually see the light of day
(What, the Michael J. Fox movie???


nap–of course (Addie)
(I get the feeling the time of year has nothing to do with your nap schedule…)
have to stay in my coffin a few minutes longer. – calahan
(Sounds like that’s a high…stakes…plan!)
I am going to daydream about darkness.
(Is politics really a suitable dream topic?)
Figure out exactly what a henge is. Elyse 54.5
(Not enough hours in any day to solve that!)
Spend more time in my coffin. (words&otherthings)
(Eventually, we’ll get all the time there we could want…)
Run over fewer morning/evening joggers dressed in all black. I hate them! Quirky
(But now that you can see them, they should be easier to hit…)
Since you told me the answer to next week’s poll is “peen” …Peen (twindaddy)
(No longer. You must now find the largest answer to the poll WITH…a herring! (Anyone? Anyone?))
preserve the integrity of my toes since I’ll be able to see the coffee maker!! polysyllabicprofundities
(So you have french roast toes when it’s dark out?)
Sparkle more. B_T
(Glitter sale at the crafts store?)
I’ll have to stay in my crypt longer now….dammit! –Mel
(Be a nice spot if you can get wifi in there…)
As Becca suggested, have trampoline sex (Frank)
(I thought it was more a proposition than a suggestion…)
have more light to cut more trees without surprising a shitting bear? LizzieC
(Pretty sure they can still hear you coming at night…)

The most popular answer from the offered choices was That guy above is a jackass. Sleep late!. And I couldn’t agree more. He’s a real Morehead (combination of Moron and Meathead (Thanks benzeknees)!
Late nights at work.
Late nights writing posts.
Late nights responding to polls.
Makes a belly hungry. About the only thing I like it being late is the midnight snack.
A delicious high piled sandwich, a fresh burrito, those leftovers in the fridge that have been commingling for a week.
I love me a midnight snack. And I’m betting you do too. So that’s this weeks poll.
Answer on your way to dinner, or answer with a full stomach. But answer by 2359 on 24 January, Because that’s when this one closes. If you leave an other answer, leave your name and I’ll link back to you next week.

So that about wraps it up, and hopefully you’ll get a chuckle off of these to see you on your way.
First, I love this movie. And this is one of the goofiest bits in it.

And this is kind of funny. And I felt like the short guy at the end of this week…

Have a great week, y’all/ See you on the rebound!

An Iconic Birthday! (Bigger than Arbor Day, Even!)

Today’s Music: Godsmack – Voodoo
El Guapo: No dammit! It’s a party. And we’re all going to harmoniously sing happy birthday. Or else!
Easter Wallaby(EW): Or else what? You’re gonna call me a bunny? Listen buddy, I’m used to that from you people.
EG: Settle down, fuzzy britches. And keep that tail where I can see it this time too. *Grabs the bottle of chocolate liquer from her hand* Let’s not make this any harder than it has to be.
*EW grabs back the bottle*
GroundHog(GH): Hey! No cracks about fuzziness. *to EW* You’re looking good, baby. Can I get a hit of that? *Tips the bottle*
EW: *leans in close* How’d they rope you into this?
GH: I thought there’d be a Kardashian here. Not a bunch of second rate holiday icons. *Leers at her* Present company excluded of course.
Captain Kirk(CK) (standing next to Picard(CP)): People! We have to…settledown…be…ORganized…Thisconfusion…andbickering…iswhatthey…want…fromUS
CP: Oh, shut up you windbag. *drinks tea*
Abe Lincoln(AL) (moving away from the other presidents): Tea! A fine choice, sir. *Claps CP on his back*
Teddy Roosevelt(TR): *whispering conspiratorially* I have a bully accompaniment for that! *pours a liberal slug of whiskey in*
EG: *Wrestling Tom Turkey(TT) to the ground* Roosevelt, if you turn this into another Panama Canal, I will personally send you back up the Amazon with out a paddle! *Jumps back into the fray*
AL: Theodore, you need another drink like I need-
TR: Another hole in the head? BWAHAH-
*Abe Lincoln crams his stovepipe hat onto Roosevelts head, temporarily blinding him, and smacks him about the jowls.
TT has broken free from EG and is now under the refreshments table pecking at the St. Patricks Day Leprechaun. EW and GH are on top of a bookcase, slowly taki- OHGOODLORD! Let’s just say they’re…busy, and leave it at that.

A loud crash freezes everyone.
A cloud of dust and debris floats around the remains of the front door, which has been mostly replaced by the nose of a classic red Cadillac. in the back seat, Lipschitz, Otis, Bown Shugga and Mrs. Claus choke in the fumes, as Santa Claus bounds from the front seat.

SC: HO HO HO!!!! Why so cheeeerless, everyone? We’re here for a very festive occasion!
EG (*dusting the fallout from his lederhosen*): Thank you Kris! Now as I was saying before, we are going to sing a joyful Happy Birthday to a wonderful (wo)man. A (wo)man who has touched us all deeply, whether by collecting travel pictures for charming young lady who’s battling cancer, or bringing us weird pictures of Invisible Man fellatio.
A (wo)man who has stuck to her dream to publish – not one, not two, but three!!! books, with the promise of more to come!
A (wo)man who I am proud to call a friend.



And HE would apprecia-
SC *head snapping around*: Who? Who’d you say, boy?
EG: HE is the (wo)man we should all be proud- no, privileged- nay, HONORED! to sing happy birthday to, to wish H.E. Ellis the best birthday EVER!
*EG realizes he’s been shouting into a suddenly still room. He opens his eyes slowly from his fervor to see that he is now surrounded by a whole bunch of not-so-festive looking holiday icons, all of them victims of HE Ellis’ sharp and delightful wit.* Um…maybe we’ll just send her a card! *Runs off*


Sincerely, from me, and all your blogtastic friends!
Edward Hotspur
Ginger Snaap
Cheeky Diva
Rogue Blogger
Trask Avenue

Friday Foolishness – Free Time Edition

Today’s Music: Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma

What a week! Not just one, but two big birthdays, of two of the coolest people in the sphere!
I was honored when Sooz gave me a blog of the year award, and again with a very inspiring blogger award from Edward Hotspur.
No idea why I got these, but you guys should definitely check out their blogs. (always a high point for me when they post!)
And finally, Surfer Stoke put up a great post about the radio show from hell.

Thanks to them and you, for another great week of stuff to read!



Last week, it wasn’t about the reading, but the writing. We asked you to note down how, after the holidays, you would lose the weight. And wow, you weren’t shy about your methods! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments spend a lifetime on the hips in italics.)

Stop eating all your chocolates 🙂 Androgoth
(So that’s what happened to all the decorative soaps in the bathroom!)
Forget aerobics and have more sex. I can’t give up cookies. (D. Delicious)
(You realize it’s illegal in 38 countries to have sex with cookies…)
Eat skinny people! I mean, you are what you eat right?? (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(We’ve been over this, Giggles. Deep fried is deep fried, no matter who what you wrap in the batter.)
Lower gravity, or move to the moon. Michelle
(At last – someone who appreciates the weight of the situation!)
Have trampoline sex… x, Becca
(You realize it’s illegal in 38 countries to have sex with a trampoline…)
Book a cheap fare for a cruise on da Nile – what weight? LizzieC
(It’s the riddle of The Sphinx!)
Hey! What are you trying to say? LizzieC
Take off my shoes. That’s all the energy I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(Surely you have the energy to leave more answers!)
y I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(There you go, let it out…)
y I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(Shed the words, shed the weight!)
y I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(Winding down now…)
And repeatedly vote so I can get rid of all these old ballots! (JohnE.!)
(You realize it’s illegal in 38 countries to stuff ballot boxes…)
leaving my dumbells some place from which they can’t find their way home… BK
(*something insensitive about stupid people*)
take down the tree and all the decorations! BK
(What would Clark Griswold say?)
Amputate an arm and/or leg – Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(But then how will you answer these pol– Ohhhhhh…)
Eat and puke, twice the flavor, zero calories
(Save it on the way out and you won’t have to cook for a week!)
(No, I didn’t just say that.)

Cut off MY head.10 pounds uselsss weight. Keeping 20 pnd tits ~ Miss R
(You could fashion the ears into pasties!)
Move my laptop to a different spot 3x a day – Benzeknees
(It’s only exercise if you move your lap bottom.)
Implore my metabolism to hang out with Mario Andretti-lindavernon
(Just give it time to digest the idea…)
Run around the streets naked, well maybe? 🙂 Androgoth
(Go slow so everyone can enjoy the view.)
Sexercise! – Hotspur
Walk to the car and back instead of being carried… Androgoth
(But think of the workout your bearers will get!)
Walk the 5 miles to work. In 5 feet of snow, even summer. Uphill both ways. BT
give up wearing underwear
(How much does a thong weigh, anyway?)
Find the guy that writes these polls and flick him in the forehead 8 times.
(TMWGITU would get angry with you. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. (Even though I think she’s adorable all the time!)
Make my friends get fat so I look thin (ner) –Lily In Canada
(Dinner at Lily’s place!!!)
I am going to cut off your head… I wont lose weight, but the world will feel lighter
(Won’t help. I write these polls through my ass.)
Peen. Wait, what was the question? (TwinDaddy)
(Nono, that’s the answer to next weeks question.)
Usually cutting my hair really short lets me lose about 15 lbs. And my husband. Elyse 54.5
(Your husband lives in your hair?)
Picture Donald Trump in a speedo. That will coldcock any appetite. Carrie Rubin
(Trump just lost 15 pounds slobbering over that image.)
Say “Eff it, I’m over 30” and eat another cupcake. Nom, nom, nom. Quirky
(That can still work for you! (Ex-Lax makes frosting, right?))
I am going to eat like a fiend to GAIN the weight I lost putting up RP ~ Red.
(Wouldn’t it be easier (and less messy) to just eat like a really hungry person?)
wait until its back is turned, then hide behind a rock. Sucker. – calahan
(Umm…that rock you’re hiding behind is my gut…)
find peace. no, not THAT kind of piece, but, soul peace. sheesh. (Addie)
(Wouldn’t you prefer a piece of peac-a?)
Lose weight? Fuck that! Mardi Gras starts Jan 6. GIMMIE KING CAKE!!! Alex A.
(If you find the baby jesus, you have to come up with the answers for the polls in February!)
…jaywalk. More. JOTS
(In New York, it’s like Frogger!)
take a cruise (Frank)
(How do all those buffets help lose weight?)
I think training for a marathon should suffice! (words&otherthings)
(But wouldn’t you eat more during an All In The Family marathon?)
What holiday weight?! My jeans shrunk! KJ
(Seems to be an epidemic of that this time of year…)
Go on a vodka liquid diet. With vodka. And ice. Snaap
(Don’t you know how any calories there are in ice?!?)
Take the batteries out of the digital scale! GingerSnaap
(Sure, the scale is where you’re keeping the batteries. Mmm Hmm…)

Congratulations to Brain Tomahawk for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Wait – is this another “break a resolution” poll?. So congratulations to all you lucky, confused people out there!

Exactly what is a henge anyway?!?

Exactly what is a henge anyway?!?

I’ve noticed that the days have started getting visibly longer. Today, the sky won’t be dark until about 5 pm! For me, that means we’re well on our way on the uphill climb to spring. But why wait? Why not take advantage of it now?
That’s this weeks poll.
Answer soon, answer early. But answer by 2359 EST on 17 Jan, because that’s when this one ends.
And if you write in an “other” response, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back to you next week.)

Well, that about covers it, except for the video.
This one is out and out stolen from Elyse at fifty our and a half:

And to be topical for a moment, here’s a quick explanation of the financial issues in Europe.

Have a great weekend, and see you ’round the ‘verse!

Edward Hotspur and the Birthday Wishes

Today’s Music: The Gazette – Red
Note on Today’s Music: Don’t watch if you don’t like gender ambiguity.
But it’s a great song!

Edward Hotspur has been splashed in these pages before. But not this time, since we know how he hates unoriginal.

Let the rainbow urine wash the streets in celebration!

Let the rainbow urine wash the streets in celebration!

His poetry (both humorous and serious) are well known around the sphere.
Read one of his delightful true stories, and you’ll be wondering what else you were taught that was so wrong. Just stay away from the one about mayonnaise. Seriously, it’s a little disturbing.

I could go on, linking to posts about his love of Gazette, or his unabridged lists of search terms, and you’d still have no idea what the hell I was on about.
(Although you’d get to read some pretty good stuff! Including one of the best stories I’ve read. Period.)

Bent. But joyful.

Bent. But joyful.

So the reason for all this (if you didn’t read the title) is that today is Edward Hotspurs birthday!
I’ve known him for all of my blogging career. I’ve seen him stand up for what he believes, I’ve seen him stand up for other bloggers, and I’ve seen him be an all around stand up guy.

In one of my rare, sane posts, I’d like to wish him the happiest birthday ever! Until the next one of course.
And we’d like you to come along with us on his birthday adventure.
Happy birthday, Hotspur!
Come journey into the weird, sublime, unfettered journey into all things Hotspur.
You choose!
Either way, It’ll be a lot of fun!
Oh, and it only gets weirder from here.
Does Hotspur get earthy and romantic? Or is he headed to outer space?

Yes, we already know what Hotspur would choose.

Yes, we already know what Hotspur would choose.

See what other choices await for Edward Hotspur and the…!

And Bonus Hotspur birthday wishes from
Polysallabic Profundities!
Stuph Blog!