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Friday Foolishness – Runners Edition

Today’s Music: Delta Rae – Bottom of the River

Slightly longer than usual tangent on Today’s Music: John Phillips and I have been going back and forth on a sameness we’ve been hearing in some music genres lately. He commented that it’s ok if they sound the same as long as the sound is good.
Today’s Music has a heavy gospel-y sound that it seems a lot of bands are using these days.. Do some of the tracks sound the same? Maybe.
But like John says, it’s a great sound! Hope you like it.
Oh, and I have no idea what the hell is going on in this video.

Another week that was. And that I really hope will never be again. I went from feeling rundown and overworked to being sick. Thanks flu!
So what does one do when one is sick? Why, one reads blogs of course! (And apparently refers to ones self in the third person…) Here’s some of what I saw this week. Emily (@ The Waiting) told me waaaay too much about the interaction of a baby’s digestive system with raisins. Hilariously vile. My Cyber House Rules finally took her place in a hopefully never-ending summer camp. And Grippy wrote up another great therapeutic thursday.

Thanks to them, and everyone else out there for great stuff to read, all week long!

(One other note, If those who are so inclined could visit http://2013.bloggi.es/ and nominate Trifecta for a bloggie in the “Topical” category, they would really appreciate it. And, as a lot of you know, they’re a great site with some fantastic authors!
Last week’s poll answers didn’t make me ill. but a lot of them didn’t make me hungry either – seriously, some of you have some very…odd appetites. We asked what you loved for your midnight snack . Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are delicious in italics.)

the meat-cake at the back of the fridge –Miss R
(Could be meat. Could be cake. Could be George!)
Sparklebumps…now not just for breakfast (SnB)
(Really, have Sparklebumps appetites ever been restricted by mealtimes?)
Crow. I seem to be eating more of it lately. Eric Murtaugh
(Humble pie is savorier.)
Mogwai Pie — B_T
(That would go great with a big bowl of Googly Moogly!)
(But I don’t waaaAAAAaaannnt tooooooooo…)
Tin foil (I have a tendency to sleepwalk) lindavernon
(Maybe lock the supply closet before bed…)
Grapes, wine, chocolates and a most beautiful woman 🙂 Geoff
(Doesn’t she get upset if you use her as a plat- Oh, AND a beautiful woman. Sorry, thought it said ON…)
Booze with a hangover prevention pill chaser. Quirky
(If you keep drinking through the night, mornings are that much more fun!)
Spoonfuls of peanut butter dipped in Nutella while hiding in the pantry. KBar3
(Better if you just use your finger. Cut out the middleman.)
Anything but pickles and ice cream – I upchucked that when I was 10! (Stacy)
(Well they’re not the same pickles and ice cream. I hope..)
Dick, I like me some dick at midnight
(If you wake it, it’s just going to spit at you…)
Leftover Chinese food, with a side of despair. (Madame Weebles)
(Nice thing is, an hour later you’re hungry for more!)
(Chinese I mean.)
(No, I mean despair.)

Nutella. Is there anything else in the world to eat?? (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(Well…there’s all that…stuff they say you can spread it on…)
Two favourites -mashed banana with sugar and cream or Lemon curd sandwich – MyBeautifulThings
Ben & Jerry’s Raspberry and Choc Chunk Frozen Yogurt. YUM!! Michelle
(I think you need to do more research. The other flavors are getting jealous.)
that commingling sounds a little risque, my friend-good thing it’s midnite! BK
(It’s only risque if you’re doing it right!)
haggi… wait – isn’t that brainz – o never mind DONT answer that! BK
(Seriously, don’t ever read the label when it’s that late!)
If I’m feeling choosy, hummus & pretzels. Otherwise… everything in the fridge
(I like to cover the fridge in hummus and start there.)
Ahhh well that would be telling? 😉 Geoff
(Your secret is perfectly safe on the internet.)
snacks? we don’t need no stinking snacks…pass the wine! – (polysyllabic)
(Wine without crackers?!? That’s a little too gangsta for me…)
donuts of course.. but I just came from the pantry with malt vinegar chips….and honey roasted peanuts and bbq chips. rather have a donut – LizzieC
(Donut entree with a side of chips?)
my husband Lex, covered in chocolate syrup.
(Apparently the syrup hides the kryptonite.)
My husband x, Becca
(He’s not named Lex, is he?)
Tum-t-tum-tum-TUMS! (UndercoverL)
(Nonono,in this case, those would be for breakfast.)
Nutella, spooned straight from the jar. Delicious
(Chop the bottom off the jar like you mean it!!!)
A Reuben sandwich, of course! ~Susan Hunter a.k.a. Maddie
(Whew! I was running out of Lex jokes!)
Cereal! Benzeknees
(I know we all love the simple things, but Sheesh!)
A sweet virgins neck, followed by a touch of breast… Hey lol Geoff
(But doesn’t the breast get dry- Ohhhhhh….nevermind.)
the blood of innocent children! (words&otherthings)
(Even tastier when you sprinkle their screams of terror on top!)
MREs while I zero in my night-vision scope. (John E.)
(Just don’t zoom in on the ingredients. Not while you’re armed.)
Dinner, when at a sci-fi convention. (John Again)
(If the Gagh ain’t served live, it’s just a pre-battle party.)
ben and Jerry’s chocolate therapy. all you need is a spoon. WG
(If you still need a spoon, you have not acheived chocolate zen…)
My husband… Carrie Rubin
(There sure are a lot of Lex’s out there this week…)
Cannabis and maybe some herbal tea.
(If it’s good cannabis, you’re going to want some chips too. And ice cream. And soup. And a sandwich. And a pizza. And oh! Those chocolate things! With that filling stuff! And…)
I am a saint. I never eat at midnight. Elyse 54.5
(Who knew sainting would be such hungry work…)
My husband (Lorre: Lorre (Articles of Absurdity and Dose of Justice)
(How does Lex do it?!?)
I just eat sugar straight from the bag. Emily @ The Waiting
(Not sprinkled on raisins?)
Jiggs Dinner (fine Newfie Cuisine for any time of the day (SnB)
(Where every moose there knows your name?)
never in the fridge… *wicked grins* Red.
(I think the meal you’re talking about would melt everything in there anyway.)
Grippy – A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of ice cold milk
(Until jelly revolts and takes its rightful place at the front of the sandwich!!!)
Potato Chips and David Beckham and Potato Chips! Gingerlicious
(A little too much oil there for one meal…)
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Frank)
(Snack, thy name is pillow.)
actually, i like haggis. even better is a fried egg & bacon on toast sammich
(If you had said a scotch egg, my arteries would have hardened immediately.)
Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches! GingerSnaaped
(I’m afraid to ask if Lex is the father…)
(I thought you were allergic to overly processed food?)
BRRRRRAAAAIIIIINNNNNSSSSS stuffed haggis – with pickle & vanilla ice cream
(WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Sadly, I’ll have to take a rain check on the award dinner…)

Congratulations to the (formerly) anonymous culinary daredevil (Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher)! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Whatever walks out of the fridge onto my plate. And I agree – let the food do the work. So congratulations to all of you lucky diners!
running nose
For this weeks poll, I’m calling on all of you armchair physicians to pull out all the anecdotes about your cousin’s-daughter’s-brother’s-best-friend’s-uncle’s-pool-cleaner to tell me about some of my symptoms.
well, one of my symptoms.
So diagnose as much as you like, but diagnose before 31 January, at 2359 EST, because that’s when this one closes. (Oh, and if you leave an “other” answer, write your name in too and I’ll link back to you next week.)

And to send you on your way, enjoy these.
First, I really have no idea what the most awkward part of this scene is. but it’s all funny.

And this, just because I’m easily amused. (And it’s got Selma in it, so Hotspur will like it.)

Have a great week, everyone!