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Friday Foolishness – Angry Cat Edition

Today’s Music: Joe Henry – Time Is A Lion

WE MADE IT!!! Another Friday and we’re all gathered again, having made it to the weekend. At last. I don’t know how you did it, but you know how I got here? PRACTICE! HAHAHA! No seriously, I did it by keeping my sanity by reading some great stuff this week. Here’s some of what I saw…
Deanabo put a great piece of very short fiction that I loved. Brian questioned the relationship of cleanings and restrooms, and Red was interviewed(by LizzieC!) for her new book.
Oh, and Twindaddy made my day with a Shine On award!

Thanks to him, and them, and everyone else for a great week of reading!
Of course, many other people were reading about things like Anne Hathaway’s “Nipplegate”, or Jennifer Lawrence’s trip. I don’t think anyone wanted to see that – there were no votes for that in last weeks poll. But you did have plenty of other answers. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments dawdle self-importantly in italics.)

watching REAL porn ! Miss R
(It’s all fake, like wrestling. But not as sticky.)
wishing they could tell jokes at nobody else’s expense (polysyllabic)
(I heard about the monologue. Are you sure he was telling jokes?)
Anything other than watch! Actually went out to see Django Unchained. Brill! MBT
(Twice the jokes! Twice the bloodshed! Well, one and a quarter the bloodshed…)
Watch me some Walking Dead x, Becca
(It’s the ones you aren’t watching that will get you.)
Resolve to see at least one Oscar contender before next year. Delicious!.
(Nono, the resolutions poll was a few weeks ago…)
Watching the real Walking Dead of course. Stupid movie zombies. John Phillips
(Oh, so you spent it at the office?)
Laughing at their cheesy comments… Wolf
(They’re the best entertainment has to offer. Crying might be more appropriate…)
Howling as usual 🙂 Wolf
(You admit You’re rooting for Twilight?!?)
Trimming my claws and sharpening my fangs… Wolf
(Teen Wolf reboot!!!)
In Groovy Chicago… Wolf
(It’s not groovy if you use jazz hands.)
Hunting for a change… Wolf
(It’s in the sofa cushions.)
With Oscar’s Wife… Wolf
(I thought Emmy was faithful…)
Is Oscar Night related to Mayer Day? Michelle
(I thought we’d all agreed to ignore John Mayer until he went away.)
Thanking the Academy for my awards/crying. –Lily In Canada
(Crying. Because pretending to be happy to be sitting through the Oscars is too much acting.)
watch 5 minutes of the Oscars then switch to youtube kitty videos instead linda vernon
watching Killer Tomatoes. Gotta see how that ends! Alex A
(I warn you – the ending is…saucy!)
Every night is Oscar night for me – Oscar Pistorius
(Oh, Oscar! You kill me! (Too soon?))
Having the sex. – Hotspur
(Are you sure it wasn’t just a sex?)
appreciating the fact it only takes me 20 minutes to get ready – shower to door – polysyllabic profundities. 🙂
(That’s just because the paparazzi in the living room already know your routine.)
The Oscars are on?
(From the reviews,”on” isn’t how most described them…)
Cry because I didn’t see any of the movies….Whaa!! The Bumble Files
(Beats crying because you watched the Oscars!)
What night is it? Oh. Getting drunk, like every night. (UndercoverL)
(Wow, you’ve really embraced the Hollywood lifestyle!)
Birdemic, Plan 9, and Toxic Avenger – but not 3 Kings. That movie sucked! B_T
(Exploding cow finds your lack of enthusiasm…disturbing.)
convinced that the audience’s laughter is at my expense. – calahan
(You and Seth McFarland…)
Watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts of course (curling) Benzeknees
(I love it when the jokes write themselves!)
There’s nothing good on TV. It’s Business, It’s Business Time! Quirky
(But the Oscars were o- Oh, yeah, I see your point…)
Looking forward to having actually seen one next year Elyse 54.5
(Like the ad says, “If you see only one movie this year…you should get out more.”)
Practicing my acceptance speech and doing that Angelina Jolie leg thing – Becca
(Be a trendsetter – flash some armpit!)
Standing in my garbage can yelling insults at my neighbors. –Brian from U by C
(Aw, it’s the Oscars. Surely you can take a night off from that.)
Not being nominated myself, I am boycotting them (again) this year.
(You were robbed!)
Wait, they televise that? Red.
(Next year, they’ll be going with the classic, Test Pattern. It gets better ratings.)
working! As usual. (nicolemarie)
(Nono, you’re supposed to be working the red carpet.)
Rutabaga – avoid it like every awards show I’ve never seen
(But then how do you know who to mock?)
Writing my acceptance speech. KBar3
(Make sure you thank that guy. You know, from the bus. That said that thing.)
…waiting for people to trip up the stairs. It’s anyone’s game. Grippy
(They prove they’re real people by pretending they meant to do that!)
Try to buy tickets for the “Gone With The Wind, Prequel” zannyro
(Rhett and Scarlett as children on their small farm “Tarapoo”?)
Dressed up in a vintage frock from my vast collection *coughLIARcough* (Addie)
(When asked who she was wearing, Addie told Joan “The last person who asked me that”, while raising an eyebrow suggestively…)
In bed, fancy putting it on at 2am!
(Instead of boring everyone to sleep,they’d let the audience get a head start.)

Congratulations to lindavernon for this weeks answer, for what is the modern age without cat videos? And from the offered choices, the most popular (by a lot!) was Wonder (again) how Joan Rivers is qualified to critique fashion., so congratulations to all you people who (like me), spend too much time thinking about Joan Rivers.

Sounded fine to me.  Waitaminute - why do you ask?

Sounded fine to me.
Waitaminute – why do you ask?

But time moves on, and I see by the clock on the wall that it’s time for this weeks poll!
And since I put up a post bashing someone who’s songs (but not voice) are great, why not bash someone who’s work I love?
Or at least, give you guys the opportunity on “Other” to bash him. Croon soon, croon frequently, but croon (caterwaul?) your answers by 7 March at 2359 EST, because that’s when this one closes. (As always, leave a way t recognize you in the comments, and I’ll link back to you next week.)

Which brings us to the end of another glorious week, and the beginning of a hopefully glorious weekend! So to send you on your way, enjoy these…

First off, I never doubted this was how these ended

And This is probably the most optimistic thing we’ll ever get out of Louis CK on growing older.
(Glad my birthday isn’t for a while, or this would just be depressing.)

Have a great weekend everyone, catch up with you out there!