Daily Archives: 3 May, 2013

A Message From The Fool Of Fridays

Today’s Music: Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

Hi there! Hope y’all are well! Something a bit different this Friday.
I have no italics for last weeks poll. I have no poll for this weeks poll.
In fact, I got nothin’.

Because occasionally, real life sucks. I thought when I started that blogging was a time-suck. Sadly, it turns out working for the corporate overlords is. Yes, it’s good to work, but the satisfaction is in time well spent.
And for that, blogging is great.

Unfortunately, I need to finish a project at work (hopefully in the next week or two), which means that when I get home, I can barely sit at my computer to join you in the sphere, despite how much I enjoy your company.

But this isn’t the end quite yet. There’s still new stories to gather, and old ones to tell.
I haven’t yet told you about the naked bar slide. You haven’t come out to learn to hangglide yet.
And I never even told you why I started blogging in the first place.
(Not to mention all the music we haven’t listened to either!)

So, all of that is still to come. Hey, it’ll come even sooner if the Lottery Agency approves my retirement plan.
Either way, you’re not quite rid of me yet, and I expect I’ll back in just a couple of weeks.
Until then, live well, be brilliant, and rock on.