Daily Archives: 8 June, 2013

Beatnik Poetry Slam – Travelin’ Man

Today’s Music: Sandra Boynton – Cows

*El Guapo, resplendent in an ironic Hawaiian shirt strides to the mic*
“Beats and Birds, Dudes and Dames, Tonight I’d like to introduce the famous Ray Kroc, providing musical accompaniment on the cowbell.”
*The man on the back of the stage looks surprised. He rushes up to El Guapo, and (covering the mic), they have a brief but heated conversation. Ray drops back offstage and begins pulling something. El Guapo hangs his head and shakes it before returing to the mic.*
“Apparently there was a miscommunication.” *He glares at Ray who is now smiling, positioned alongside a Holstein.* “He’ll be playing the…cow.”

*The spotlight focuses on El Guapo*

The traveling man
Goes places others only dream.
Some bring laughter,
Others make him scream.

But when he comes back
(for he’ll always return)
One question
Continues to burn

He asks once *moo* more,
That Travelin’ Man
“Does anyo*MOOOOO*ne know…

Where I am?”


Dig it.