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Trifextra – Wheerrrrreeee Isssss Ittttt?!?

Today’s Music: KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See

When Trifecta goes topical, they don’t mess around.
The upcoming elections? Nope.
Government shutdown? Uhuh.
They’re channeling Halloween!

And I quote: “You’ve found some old books. On page 3 of one of the books, this illustration appears:
Give us the 33 words that follow this illustration. What happens next?”
Artist credit: Dan Duford

How could I resist?
Hoe you enjoy it.

We all knew that face, that mood, that pathos.
The blood curdling shrieks were familiar. The confusion, terror and anger would hover. He wouldn’t be relaxed again until he found his contact lens.

Friday Foolishness – Sausage Edition

Today’s Music: Lake Street Dive – Elijah

Did you see it? On your calendar? Yes! It’s Friday! At last. And as we say goodbye to the week, here’s a quick look back on some of what I saw…
The Tina once bought a house. Brain Rants had some…interesting words for Congress“.
And since this month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, here are the blogs of two women that have escaped abusive pasts. Nicole Warner and Behind the Mask of Abuse have both moved beyond difficult situations and gone on to thrive. Check out their sites for some great writing, and if you or anyone you know is a victim of Domestic Violence, there is help and support, and no reason you should have to endure that.

I'll take "Mustache Wax vs Chest Hair" for $1.99, Alex.

I’ll take “Mustache Wax vs Chest Hair” for $1.99, Alex.

On a lighter note, there was last week’s poll. Then, we didn’t ask anything. Instead we left it up to you. And as I’ve come to expect, you didn’t disappoint. Here’s what you asked. (As always, my comments are inquisitive in italics.)

Why do the clergy insist on making bacon? Andro
(The grease is an excellent lubricant.)
Why is your pet ostrich so interested in that camel toe? Andro
(Because it makes good shelter from flung monkey poop.)
Why do hobo’s eat sausages out of dumpsters? Andro
(Because no one leaves sausages in their waterbeds anymore. Sadly.)
Why does your girlfriend hold the banana that way? Andro
(It’s not a banana. She’s just happy to see me.)
What brains instead of avocados in the aspic, what gives Mother Teresa?Linda Vernon
(It gives Mother Theresa gas, that’s what.)
If nobody cares, why did Jimmy crack corn? (Frank)
(For the same reasons Froggy went a’ courtin’…)
A sphincter says what? (Who said that?) (Is that two questions?) (Stacy)
(I’d have to check the Congressional Record to find out exactly.)
(And no more Wayne and Garth for you.)

Why are the best tasting foods always the worst for us? –Lily In Canada
(Or in the immortal words of Socrates “This is delicious. Hemlock you say?”)
Why did your accomplice stick that knife in your cake?
(It was self defense, Your Honor. He backed into the knife 72 times.)
Mommy, where do babies come from? (UndercoverL)
Does a bear s**t in the woods? (UndercoverL)
(Is that a euphemism for our political situation?)
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Benzeknees
(About as many pickled peppers as Peter Piper picks.)
Why are you laughing? thematticuskingdom
(Because I just watched a Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a bar!)
Where am I? thematticuskingdom
(More importantly, what is that smell?)
Who are you? thematticuskingdom
(Wait – which me are you addressing?)
What time is it?
(*crosses entry off bucket list*)

pmao asks… mmmm?
(I can’t answer, as I’m not sure what you ate…)
Why? Rutabaga
What is…I didn’t know she was married, Alex? Twindaddy
(Sadly, that question is a Daily Double.)
Why is the Friday Foolishness Quiz guacamole free? Kanerva
(You obviously can’t see the food bits in my keyboard.)
What was the question? Confused Ginger
What the hell? Guap Has Snaapped!
(Nono, just “a” hell…)

Congratulations to you all for confusing the hell out of me this week! Seriously, I pulled out hair working on this one. Ok, it was nose hair. And I used a flowbee. But still…
And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between BRRRAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS and Because if I put it in my belly button, I’d have to explain it to my parole officer. Which makes perfect sense…to someone…somewhere.
Well, now that I’ve made it through that round, this week I figured I’d go a different way and tap into U.S. current events. With the government shutdown, lots of things are closed, and lots of people are temporarily unemployed.
Sadly, Congressmen still get paid. but if they didn’t what would they do to make money in the interim? That’s what we’re asking. Get your answers in by Wednesday, 9 October, 2359 EDT, because that’s when this one ends. (And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

So to send us all into a hopefully fun weekend, enjoy these…
Sometimes, Sesame Street is all you need.

And other times, you need the Muppets.

Have a great week, all!

Cause and Effect – Prologue

Today’s Music: The Sword – Arrows In The Dark
Note on Today’s Post: This has been taking up real estate in my head for too long, so I thought I’d let it out. Gonna need a better title though…
New Zealand
The camera dollies slowly through the FOREST. The lush landscape of the forest is alive in hues of green and brown, sun dappling through the leaves casting light on the forest floor. The dolly continues as the camera slowly pans right. The lens begins to zoom in, catching insects and birds moving along the trees and through the air.
As the dolly continues, the camera closes on a juncture of BRANCHES and zooms in

They say that everything is interconnected, that all events flow into each other, affect other events and are affected by them.

The camera zooms in tightly to the juncture where we see a COCOON, It is shaking on the branches, a small rift appearing at the front bulge. A pair of antennae, followed by a long body and bright WINGS appears.

That something as simple as the flap of the wings of a butterfly here can stir the winds of a hurricane there.

The BUTTERFLY emerges and flies off. It’s brightly colored WINGS sparkle in the flashes of sunlight. The camera follows its irregular flight, wavering between close and medium distance

It flaps its wings rapidly, enough thrust to lift its body through the air, pushing it against currents, pressure, eddies…

A powerful THRUST and we see the force of the small SWIRL OF AIR. The butterfly leaves the frame of the camera which continues onward, following the swirl of air.
Some LEAVES fall together, wafting in one direction. The SWIRL nudges one, pushing it in a different direction. The camera follows the swirl to the edge of the island and across the water.

Once it has begun, the stir from the wings of that butterfly take on a life of its own. It travels free, picking up momentum, affecting what it runs into…

We see WHITECAPS moving with the current. As the SWIRL intersects, one breaks off, moving away at a different angle, pushed by the swirl.

The force of nature, the inexorable, inevitable push and pull, back and forth of different forces competing, opposing, uniting drives on and grow in the strength of its cycle…

The WHITECAP and SWIRL are entwined, dancing around each other. They grow in strength and frenzy. Other SWIRLS join, other WHITECAPS come in. They push against each other, unite and break away. The camera pulls back to a longer shot so we can see the pattern, whipping around faster and faster, reaching up from the waves to the sky

They say the wings of a butterfly someplace can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.

The view zooms in to a tight shot. The WIND howls and the WAVES crash over and over on each other, stronger and stronger, more and more furiously until-

They’re full of shit. Butterflies don’t cause hurricanes…

The camera speeds back in a birds-eye shot as the WIND and WATER crash into a cliff and splash back to the surface. The camera continues up to the side of a cliff…and a MAN on a MOTORCYCLE looking down. The camera slows, still rising above him as he looks down at the settling water.
Camera changes to medium shot on his bald head. He lifts his head from watching the water and we see a SNEER on his lips beneath his SUNGLASSES. Zipping the BEAT UP LEATHER JACKET over his FADED JEANS and MOTORCYCLE BOOTS, he kicks the motorcycle to life, revs the engine and speeds away. The camera focuses on the SWIRL from his exhaust

Butterflies don’t cause hurricanes.
I do.

Upward angle shot of MAN riding away.