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Beatnik Poetry Slam: Covered

Today’s Music: Gerry Mulligan – Soft Shoe

“Welcome to the fall season of Beatnik Poetry Slam. As a reminder, please, no cell phone calls during the slam. Though really, when was the last time anyone used a cell phone to make a call? Seriously, of all the features on my phone, the calling one is probably used least next to- What? Oh, sorry…
Anyone, welcome, and we hope you enjoy.”

Luciano Lovetro strides to the stage in his red crushed velvet smoking jacket and takes his place next to the acoustic-electric rainstick.

El Guapo mounts the dais. The smoke from his clove cigarette loops around the twirled ends of his chai-tea scented mustachio. He slides his Ray Ban Wayfarers to the tip of his nose and begins.

The eyes and 'stache of a poet. A strange, strange poet.

The eyes and ‘stache of a poet.
A strange, strange poet.

lie on the battlefield.
The wind
blows over them both.
One shivers
His pale hand reaches out
He finds
the edge
the thread
the corner
The blankets now covers them both.
But the battle has just begun.