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Trifecta: The first time I saw…

Today’s Music: Foreigner – Feels Like The First Time
Days Til Spring: 66

Another year, and new challenges from those wacky cats at Trifecta. And DJ Matticus, who reminded me of the challenge with his great response.
This week, they want 33 words to follow The first time I saw…
(Oh, and they should all be one syllable each.)

But I have 66! The same number of days til spring!
The first set is what came to mind first (since I’m a little bent).
The second set came to me because what’s a trifecta challenge if I don’t at least try to tweak the judges (since I’m probably more than a little bent)?

Vengeance is MINE!!!

Vengeance is MINE!!!

The first time I saw
– from the first scream – from the time when the first shock made me wake, I knew my whole life would be in need to give a hard sharp slap back to that doc.

(and again…)
their tasks, mocks from a harsh team who hid in the depths of the ‘net, led me to spend my free time in search of them.
33 care worn words at a time.

Apologies in advance, but hey, it can’t all be Dostoyevsky.