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A head is an awful place to live.

Today’s Music: Ravel – Bolero

This seems to be the time of year when exhaustion, apathy and wtf all collide in a perfect storm inside my head. It happens every so often. Nothing for me to do but ride the wave and find my moments where I can. On the bright side, it finally feels like spring here. Only seven weeks late.

So I’ll be playing with my trains, reading books about Roosevelt and Taft, the Mediterranean, and rereading a stack of books before reading (what better be) the final installment of a ten book cycle.
I’ll still be cooking, and maybe I’ll even try baking bread again.

And eventually, I’ll snap out of it. The Hawaiian shirts, the music, food, stories – all of it adds up, and it’ll re-anchor me to the world. I’ll come back and tell you about the Motorcycle Safety Class, and whatever happened with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. We’ll listen to some great music. Oh, and I’ll try and finish writing the hanggliding adventure. Maybe I’ll give you the story about when Steve screwed his hand to the ceiling. That isn’t a metaphor, by the way – he literally screwed his hand to the ceiling. And there might even be more polls.

The last few months have been exhausting. I’m taking a short break. You’ll still see me reading and commenting on your stuff, because I love the stories, but I doubt I’ll be posting for a bit, aside from the random one-off (I have a beatnik Poetry Slam I don’t want to waste).
Mostly, I’ll be spending time with TMWGITU.

And as so often happens, Shakespeare said it best:
“If we do meet again, why, we shall smile. If not, why then this parting was well made.”

Rock on.

Give My Creation…FOOLISHNESS!!!

Today’s Music: Berlin – Metro

Did you feel it? at 00:00 today, something glorious happened. Friday began! And as we look forward to the upcoming weekend, let’s also look back at some of the great writing from the week that was… Over at Tipsy Lit, Mike Calahan wrote About Passion. Tikk Tok continued the saga of Cooper, Bonnie and Clyde, and Lizzie Cracked told a story about a woman Discovering she Was Sick.
Fantastic writing, from them and everyone else!
Oh, and for those still missing Trifecta, there’s a new weekly story prompt at Light and Shade Challenge. I’m looking forward to reading their entries, and joining in from time to time.

They'll have a much improved lineup next season!

They’ll have a much improved lineup next season!

But even further back in the week that was, was last week’s poll, where we asked as a Mets fan, how you would spend this baseball season. And, much like the rest of the MLB, you guys enjoyed mocking the Metsies. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are taking their seventh-inning-stretch in italics.)

Wait…..the Mets have fans? When did that happen? – Revis
(It’s just the Curling fans, passing times til their season begins.)
Watching more games with Kentucky Bourbon Ale at my side (Frank)
(I prefer to watch with the bourbon inside.)
Watching the spinning because there’s nothing like a Mets brand ceiling fan –Linda Vernon
(The Mets stand still. It’s our heads that are spinning.)
with the trees – more exciting (Stacy)
(Not near as exciting as the Paint-Drying finals!)
In therapy. Just like the past 2,376 seasons. (Miz Yank)
(Much cheaper to scream at the players through your tv…)
eating cake and pudding in bed. Amy R.
(Where’re the peanuts and crackerjacks???)
being grateful for beer and loudly proclaiming I’m not a Mets fan Lizzie C
(Sorry – I missed everything you said after “beer”.)
making my mascot costume “UnderDog” Jessica
(I think you’re shooting a little high for the Mets…)
watching hockey – Curvyroads
(Why? Is it doing tricks?)
So I Mets this guy and well ya, you know where the story goes.
(It goes up, up, so close to the top…then…nothing.)
sending more pine tar to the Red Sox. Polysyllabic Profundities
(And maybe some discreet players?)
as a Canadian…we watch HOCKEY not baseball….SnB
(So it’s your fault this winter hasn’t ended!)
(Zoe) Where’s spring?? The Mets play baseball? When do I win?!
(You remember that bit about “there are no stupid questions”?…)
(Zoe) What the hell I didn’t win again? Who’s ass do I kiss don’t say the Mets!
(Funny, the Mets ask that first question after every game!)
(Zoe) What’s a Met? I’ve “Met” people before does that count?
(No. The Mets don’t recruit people as talented as “ordinary”.)
drinking copious amounts of vodka. thematticuskingdom
(Hey, save some for the umpires!)
trying to remember why I still watch baseball. thematticuskingdom
(For the Shakespearean levels of tragedy. And beer.)
looking for bigfoot – as likely at being successful as their season. thematticuskingdom
(No, he plays for the Mariners.)
pretending to be ANYTHING else – Benzeknees
(Jamaican bobsledder, maybe?)
to not be a mets fan
(There is no cure.)

Supporting the White Sox. ~~Addie
(I thought they had garters for that?)
blogging. Because baseball is soooo boring (Elyse 54.5)
(Next you’ll come out against apple pie and personal shoulder-fired RPGs.)
I live in Canada…we are still watching hockey…PLAYOFFS!! Kayjai
(Doesn’t the arrival of the Stanley Cup herald the start of summer?)
The Mets? Is that like a sad opera? –Marie Nicole
(Exactly! If only we knew what it was about…)
The Mets? Is that like a sad opera about hairnets? –Marie Nicole
(I believe you’re confusing the Met(ropolitan)s with the Metroplitan – singular.)
explaining to you that I’m not a Mets fan. jaklumen
(Ha! Next you’ll say your a Mariners fan!)
saying, “I’m not a Mets fan, GO Mariners!” jaklumen
(Now I feel better about rooting for the Mets…)
Who’s watching the Mets when playoff hockey is on- said the indignant Canadian
(Umm…hockey is played on normal ice, Mayor Ford, not the “ice” you’re looking for…)
eating $1 hot dogs…that’s how they make us O’s fans feel better, anyway –LaLa
(Only seven bucks a pop!)
Buying stock in Pine Tar, of course. brickhousechick
(Do you really want to stick your neck out on that?)
imagining how much better it would be if it were on ice. And called hockey. NancyTex
(The Hockey Pokey? You put your front teeth in, you leave your front teeth in…)
A Met’s fan? Why would I do that to myself when I have the Reds? Twindaddy
(It’s like a double header of sad!)
We are with the Red Sox. Argh.
(I think they make a pill for that…)
I’m more of a Stem fan…and hockey – it’s all about hockey!! Rutabaga
(But…but you’re not Canadian!)
Did I mention hockey? If they played Baseball on Ice, I’d care…..Rutabaga
(It starts as baseball on ice. Then it’s a Disney ride. Then a Johnny Depp movie.)
(So no.)

Dreaming about Tug McGraw. Ya Gotta Believe! Mamma Mick
(Hasn’t he been dead for about a decade? Much like the Mets pitching…)
Rooting for the Orioles! (sorry, Guap! ) – Not A Punk Rocker
(Don’t apologize – Oriole is a synonym of Mets.)

Alas, as Mets fan know all too well, there is no winner this week. But from the offered choices, the most popular was Laughing at Yankee fans who can’t buy beer after the 7th inning. So congrats to all of you who know there’s always another fan that has it worse!

I say, would you keep it down out there? I can barely hear myself rattle!

I say, would you keep it down out there? I can barely hear myself rattle!

This week, we delve deeper, deeply, into your darkest secrets. We all have skeletons in our closets. But what else is there? Well, this week, that’s what we want to know.
Dig up your answers, but do it soon, because this one closes at 2359 EDT on Tuesday, 6 May. Try and keep yourself to three Other answers if you do write-ins, and if you do leave an Other, add a way to recognize you at the end, and I’ll link back to you next week.

And as we head into the weekend, I hope you enjoy this.
Even if I’m really not sure what it is…

Have a great week, y’all!