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The Guap is Out There… No, Really.

Today’s Music: Orianthi featuring Steve Vai – Highly Strung
Days Til Spring: 62

My misadventures have spread even further out into the internet.

Eric Murtaugh – adventurer, iconclast, bon vivant – asked me to do a guest post.
So I did.
On scuba diving.
And yes, I come off looking goofy in this one too. Hey, blog imitating life…

After you’ve checked out my post, you should check out the rest of his site. Really, I’m not sure where he finds the time to blog, because he’s out in the world. Or just out there…
And he brings back pictures.

So check him out. I had a great time writing it, and am glad he thought it was good enough to post.

And come back Friday. Because the foolishness will be on baby.