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A Literary Limerick – Order Of The Phoenix

Today’s Music: Dave Edmunds – Crawling FromThe Wreckage

It’s time for the latest installment in the “DEAR GOD WHY IS HE DOING THIS TO US????” limerick interpretation of Harry Potter.
At this point in our story, Harry is whiny, Ron is sullen, and Hermione is…well, Hermione.
Ah, but Cedric is dead and Voldemort is alive.
What can possibly happen next?!?

So join as we…rework…this beloved classic. Into Limerick form!
And if you want to see the rest (because you’re a masochist), just click Limerick above the banner.

The Order Of The Phoenix
Book Five

The fighting was close and intense
Splinters and dust clouds so dense
Sirius turned quite pale
As he went through the veil.

Wait a minute – Love is Harry’s defense?!?

No, these probably won’t get any better as they go on. But on the bright side, only three limericks left!

Let the hate mail begin!

A Literary Limerick – Goblet Of Fire

Today’s Music: the Cranberries – Loud And Clear

Welcome to yet another round of Guap has nothing good to write and is taking it out on you the finest in poetic literary synopsii, where we reduce a quality text to inane drivel.

Today, we turn our eye to the next book in the Harry Potter series, Goblet Of Fire.
If you haven’t seen the rest (or blotted them out of your mind to escape the trauma), I invite you to click Limerick above the banner and experience the horror experience anew!

Goblet of Fire is the heartwarming tale of a boy who struggles through life’s travails in search of the perfect treacle tart. Truly, this book has it all. As well as, after this limerick, the extra credibility of a hack knocking the stuffing out of it.

*One note before reading – I have absolutely no idea what the syllabic requirements of limericks are. And I’m too damn lazy to look it up. But I’m pretty sure this one is even further off than usual. And you’ll have to read in 1/16th notes at the end to keep the meter.
It’s a limerick folks. You’ve been warned.

The Goblet Of Fire

For Harry, the competition was grim
When it got down to Cedric and him.
They went from the maze
to a field full of graves
Soon-to-be-sparkly Diggory died on a whim…

If anyone needs the website of a reputable mental health professional, let me know.
And you’re welcome!

Some babblings and a Vulgar Trifecta

Today’s Music: Lindsey Buckingham – Seeds We Sow
Days Til Spring: 14!!!

Yes, I got Freshly Pressed. Which means my fingertips are now killing me from answering comments.
Which doesn’t take away from how cool it was to get turned on in an instant to so many other blogs and points of view. It will probably take a while to poke through all of them, but I’m looking forward to it.
Something else about the FP – a notification was sent to me by WP to tell me it happened.
The title of the editor that sent me the email is Word Wrangler. Possibly the coolest job title I’ve ever seen.

So thank you, WP for the nod. Thanks to everyone that wandered over to check me out. And for those of you that hung around, hope you enjoy the madness that lurks in these parts!

So this week, Trifecta’s challenge was the third definition of the word “Vulgar”:

vulgar (adj) \ˈvəl-gər\
1: generally used, applied, or accepted
2: vernacular
3 a : of or relating to the common people : plebeian
b : generally current : public
c : of the usual, typical, or ordinary kind

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And check out all the entries linked from Trifecta. You might find yourself inspired to jump in!


The steward rose with the sun.
He toured the house, checking that all was pristine from the night before.
In his chambers, he made up the chore list for the day, all instructions neatly and clearly written.
He moved through the servants quarters gently waking the other employees of the Manor with his bell.
Without coaxing, they all moved to their positions, organizing themselves for the day.

Cooking, cleaning, sewing, tailoring, all tasks were completed smoothly, with a minimum of fuss.
By midmorning, the grounds crew were completing their tending of the yard greenery as the Lord watched, looking up from his luncheon on the veranda.

The crew carried baskets, carefully collecting their cuttings to leave no trace of their passing except a perfectly manicured garden.

The Lord spat a piece of gristle from his hamsteak onto the linen table cloth, wiping his mouth with a gilded, brocaded sleeve.
“Laborers” he spoke. “How vulgar”.
Replied the steward, “Yes, m’Lord”.

Trifextra Challenge – The phone rang at 4am

Today’s Music: Frank Sinatra – One For My Baby
Days Til Spring: 17

Yes, this is The Hobblers fault too. Read on...

So, two games this weekend.
The Hobbler has a word game that you are all welcome to join (or at least read to understand the bizzare comments on our sites)

And Trifecta has another 33 word weekend challenge:

Complete the following story in exactly 33 words:
The phone rang at 4am.

I have two entries for this one.
If anyone else wants to join the mayhem, write up your 33 word entry and post your link at their site. Looks like the cutoff is Sunday, 8pm EST.

Out of curiosity, please let me know in the comments what you think I was thinking of when I wrote these.

He came in agitated and nervous, stripping off his clothes, at 1am

He washed, carefully and thoroughly, at 2am.

The car was scrubbed, carefully and thoroughly, at 3am.

The phone rang at 4am.

The phone rang at 4am.
Hillary sat up, as she did every night.
“Hello”, she said, weariness in her voice.
“You’re late. We said 3am.”
She sighed, and hung up the phone

Oh, any critiquing is also welcome below.

And don’t forget to vote in yesterday’s poll!
Have a great weekend all…