Friday Foolishness Polls – A History

23 Dec 2011

Here are the Other Answers (italics are mine).
– a subscription to Jenny Craig and some celery sticks.
Well, it’s the thought that counts. Was the celery for Santa or the reindeer?
– Cuban cigars and 14 year old Scotch
Perfect! Santa couldn’t see when he crashed the sleigh because of the cigar smoke, not the scotch, officer!
– CHEESE! I tossed the landlord’s repair bill too! (lizziecracked)
The repair bill should go IN the cheese, lizziecracked. That way he can’t claim he never got it!
– A sensible snack. And possibly a three-month trial membership to Jenny Craig.
This is a popular sentiment. Santa would prefer more scotch
– … a Jenifer Aniston blow-up doll
this might be whatimeant2say , who seems to be quite the Jennifer Aniston fan. Hey, I completely understand, but I don’t think Santa needs an extra person in the sleigh be able to use the HOV lanes…
-All of the above!
Heck yes. It’s Christmas. Indulge!
– All of the above – too many to choose from!
One of these might be Jacqui Murray who suggested an all button on the polls. It will be there today, I promise.
– alone, but I’ll return soon.
Ooh, mysterious…
– and find work that’s not so seasonal.
…Pretty sure (with the one above, that this is a disgruntled elf…but good luck with the search, and my hopes are with you.
– Naked pictures so I can make the naughty list. -flame
Betting The Flame Inside will be inundated next year with emails from people claiming to be Santa…

And the winner is…
tidings of comfort and joy, wishes for a Merry Christmas, peace on Earth and a good night.
I think I feel good about that!

16 Dec 2011


turn the lights off and take the rubbish with you.
(Excellent advice!)
I will sell your stuff to finance an Iowa vacation to caucus.
(Vote for Bachmann! She’s got crazy eyes!)
don’t leave know, please don’t take my heart away ::pulls on leg warmers:: NM
me now,you’ll take away the biggest part of me.Wooooooo please don’t go. ~flame
(From Nicole Marie, and theflameinside. I had no idea how much ’80s nostalgia this question would bring up! Sincerest apologies to everyone!!!)

And the winners are, with a tie,
I’m building a still in your room
and of course,
9 Dec 2011

Create a tune to match the gurgling sound in the drain while taking a leak.
(Party like a rockstar!)
nothing. I do my best singing in my car.
(I recommend singing everywhere!)
as loud as I possibly can to annoy my kids and/or scare away intruders.
(Family and security. Both very important)
in my purple satin speedo (Sarah Boynton, Blue Moo, Workman Publishing)
(Thanks, Sarah. The visual image is both exciting and disturbing)
Elvis Costello hits, mostly.
(Excellent choice. I’ve seen him, he puts on a great show, but I think yours might be better – he gets to do it dry.)

(This is a series of clips of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother singing. I probably sound like this when I sing…)
(It’s the effort that counts!)
while masturbating (my husband’s vote)
(I really didn’t need to know that)
I don’t sing in the shower!
(You, my friend, are missing out.)

1 Dec 2011

– i am not taking clothes and i am staying naked all week
– will be just as cold and miserable as this place, I’m afraid.
– Will be colorado. Tickets, skis, equipment are already packed!
– Won’t be the mall on a weekend!

24 Nov, 2011

– Wondering why anyone goes anywhere close to a major shopping area.
– make sure to hold on to that recipe for Grilled Whole Turkey for next year!
– switch to rum

18 Nov, 2011

– Anything. ‘Cause me juggling anything is comedy. And sad.
– jugglers
– Volkswagens, cause that would impress the chicks
– I’m combining two of your choices and saying wet, soapy cats.

11 Nov, 2011


4 Nov, 2011

– not yet a problem
– When it grows long enough, I braid it with my nose hair. Looks like a mustache.

28 Oct, 2011

– Are you suggesting that only bloggers should be responding to this poll?
– I ain’t admitting to nuthun.

Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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