Concert Log/Music That Turns Me On

Let me know what you’re listening to/going to see in the comments…

The Music Log
The Drums


The Band


Girl In a Coma

The Wombats

The Cars – Move Like This (well, really, the whole discography)

Bruce Hornsby – Spirit Trail

The Vaccines – What do you expect from the Vaccines

The Eels – Much much better live than recorded!

Cyndi Lauper – Memphis Blues – A lot better than I thought it would be!

Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials. Just as good as the first album.

The Kooks – Inside In, Inside Out
How have I never heard of them before?!?

Susan Salisbury – great 60s pop

Fitz and the Tantrums – Great retro sound. Check them out. Start here:

Divine Fits – Got this on twitter from @taradublinrocks. Fuzzy techno rock? No idea, but I like the sound.

Jezabel – Turned on to them by IrishPaul. Digging it.

Vintage Trouble
If it were just this song, that would be enough. But they have more!!!

No idea how I came across them, but I’m enjoying them now…

The Heavy
I’m just enjoying it. Rough sound, but good. British and…well…heavy.

Caro Emerald
Start here. And let the Latin move your feet.

Lionize 3 May 2013
Saw them last night, now I’m just enjoying the music.
Here, have a youtube playlist.

Amy Lynn and the Gunshow 11 May 2013
I checked them out after seeing their name in a concert listing.

The Concert Log
Girl in a Coma – Webster Hall, 11/11
This was a fantastic show. Go. Listen. Hear.
Not quite straightforward rock, not quite punk. More like the best of both.

The Wombats – Webster Hall, 10/19 – Missed this one. Had responsibilities.
Sometimes being an adult sucks.

Duran Duran – MSG, 10/25 (Only going to this because I love my wife. Even if her taste in music is a bit off)
Wife ended up not being able to make it. So I went with friends. Drank 2 pitchers of Blue Moon.
Was unimpressed by the show. New songs didn’t sound like Duran Duran.
Hungry Like the Wolf was the best song of the night.

The Drums – Bowery Ballroom 11/7. IrishPaul says we need to check them out.
Update – IrishPaul’s friend form overseas came in, so he got the ticket. IrishPaul let me know beforehand, asked if it was ok. No worries.

Adam Ant 2/15
Lets get this out right away – this show was Not. My Idea.
I’m going with IrishPaul, because I guess we’re up to the part of the cycle whre he pisses me off for no good reason.
But don’t worry folks, I’ll be sharing it with you, so you can suffer vicariously through me..
Fortunately, this was cancelled.

Yacht – TBD
OtherPaul wants to see them. He’s come to enough with me, so yeah, I’ll go along for the ride.
Ended up missing this. Not sure why…

Van Halen 2/22
In Indiana. Great. Indiana. Still, it’s the original lineup (except for the bass player). Hopefully the spandex onesies will be held to a minimum.
Actually, it should be a pretty good show – saw them last year in Philly and they rocked.
Updated – And they still do. Really good show. They were tight, and Eddie actually looked like he was having fun.

Rodrigo y Gabriella 4/20
Seen em. Can’t wait to see em again.
2 Nylon classical guitars played by former members of a Speed Metal band.
Definitely check them out.

The Vaccines 4/23
If you don’t know them, check them out. They cancelled last years tour, but they’re coming around again and I plan to be there.

The Wombats 4/26
Missed them last time around because if personal issues.
I will be there this time.
If you don’t know them, start with Lets Dance To Joy Division

Gotye 4/27
They made a big splash with Somebody That I Used to Know.
Hoping it will be a great performance.
*Update: Eh.

Mark Lanegan 5/10
Never heard of him. Boss got tickets, so he should be alright.

Roseanne Cash – 11/21/12
The Bell House – Brooklyn
Been hoping to see her for 20 years.
I’ll find out tonight if it was worth the wait.
*Update: Definitely worth the wait!

Vintage Trouble – 3/4/13
Highline Ballroom – Manhattan
Never been to this room before.
Hoping VT blows the roof off it.
*Update: Blew out the roof, the walls and the floor we were dancing on.
Hell. Yes.

Living Color – 4/6/13
Yes, that Living Color.

2 May, 2013
(Good hard (southern rock-ish) sound. Caught the end of their set.
opening for
The Sword
Loud. No, louder than that. The mosh pit came and went on the strength of the songs.
The “Cheap Sunglasses” cover was unexpected, but good.
opening for
Even louder. Left some valuable pieces of my ears at the venue.
Really good show.

Fitz and the Tantrums – 30 June, 2013
They’re playing at Irving Plaza, and they have a new album coming out.
Been waiting for them to hit NYC. I expect greatness.
*Update: Feedback loop of energy between the band and the crowd. This show is why I see live music.

Soulive opening for Trombone Shorty – 22 July, 2013
Central Park Summerstage
The bands were great! The crowd sucked. And it rained.

Paula Poundstone – 26 July 2013
City Winery
Still funny!

The Cult – 22 August

Buster Poindexter – 28 August
Highline Ballroom
His most popular song:

Violent Femmes – 12 September
Central Park Summerstage
Hope they play Blister In The Sun. Because it’s the only song I know.
Update – Good show. All 4 songs worth. Then it poured like hell and the show got called.

Amy Lynn and the Gunshow – 12 September
Heard about this band the day before the show. After Violent Femmes got shortened, I went back downtown to see them.
Despite being soaked all night, I’m glad I didn’t miss this show!

KT Tunstall – 24 Sept
NYU Skirball
Seen her. I expect she’ll be at least as good this time!

Berlin – 3 May 14
Sadly, Terri Nunn will be the only original member.
Still, cheap ticket, and hopefully it will be a good show.

Imelda May – 29 July 14
I’m really excited for this one. Imelda does sort of a rockabilly sound, with great vocals.
Should be fun!

56 responses to “Concert Log/Music That Turns Me On

  1. My boys asked to hear C+C Music Factory in the car. Their taste is almost as good as their mother’s.


  2. Score! the Wombats. Love ‘Let’s all dance to Joy Division.’


  3. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Was SO going to see Eminem while he was here in Australia, but didn’t get tickets. A girl at work saw him, said it was great.


    • Cool, wordsfallfrommyeyes.
      Not a big fan, but saw a Tori Amos concert where she did a cover of whatever Eminem song is about the father explaining to his kid why the dead mother is in the trunk.
      It was very disturbing.
      Then she did Somewhere Over The Rainbow, which was even more disturbing…


  4. Lily in Canada LOVES the Kooks. She introduced me to them. They’re awesome. I like your taste in music.


    • Thanks, AgrippingLife.
      Check their site – they’re touring now, hitting NYC in the early spring. Haven’t decided yet if I want to catch them…

      What else are you listening to?


  5. Sandy Salisbury (from The Millenium)- Everything for You album – recommended to me by a friend. 60’s pop. Lovin’ it!


  6. I’m loving Florence and the Machine, Shake it out. I usually listen to a lot of 60’s and 70’s music. I’m incredibly eclectic in my taste. It’s amazing how many lyrics my brain contains. wish everything was set to music! Ha!
    Go see the Kooks and tell me how they were.


    • I was shocked – Kooks are playing NYC, 2 dates, a month apart. Both sold out.
      As a 60s music fan. do you like Strawberry Alarm Clock?


      • Of course, Incense and Peppermints. It’s funny because the 60’s had a ton of one hit wonders. There are so many songs I know but they have no connection to anything else? I love The Hollies, the Turtles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, I could go on and on. Did you see Pirate Radio? It has a great sound track. Not a perfect movie, but I still enjoyed it.


        • I haven’t seen pirate radio, but I’ll definitely check out the sound track, AgrippingLife.
          Yeah, sometimes I’ll hear a song I haven’t heard in a while from that ere (like the Kingsmen – Nothing Matters But The Weekend) and wonder how the song isn’t more popular, and whatever happened to them…


  7. Richie Spice – Brown skin


  8. Listen to “Piratess” by Okkervil River….’tis good. 🙂 …by the way, I love the Drums, The Band, The Cars, The Kooks, FTM, and Cyndi Lauper! good stuff


    • Great tune, meganseaman. Singer sounds a bit like David Byrne.
      Also like your list. Wasn’t a big Cyndi Lauper fan until I heard he blues album, and covers album before that.


  9. I just wrote something about The District Attorneys. If you like’em, you should check out my site, if you wanna discover new bands.


  10. The Kooks– Unbelievably good, right? I wonder why they aren’t more famous every time I hear one of their songs.


  11. As we speak I’m listening to The Horrible Crows. I don’t get too shows too often (I live in the sticks), so when I do, I try to make it count. Seeing DEVO in May.

    Congrats on getting freshly pressed for your subway piece!


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  13. Very fun list of tunes you got here.


    • Thanks, Cayman. What are you listening to these days?


      • Amos Lee last like a maniac, big fan. I’m a big Beth Hart fan too, saw her in concert with Melissa Etheridge years ago and I was hooked. She did an album with Joe Bonamassa that is really good. JD McPherson is a blast, guess Amos kinda influenced my week’s musical choices.


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  15. Yay for an Eels mention! They’re far too often overlooked. Have you ever seen E’s documentary about his father? It’s heartbreaking.


  16. Oh I listen to a bit of everything! I’m really into Caribou and Baby Mammoth at the moment, and I’m revisting a lot of Yazoo.


  17. Ooh I like the Wombats. They make me happy. Same with The Cars. Nice list!


  18. Thanks Lilly. What are you listening to?


  19. I’m all over the place in music. All depends on the mood. This morning mood had me with Tab Benoit and his Night Train to Nashville. Man!
    This afternoon, it all about Ella. Got the Legencary Decca 4-Disc set. Been listening to Disc four. How about this stuff: A Sunday Kind of Love, Black Coffee, Angel Eyes, and on and on…the best! HF


    • That set is on my list of things to get, Harper.
      There are very few voices now that I think have the same impact. Surprisingly (at least to me), I think it’s possible Christina Aguilera’s voice could mature to that level (if she’s got good material behind it).

      Nothing wrong with all over the place. I’ve got Garbage tickets tonight on the East side, and just found out Gossip is playing on the West side.
      Are you a fan of blues too, or more on the jazz/swing side?


      • I listen to blues probably more than any other genre of music. But, I love jazz and swing, too. Here are my Ipod categories: Jazz, Blues, Classics (Sinatra, Bennett, Short, and the like), Country, (mainly old school Willie, etc) Pop, Showtunes, Big Bands, English Invasion (got to go back in time for these guys, but great fun), Beach, Sleep Time (what I plug in before I doze off). Lots of overlap, but as you can see, if it’s done well, I’m probably listening. I’m sure you are more current than I am. My 26-year-old daughter listens to so many bands I have not heard of. Sometimes in her car, I hear something good. But mainly I’m screaming for her to turn it down! God! I’ve gotten old. HF


        • How do you feel about the newer names in Jazz – Stanley Jordan, Diana Krall, Trombone Shorty? And do you have any affinity for the music of less easily definable folk, like Bruce Hornsby?
          I like hearing new stuff that’s done well (in almost any genre), but stuff that’s done great like the classics? Can never go wrong with that.

          And I’ve also started to hit that age where yes, it can in fact be too loud.
          (I’m still in the bottom half of the 40s)


          • Diana Krall is beyond good! I love her. If she ever gets in the vicinity, I’ll be there. And, if there is a more talented musician out there now than Stanley Jordan, I don’t know who it is. Absolutely amazing (sometimes a little too amazing, if you get my meaning), but I love him, too. Trombone Shorty is not someone I’m familiar with. I’ll google him and see what he’s all about. But, to further answer your question, I love when young musicians not only keep the classics alive, but add their distinctive touch. HF


  20. Quick peek at google has TS’s new album For True and I see he has Jeff Beck, the Nevilles and Lenny Kravitz with him. I can tell you right now, I’m going to like it! HF


  21. You finished with a perfect description, HF! Yes, expanding the range of what can be done as opposed to just copying what’s gone before.
    Brian Setzer, when he went swing surprised me a lot with what he did.
    Not sure if you’d enjoy her sound, but perhaps check out Kaki King too. She does some incredible finger work, like Stanley, but a harder sound.
    Worth a quick check…


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  23. El Guapo, I understand it’s your birthday today. Happy Birthday!!! I like a lot of music you listed. I like The Wombats, The Kooks (aren’t they good?), Florence, and The Divine Fits (I just put one of their songs on my blog, recently…that’s The Spoon’s singer). Good to meet you.


  24. runningonsober

    Ooh, you just saw Clutch! I saw them many (many) years ago in Athens. Now I remember where I left a good percentage of my brain cells and eardrums.

    Next show on our docket is Sheryl Crow. She’s going with a more country vibe on this one, so could be interesting.

    How was the Roseanne Cash last November? Was her voice as strong as you’d remembered?


    • Saw Sheryl Crow open for Eric Clapton (I think). Not bad…
      Roseanne Cash did a really short set – about 6 songs. She sounded great! Left me wanting more.


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  26. I just randomly clicked on one of the Amy Lynn & The Gunshow videos. Whoa! Love it.


    • They put on a great live show, and were very nice when I met them after.
      They’re on twitter too – @AmyLynnGunshow @BariSlap . Rumor is they have some new stuff coming soon.


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