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Friday Foolishness – Clima(c)tic Edition

Today’s Music: Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time

Hope you all had a good week! And if you didn’t, well, it’s about to get better, because the Friday Foolishness leads you right into Friday night. Ok, maybe not right into it. But until sunset rolls around, you can always read some blogs, like some of what I read this week…
Nicholas Conley saw the beast, and named it the Self Cannibalistic Creative Monster. Becky talked about the tragedy that is book abandonment, and More Issues Than Time Magazine got a job!
Oh, and check out AR Neal – her book is available (free til Monday)!

Thanks for such fun reading this week, and I can’t wait to see what y’all you come up with next week!
But last week, there was a poll. A special poll, a Birthday Poll. Here’s are the wishes you made to go with Grippy’s cake. (As always, my comments are blown out in italics.)

count all the birthday wishes on this poll… buddhakat
(As long as she does it in her Sesame Street The Count voice!)
wishing herself the happiest birthday ever!!! buddhakat
(Until next year!)
why, submitting na answer to her own poll, of course! buddhakat
(I’d have to pick her as the winner too…)
anything but submitting answer to her own poll! buddhakat
(Wait – people get to submit answers to these???)
All of the above – John Phillips
(Pity this answer wasn’t on the bottom…)
Enjoying a special Wombie party, after the Zombies have gone 🙂 Andro
(Umm…W comes before Z…)
Calling into my realm of wickedness 🙂 Well I only said. Andro
(Ah, so something a bit more lighthearted for her birthday.)
Drinking a beer with Guapo (Frank)
(Isn’t that more of a gift for me?)
Maybe getting reborn. Or rebirthed. Fresh is best! butimbeautiful
(She’s the Birthday Mento!)
obvs she should come to Belgium! NBI
(This non-snarky response is a testament to how little I know about Belgium. Something something Beer something Chocolate? )
or we could all send her some pie – NBI
(I don’t think you want to give that much leeway to this crowd…)
Doing some gripping – Benzeknees
(Hold on…)
Hanging out with her favorite (and only) daughter. – Lily In Canada
(Love the way you rigged the “favorite daughter” contest!)
Maggie O.C.says: Mocking weiners and shopping
(You’re so political.)
ummmmmm…. PMAO
(PMAO speechless is the best birthday gift for anyone!)
Pole dancing in a burka. x, Becca
(Doesn’t one defeat the purpose of the other?)
All of the above, naturally. Kanerva
(Always neglecting the sides…)
Partying on Cloud Nine with all of us and the Kinks! Linda Vernon
(Oh, I think we all know what kind of “cloud” rock stars make…)
Gettin’ nekkid! Rutabaga
(Or just Stayin’ nekkid…)
Saying “I’m 29 of course!” all day and forever (its what i do) Marie Nicole
(But she doesn’t look a day over 28!)
playing Angry Birds on her cell SnB
(She killed someone over Angry Birds?!? Oh, sorry. Thought that said “in” her cell.)

Breakdancing to an 80’s songs while balancing tequila on her head. What? KJ
(Shouldn’t she do something out of the ordinary for her birthday?)

Congratulations to Grippy for this weeks..well…just for being her. And from the offered choices, the most popular was enjoying the hell out of herself, and knowing her online friends appreciate that she’s there. (Hey, they can’t all be funny, people.). To which I add a resounding HECK YEAH!
And once again, Happy birthday, Grippy, and thanks for your company.
And now here we are in this week. Heat, rain, a bit of cool. I know the climate is changing, I just didn’t realize it was changing every day.
So that’s this week’s poll is about.
Answer early, answer often. But answer by 2359 EDT, 7 August, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

And until next week, when I hope we all meet again, I hope you enjoy this.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday Foolishness – Gripping Edition

Today’s Music: The Kinks – You Really Got Me
Note on Today’s Music: I have no idea what the hell is going on at the end of this video.

What a week! I was barely around for most of it. But the stuff I read kept me coming back for more!! Here’s some of what I saw…
H.E. Ellis got the graphic novel of Reapers With Issues on shelves! Eric Murtaugh back-country sauna, and Marsha gave me a Shine On Award. Probably because of that one time I stuck a flashlight up my nose.
Still, you should check out her site – always great stuff over there!
Something else I saw were the answers to last weeks poll, where we asked about your favorite 80s dance. Which made me realize, some things are best left unspoken.
Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments flail out of rhythm in italics.)

Moonwalk (is that 80’s?). I still do it down the grocery store aisles. –Lily In Canada
(‘Cause these are Chillerrrrs, in the Dai-ryyy Aisle…)
Wait, are the 80’s over? Ginger Snaapped
(Well, I still have a bit of them tucked into my thick socks with my jeans.)
The Madonna Mirror (Whatever dance Madonna was doing) ~RunningOnSober
(Nowadays, isn’t that the Adopt Everyone dance?)
Pole dancing without a pole. Long live sleaze! sandylikeabeach
(That’s like chili without the spices…jello without the wrestling!)
Spinning on one foot on a paper plate dance. Easy when sober John Phillips
(When done drunk, there’s still pizza on the plate.)
The Oscar Levant Stumble and Fall into a Coma- Linda Vernon
(I told them it was a dance.)
brickhousechick was brickhousing, macarenaing &bumping
(What, no Axl Rose Sway dance?)
Headbanging. I’m not ashamed to admit it – should I be? (Stacy)
(I smacked my head against many a desk in frustration at 80s music too.)
The awkward sweaty palm dance (i was hopeless) Sadly Marie Nicole
The “Parents Just Don’t Understand” Fresh and Jazzy Shake. thematticuskingdom
(Now known as the “Whatever happened to Jeff?” Dance)
The Amoeba Soccer Shuffle. thematticuskingdom
(If only the dancers were old enough to appreciate it…)
The Duke Nukem Two Step. thematticuskingdom
(Leisure Suit Larry was doing that dance before it was cool.)
NO… the 80’s are where music went to die in bad outfits and big hair,,, PMAO
(…says the man with the Risky Business shades in his avatar…)
Whatever looked good dancing to Brickhouse (my nickname) Benzeknees
(Sitting. In the 80s, sitting looked good.)
The Turtle Head Shuffle, invented after a mishap at a friends house. JoeHoover
(We called it The Tequila Faceplant.)
what? dances have decades?! omg. it all makes sense now. (UndercoverL)
(Some of them need expiration dates.)
Shovel Dancing to the Cure ~ Rutabaga
(I thought all dancing to the Cure involved tears. )
I think it was called the “Trying to Get Laid” dance. rossmurray1
(for me, that dance always ended alone.)

The I’m too wasted, the room is spinning & I am on my butt dance. (SilkPurse)
(Oh, that dance transcends a particular timeframe.)
the Mattress Mambo, but don’t worry. I practice Safety Dance – Revis
(Doesn’t anyone just call it the Lambada anymore?)
that thing Kevin Bacon did in Footloose SnB
(You got to yell at John Lithgow?)
Of course, the Poll Dance. (Frank)
(It’s always the quiet ones…)
The fully-clothed-dancing-like-an-Egyptian-bar-dance. Kayjai
(What happens in the Crypt stays in the Crypt.)
I did “the worm”. Don’t laugh. It was the 80’s – Twindaddy
(Must have made you paranoid when Bird was the word…)

Congratulations to Marie Nicole for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular were The Peepee Dance. (Still is.), The Trip-and-turn-it-into-a-dance-move-so-no-one-notices Dance, and The Electric Slide (but don’t tell anyone. It’s my secret shame.). So congratulations to everyone who didn’t write in “Sweatin To The Oldies”!

The Gripping Eyes see all!!!

The Gripping Eyes see all!!!

But this week, it’s a very special poll. Dare I say, a Gripping poll?
Indeed, I dare.
Because the very day this post is published is in fact the birthday of everyone’s favorite wordpress Surrogate Mom.
I speak of none other than A Gripping Life. But how do you wish a happy birthday to a woman who’s traipsed her way to Dover? Who’s seen the movies? Who even finds the best music you’ve never heard of?
Well, you wish her a happy birthday.
And then you write her a poll!
So this one’s for you, Grippy. Thanks so much for your words and your company. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, and that every day gets better after that. And of course, Happy Birthday!

Now it’s your turn. How should Grippy spend her birthday? Answer soon, answer cheerfully.
But answer by 2359 EST Wed, 31 July. because that’s when this one ends. (And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

And while we tally all the ways you’ve wished Grippy a great birthday, I leave you with this…

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully I’ll get to see you during this one.