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Friday Foolishness – Valentine Edition

Today’s Music: The Contours – Do You Love Me
Days Til Spring: 39

Another week, another Friday. So goes the cycle of life.
Saw a few interesting things this week that I’d like to share with you.
She Speaks… pointed me to a very clever OK Go video.
Sara Carpenter taught me a new meaning of giving with her tale of Joe the Trucker.
And ODNT went out for a great meal

But what y’all really want to know, is what did you and your cohorts say to last weeks’s poll. Well, let the suspense end.

All I know is they screwed traffic by me for the day...

Here are the “Other” answers to What You Were Doing For The Superbowl.
(Comments in italics are mine.)
It’s tuesday, is it to late to put money on the Giants. John Phillips
(Of course not, as long as you’re betting on the Pats!)
watch “Smallville” reruns
(Didn’t Clark play on the Smallville High football team?)
celebrate the fact that we don’t have CHANNELS at our house…
(As long as you still have the internet!)
When did the Superbowl start showing reruns? Red
(I think that was around Superbowl 2…)
Puppy Bowl
(Do they wear helmets? Or slobber guards?)
go to a movie
(Did you see the original of The Longest Yard, or North Dallas Forty?)
Make round sandwiches for our hosts and watch the commercials but not the game.
(Round sandwiches? Not even football shaped?)
Drink. And possibly eat something. And be sick the next day.
(Or as we call it in my house, “Tuesday”)
enoy an evening free from political ads
(I think you just nailed the importance of the bowl!)
astral project to a place where they never heard of football. Linda Vernon
(the Puppy bowl?)
Send my husband away for the whole day and study for a midterm. Woo hoo!
(A great idea, especially if he’s a Patriots fan!)
watch Madonna embarrass herself in a desperate attempt to remain relevant – Alex Autin
(Your prediction was better than every handicapper out there, Alex! We have a winner!!!)
get a superspoon and eat all the raw cake mix I can (Kanerva)
(Please tell me you don’t wait for just the Superbowl to do that!)
We only watch the Superbowl for the commercials…otherwise, is hockey on?
(Where’s you patrioti- Wait, are you Canadian?)
try new recipes for jalapeno poppers and blackened salmon tacos! sandylikeabeach
(Wait, is that a finger food? Can I dip it in ranch dressing?)

That being said, most of you picked Pig out and watch the commercials!, with Wait – football? That’s the brown ball with the pointy ends, right? as a close second.
And congratulations to Alex for winning!

Well, that clears up last week. So moving on…
Valentines Day is coming!

Isn't there an age restriction for projectile weapons?

So here is this weeks poll. Voting will close Thursday, 2/15, at 2359.

Since it’s not going to be Valentines Day for a few days yet, I leave you with these to get you in the right frame of mind…

Have a great week, and enjoy every second of it!
Til next time…