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A Literary Limerick – Prisoner of Azkaban

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I am actually thinking of doing a political post, but I won’t be around so much this week to moderate and respond to comments.
The topic generates a lot of vitriol, and there is the potential of some very unpleasant name calling from non-regulars who wander over to troll. (I have found the regular name calling that goes on here to be very pleasant and entertaining.)

Since I’ll be away for a couple of days (Van Halen in Indiana. Because who doesn’t want to go to Indiana in February?), I thought I’d give you something that I know will generate hatred in the comments, without having to wonder.

So, we now continue with the latest installment of abominable Harry Potter limericks. You’re welcome. Oh, and feel free to check out all the literary limericks by clicking the Limerick tab up by the title bar.

    The Prisoner of Azkaban

The dog in the bushes was mysterious.
Harry though that he might be delirious
There were a wolf and a mouse
In a very haunted house

but the hero, in the end, was Sirius

Have a great week, and try to recover before the next Friday Foolishness poll.
Seriously, you’ll need all your strength for that one.