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Friday Foolishness – Valentine Edition

Today’s Music: The Contours – Do You Love Me
Days Til Spring: 39

Another week, another Friday. So goes the cycle of life.
Saw a few interesting things this week that I’d like to share with you.
She Speaks… pointed me to a very clever OK Go video.
Sara Carpenter taught me a new meaning of giving with her tale of Joe the Trucker.
And ODNT went out for a great meal

But what y’all really want to know, is what did you and your cohorts say to last weeks’s poll. Well, let the suspense end.

All I know is they screwed traffic by me for the day...

Here are the “Other” answers to What You Were Doing For The Superbowl.
(Comments in italics are mine.)
It’s tuesday, is it to late to put money on the Giants. John Phillips
(Of course not, as long as you’re betting on the Pats!)
watch “Smallville” reruns
(Didn’t Clark play on the Smallville High football team?)
celebrate the fact that we don’t have CHANNELS at our house…
(As long as you still have the internet!)
When did the Superbowl start showing reruns? Red
(I think that was around Superbowl 2…)
Puppy Bowl
(Do they wear helmets? Or slobber guards?)
go to a movie
(Did you see the original of The Longest Yard, or North Dallas Forty?)
Make round sandwiches for our hosts and watch the commercials but not the game.
(Round sandwiches? Not even football shaped?)
Drink. And possibly eat something. And be sick the next day.
(Or as we call it in my house, “Tuesday”)
enoy an evening free from political ads
(I think you just nailed the importance of the bowl!)
astral project to a place where they never heard of football. Linda Vernon
(the Puppy bowl?)
Send my husband away for the whole day and study for a midterm. Woo hoo!
(A great idea, especially if he’s a Patriots fan!)
watch Madonna embarrass herself in a desperate attempt to remain relevant – Alex Autin
(Your prediction was better than every handicapper out there, Alex! We have a winner!!!)
get a superspoon and eat all the raw cake mix I can (Kanerva)
(Please tell me you don’t wait for just the Superbowl to do that!)
We only watch the Superbowl for the commercials…otherwise, is hockey on?
(Where’s you patrioti- Wait, are you Canadian?)
try new recipes for jalapeno poppers and blackened salmon tacos! sandylikeabeach
(Wait, is that a finger food? Can I dip it in ranch dressing?)

That being said, most of you picked Pig out and watch the commercials!, with Wait – football? That’s the brown ball with the pointy ends, right? as a close second.
And congratulations to Alex for winning!

Well, that clears up last week. So moving on…
Valentines Day is coming!

Isn't there an age restriction for projectile weapons?

So here is this weeks poll. Voting will close Thursday, 2/15, at 2359.

Since it’s not going to be Valentines Day for a few days yet, I leave you with these to get you in the right frame of mind…

Have a great week, and enjoy every second of it!
Til next time…

Friday Foolishness – State Edition

Today’s Music: The Beautiful South – Rotterdam
Days Til Spring: 54

Well, it’s been a long week. No one got hurt. Nobody died.
Not much of anything happened, really. Mostly, I was just feeling out of sorts, and a bit discombobulated. Lets chalk it up to cabin fever.

There were some interesting things on some of the blogs I follow. Here’s a few:
Barking In The Dark put up yet another lovely ballad to the ladies… for the political season.
lizziecracked wrote an excellent eulogy to Joe Paterno
The Recovering Brit (I didn’t even know she was sick!) put up some spectacular pics of Yosemite
And whiteladyintehhood sent me to Australia!

Thank you, and thanks to everyone else out there. You made my week a little brighter, and a little more thoughtful.

In other business, last week’s poll asked what you would do if the Internet shut down.
Here are the other answers (italics are mine)
Re-enter the convent
(Sure, with no internet, they wouldn’t be able to see what you’d been doing before they let you back in!)
go back to making latchhook rug toilet seat covers – whatimeant2say
(dear god – please don’t let the internet go down!!!)
get less news about the GOP crazies … which is a damn good thing!
(Yes, because sometimes knowledge isn’t power. Sometimes it’s just sad.)
have even MORE time to drink!
(if you can’t find enough time (and incentive) to drink while surfing the web, you might be doing it wrong…)
Be forced to reveal my true identity and save the day by chaining myself naked t??? they will see the light and we will be back in no time! lizziecracked
(Not sure what you were going to chain yourself to, but definitely would have been something to see!)
Make my own version of it 🙂
(You’re going to need a lot of pictures of cats and bacon to match today’s standards…)
Have to start paying attention to the children again. GingerSnaap
(dear god – please don’t let the internet go down!!!)
Become the World Busiest Pen Pal – Linda Vernon
(Snail mail?!? the horror!!!)
Get back to working on my cookbook, Joy of Soylent Green – Linda Vernon
(Companion to To Serve Mankind)
return to in-person stalking which is more consuming but less rewarding.
(Getting back to your roots?)
get Sandylikeabeach’s phone number so I can hold on to the inspiration.
(Is this from the stalker above?)
have way more time for sex and drugs and rock and roll – YAY! sandylikeabeach
(Have you met the commenter above, Sandy?)

For those of you that agreed on something, the most common answer was
Read a book. Like, with pages. Paper pages…
I concur. Well chosen.

Before we start this weeks poll, I just wanted to ask you:
If a tree falls on a mime, does anybody care?

And with that, Guapola continues its tradition of topical polls with this week’s big event, The State Of The Union.
The poll will be open until thursday at midnight. If you leave your name next to your other answer, you could see it in linkback next week!

So until next time, I leave you with this.

Be well and have fun. Hell, have some of mine. I ain’t using it…

Looking Sideways. And a Haiku!

Today’s Music: Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
Days Til Spring: 57

From the inestimable Gary Larson. Please don't sue me.

Says it all... (From the inestimable Gary Larson. Please don't sue me.)

Wow. this is the 100th time I’m setting virtual pen to pixelated paper.
I don’t really have any ideas for this momentous occasion. Really, the only thing I have special for it is at the bottom, in the closing remark, and that isn’t even my idea. It came from the comments section of this post.

Mostly right now, I’m feeling more in tune with the post of another blogger, Sandylikeabeach in her post about prayer. (Though i imagine I could draw some excellent allegories from Hotspur too, but it would probably just go to his head.)
But that’s just because it was an exceptionally long day. This too shall pass I guess…

So, 100 down, god-knows-how-many to go. So far I’ve enjoyed myself. I’ve met some great bloggers, had some deeper conversations than I ever thought I would online, and mostly just amused the hell out of myself.
There have been limericks and polls (see the last two categories in the header), there’s been music every day (some of it good). There’s been some serious stuff, and a whole lot of silliness.
A nice blend, methinks. And if nothing else, a few days a week, I actually have to organize my thoughts. Doesn’t actually stay organized when it runs through my fingers, but still, it’s the thought that counts. (See what I did there?)

So stay tuned, keep the volume turned up, and put in as much or as little effort as you like as you browse.
Let me know what you’re listening to, or what concerts you’re going to see (I’ve updated the Concert Log page above), and what books you’re reading. I read all the comments (even the one that just said pornbeer.com and the other, posted by user1, I am the worlds best user!) and answer them too!
So, a bit of looking back. Some looking forwards. Mostly (and as always), just looking sideways…

And as promised, to commemorate the inanity of commemorating my 100th post, I give you
The Gopher Haiku
Did he ever get the girl?
The shorts look ridiculous
Welcome to Washington, Congressman.

PLUS!!! An older Dick Shawn and Bobby Short on the same cruise?!?

You’re welcome. Look on the bright side – the next 100 can’t get any worse!

A bit of Silly for your Sunday…

Today’s Music: Animaniacs – Cheese Roll Call (Yes, it’s a song.)(That I first heard on a CD.)(That I bought.)(So there.)
Days Til Spring: 58

A bit of silliness for your Sunday…

Ladle Spoons and Jellybeans
Ladle spoons and jellybeans
I come before you
to stand behind you
to tell you something of which I know nothing about.

Since this Thursday is Good Friday,
there will be a mothers meeting for fathers only.
Admission is free,
pay at the door.
Take your seats and sit on the floor

Midnight shined over the ocean,
not a trolley car in sight.
Two men got off the subway, prepared for a fight.
Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords
And shot each other.

If you don;t believe my lies, even though they’re true,
You can ask the blind man.

He saw it too.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has ever heard this. The internet was surprisingly unhelpful inn finding more about this…

Beatnik Poetry Slam – Control

Today’s Music: Sonny and Cher – The Beat Goes On
Days Til Spring: 66

Dark stage, single pinpoint spot, slowly widening…
You could have my heart
If you hadn’t taken it already
*snap snap*
You can walk my path
*clap clap*
straight, true and steady
You can take all I own
*swirls drink*
word and song
*puts on Ray Bans*
If it feels so right
*soft whistle*
it can’t be wrong
*adjusts beret*
Do what you do
*long exhale*
in any shape form or kind
*cigarette drag*
but I just have to tell you,
*steely glare*
the remote control is MINE.

Dig it.

Yeah man...