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Friday Foolishness – Lowest Common Denominator Edition

Today’s Music: Peggy Lee – Fever

For the first time in a long time, this week went fast! Life zips along when you don’t sleep at all. (I especially enjoy the exhaustion hallucinations.)
But you know what I didn’t hallucinate? Blogs! Here’s some of what I read…
Christopher De Voss put blooging on tv. Undercover L had some very strong thoughts on parenting, and No Blog Intended looked at her life through the lens of The beige pants.

Thanks all around, for an interesting week of reads.

All the worlds a bakery, and...it's delicious!

All the worlds a bakery, and…it’s delicious!

But there was one other burning question last week. Well, more like a toasting question. It was last weeks poll where we asked What could be better than sliced bread? Here’s what you said.
(As always, my comments are sandwiched in italics. With the crusts cut off.)

my little camera – I love it! MBT
(You can take instagram pictures of your sandwich!)
Sex! I think I remember . . . Benzeknees
(Wait til you try sex with sliced bread!)
(Use extra mayo.)
(Trust me.)

I don’t know what’s better, but Wonder Bread was the first ever sliced and that’s where your phrase came from! Thanks WonderBread! live clay
(Much better than the usual sources of the things I say!)
Chocolates πŸ™‚ Andro
(On biscuits.)
loafing around of course πŸ™‚ Andro
(Is that good for the buns?)
A night in with Elvira πŸ˜‰ Andro
(She gets stale faster…)
Caviar on Crackers… In the cleavage perhaps? πŸ˜‰ Andro
(Wait – there’s cleavage and you’re thinking about BREAD???)
Unsliced bread and having a minion to do the slicing for you. – rossmurray1
(Are minions trustworthy enough to have knives in your presence?)
Sharp Little Pencil says, Shredded Chocolate.
(Shredded for cake? Chocolate cake is a form of bread, you know.)
(A delicious form…)

Sipping pina coladas and getting caught in the (g)rain? (UndercoverL)
(*sung with (a) flour in her hair*)
Bacon, duh – BrainRants
(Hey, if it weren’t for bread, we wouldn’t have bacon pizza!)
A nice MLT–they’re so perky, I love that!(Addie)
(Just wait 30 minutes after eating it…)
Damn!! I didn’t see option two on my first read!! (Addie the blind)
(Oh my god! It’s true! It does make you go blind…)
Well-bred sliced bread – Calahan
(Sounds like it’s got a lot of dough…)
bread covered with moose meat and mayo (SnB)
(Tastes just as good on the way up as it does on the way down…)
Everything bagels. The Waiting
(Something lox)
Me… naked on a blue plate… PMAO
(I’ve just sworn off eating. Forever.)
Diced Chapacabra con Pollo — Linda Vernon
(So much better on Mexican bread. Like a burrito.)
Pork Butt – Rutabaga
(What about cow? What about sheep? You’re such a Butt-ist.)
Those Hawaiian sweet rolls. Still conveniently sized too! Or Oreos. –Quirky
(That’s just the pregnancy talking…)
Sex! Or so I have heard…(Not A Punk Rocker)
(Sorry. We’ll have them soundproof the walls next week.)
Unsliced fresh from the Oven bread. Elyse 54.5
(Only amateurs bake their bread before they slice it.)
pre-grated processed cheese product – Alex Autin
(Even better on white bread with mayonnaise!)
I got nothing, so I’ll just say some good, dirty sex. – Twindaddy
(Aren’t those adjectives redundant?)
Beer. GingerSnaapper
(A good sourdough makes an excellent sponge for the condensation.)
Music by Rocco Flamefart & the Ultimate Death Trip Chinese Icebox Jug Band (Frank)
(They were legendary for turning “proofing box”into a sexual metaphor)

Alas, no winning answer this week. Because the correct answer was NOTHING! NOTHING IS BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD!!!. (It was a trick question.) And from the offered choices, the most popular was Loaves! and Fishes! and Water! and Wine!. Which is probably about as close to religion as I’ll get around here…
I know that many of you come just for the brilliance of the polls, considering their socio-political implications, and how they help define the role of mankind in the cosmos.
And when considering deep, ponderous qquestions such as these, the old saw comes to mind, “there are no stupid questions”. But what if there were?
Well, that’s this weeks poll. But there’s no question that this one will close at 2359 EDT on 4 Sept, so vote by then! (And if you leave an β€œOther” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

And what do you say we go out the way we came in – with a much…different…form of fever.