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Today’s Music: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Skaboy JFK

I have a love/hate relationship with gravity. From an astromechanical point of view, I love being in its pull, zooming earthward, only to pull up/bounceback/splash through at the end.
The feeling of wind whipping past your head at terminal velocity while your brains try and pick which ear to crawl out of is one of those experiences that make life worth living.

Sure, physics will make this much clearer!

Sure, physics will make this much clearer!

Then there’s interpersonal gravity. The only person who’s gravity well I’ve fallen into is my wife’s (The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe. That means that I keep myself attuned to where she is, what her mood is, and whether she needs a hug or caress or joke from me. (To be fair, she’s also pretty good at knowing when I need one of those, or when I need to give her one.

There’s also the gravity of situations. I spent last Friday working at our data center until about 2130 diagnosing a server failure. Turns out it was a bad memory chip.
But it needed to be found, and the server’s disposition needed to be definitively diagnosed – would we be able to get it up by market open Monday? Did we have spare memory for it? Was Guap going to accidentally power down a whole rack of servers? Again?
(The answers were Yes, Sort of, No, NO!)

Three very different uses of the word gravity, all sort of tied together by different facets of the same definition.
Some bad, but some pretty damn good.

That’s my post for today.
Can you see what I’m getting at?

Yes! I am painfully bored!

Oh, and if anyone has anything I can jump off of, I’m open to suggestions (he said with gravitas).

Friday Foolishness – Day Old Edition

Today’s Music: Tain Watts – The Return of the Jitney Man
Note on Today’s Music: Jeff “Tain” Watts is one of the best drummers I’ve ever been privileged to see. I hope you enjoy it.

Today’s post almost didn’t get written. Fortunately the ghosts of all the turkey I ate came to help. And they weren’t bothered by mashed potatoes on the keyboard. Why did the turkeys decide to help? Because they saw some of the same great stuff on the blogosphere I did!
Speedo wrote a fantastic post about womanning up.. Linda Vernon’s husband gave of himself to preserve thanksgiving tradition, and Curly Carly did unspeakable things in writing her Star Wars synopsis.

And I got awards! Edward Hotspur bestowed the One Lovely Blog award on me, and Roly honored me with the Blog of the Year award. It comes with gold stars!!!
To them , thank you, and more importantly, to them and and everyone else thanks for the great posts this week!

Last week, there was (as there is every week) a poll! Looking for ways to fight the boredom. Looking for something to do. Looking for the next adventure!
I should have known that reading your suggestions would be an adventure in itself. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are strapping in in italics.)
Make a boat out of duct tape and go sailing. ~flame
(Sounds like a sticky situation! BWAHAHAH- …I’ll show myself out…)
Skinny dipping with Pyranhas
(Sounds like that would be a pyrrhic victory)
Watch the pot boil as you eat soup continuously (cause it’s cold)-Jillian
(Hmm…eating my own cooking. Sounds dangerous…)
Trying to extract Trumps foot from mouth … Kanerva
(Would that be easier than removing his head from another orifice?)
Run from yourself as fast as you can, with scissors, while naked. (Lorre)
(YES! Something new to do while naked!)
Your adventures in parenthood – Hotspur
(Well, I did raise Sea Monkeys once…)
Taking a trip to Colorado to ski with this Wild Rider!
(Roxy skis too?!?)
Eat lots, get sponsor, sleep until Dec, go ice swim’g w new fat layer, nude Red
(Glad to see I’m not the only one that writes comment on these polls nude!)
Covering your car in Christmas lights and driving to Ecuador for a cupcake..zann
Repel down the Empire State Bldg. Benzeknees
(As soon as my gorilla suit gets back from the cleaners. (The Lipsky bar-mitzvah was messy…))
Climb to the very top of the jungle gym. LindaV
(I can’t. The six year old up there is terrifying!)
Financial cliff diving — Elyse at 54.5
(I wouldn’t be good enough to compete wth the governmental pros.)
It doesn’t matter, I’ll close my eyes through the description. Elyse at 54.5
(You can follow along by the screaming…)
With Bill and Ted since they have EXCELLENT adventures. Michelle
Competitive Black Fridaying – Emily at The Waiting
(Isn’t “competitive” redundant there?)
a trip to Northern Labrador to duke it out with polar bears
(Sounds easier than fighting a Coney Island polar bear for a parking spot!)
Pee Wee’s (that first choice sounds familiar). B_T
(But it should be a huge adventure. Not just big…)
See how many lizard licks it takes to the center of a Tootsie Pop- Becca 25tofly
(I don’t know about the Tootsie Pop, but the owl says it’s one…two…*crunch*. Three. Three to the center of the lizard.)
Finding a clean pair of undies. x,Becca (Lady or Not)
(I adventure commando. Less stuff to clean poop off of…)
Ride a roller coaster in a handstand position. (Frank)
(But then won’t I get vomit in my nose?)
Sledding on a trashcan lid while guzzling copious quantities of beer. KJ
(You’ve just described my morning commute.)
hunting alligator on the bayou, of course!! (Stacy)
(Better than hunting them in my living room!)

Congratulations to Zannyro for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was riding down the Himalayas on the worlds largest slinky. Backwards. Because you people know how to party!

Today, many who hosted thanksgiving will wake up to the elephant in the fridge: Leftovers.
(Though if you actually do have an elephant in the fridge, I hope you gave him a sweater!)
Which begs the question, what are you going to do with them?
That’s this weeks poll. Answer as often you like, but answer by 2359 EST on 29 November, because that’s when this one end. And if you leave your name in an “other” answer, I’ll link back to you next week.

Since the holiday season is without a doubt upon us, here’s a video from Australian Wil Anderson explaining the holidays in the rest of the year.

And from Weenie Girl, this isn’t funny, but it’s a pretty cool idea…

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you during the week!