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An Annual List

Today’s Music: Bronze Radio Return – Shake, Shake, Shake

Once again, my wife (The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe) asked me what I’d like for my birthday.
– World Peace.
– More common sense. For everyone.
(She thinks empathy should be added in, I think “common sense” implies empathy.)
– Empathy.
(What? When TMWGITU asks you for something, you do it.)
– A new bike.
– The ability to play guitar.
– More time to sleep.
– More hours in the day.
– The ability to understand stupid people.
– Fewer stupid people.
– A winning lottery ticket.
– The next season of Dr Who.
– A long weekend with TMWGITU, spent entirely in bed.

In a few days, I’ll wake up a whole year older.
And as long as I’ve got my girl beside me, the rest of the stuff on that list can wait.