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Friday Foolishness – Hideous Shirt Edition

Today’s Music: Green Day – Let Yourself Go
Note on Today’s Music: It’s a bit potty mouth. But it’s a fun tune.

No. No, that definitely wasn't in the forecast...

No. No, that definitely wasn’t in the forecast…

I’m actually a little happier than usual this Friday, despite a long week at work! I have no medical facilities to visit for anyone, I have two more concerts (that I know of) to look forward to this month, and of course, I got to read some great blogs!
These links are a bit more serious than the usual posts I put here, but they were moving and made me stop and think. Hope you enjoy them too. NBI talked about having and breaking a connection to a person that was an addiction. Steph Rogers spoke with shame about the actions of her countrymen, and BrickhouseChick taught me more than I had known about anorexia
Thanks to them for a set of brave posts, and everyone else out there for all that you share.

On a lighter (or more frustrating. Whatever.) note, last week there was a poll! And it was about every governments least favorite topic, climate change! Here’s what you said.
(As always, my comments are achieving record lows in italics.)

the Louisiana inferno into anything else. (Stacy)
(As long as it’s not a “dry” heat…;
issue a press release that says she thinks Al Gore rocks. Kanerva
(She’s not talking to him til she gets her royalties.)
hire a good publicist for days that aren’t exactly as forecasted. Kanerva
(Or a lawyer to sue the weatherman for slander.)
Yes, Yes and Yes Guap, I Agree That it Should πŸ™‚ Andro
(I’m too stunned at having someone agree with me about anything to reply…)
For the better, and pronto or I am sending the zombies round πŸ™‚ Andro
(If there are zombies, “better” may involve a flood.)
Places with Uranus, well not yours but you know what I mean? πŸ™‚ Andro
(Tis a foul wind blowing…)
Eo sfop everyone and their dog moaning about it all the time 😦 Andro
(If it weren’t for the weather, 99% of people would have nothing to talk abou- Hmm…)
And put a cork in it, at least then we could avoid the wind 😦 Andro
(Or have to avoid gas propelled corks.)
Back to the 1970’s but without the plarforms 😦 Andro
(Weather in a leisure suit That’s a change for the worse.)
Into a Werewolf, at least that way we can all howl along with it πŸ™‚ Andro
(She’ll just put clouds in front of the moon to stop the change…)
Its settings often so we know what the hell is going on πŸ™‚ Andro
(Oops – that was me. Sorry, dropped the remote.)
just enough that it stops raining in Melbourne.butimbeautiful
(You’ll change your tune when it snows…)
only if it damned well pleases. It has a mind of its own! Amy at Sharp Lil Pencil
(I don’t think we want the weather thinking for itself. People certainly don’t!)
its attitude and chill! Linda Vernon
(Only if it can wear it’s baseball cap backwards and it’s jean halfway down it’s…nevermind.)
as often as i change my underwear, which could mean anything really Marie Nicole
(She likes to snatch thosed from teh clotheslines!)
behind a screen because I can’t bare to see denuded Tetons & flacid billabongs Laura
(Porn is only fun when it’s on the internet.)
brickhousechick: so that stupid people will wake up and believe!
(Generaly, stupid people are generally safer when they’re asleep.)
My Canadian prairie winter into summer Hawaii weather.
(Hey,those prairies are where tehy grow the grass skirts!)
Enough to actually swim at the North Pole Elyse 54.5
(“Santa Surf Shop” has a nice ring to it…)
direction, no your other left. thematticuskingdom
(There’s a GPS joke in there. But I can’t find it.)
into a newt… and then get better. thematticuskingdom
(Gingrich thinks he’s just fine as he is, thank you.)
Candy into healthy, assholes into princes, spinach into money, (UndercoverL)
(…my replies into something useful…)
it’s tune, we’re ready for something new. thematticuskingdom
(If it starts singing “It’s a Small World”, we’re coming after you.)
water to wine… thematticuskingdom
(Oh Jesus.)
into a Vegas style buffet to suit mood and follow me like Eeyore’s cloud. Red.
(Cloudy with a chance of tequila…)
it’s stylist….too many patterns going on all at once..not a good look..zannyro
(It’s atmospheric plaid!)
Cause the magnetic fields to switch – and we get snow in Tucson. From FUNICULAR
(Worth it, just to see all the iPads explode!)
It’s mind! – Benzeknees
(The wind is generaly..lightheaded.)
(And no, you can’t ban me for that – it’s my site.)

it’s britches! Benzeknees
(Are they filled with…hail?)
every 5 -10 mins would be lots of fun..I know it. Lizzie C
(You’re smarter than the weatherman!)
directions and we suddenly become a TROPICAL island. Yay! Kayjai
(Tropical moose???)
but then as soon as it changes, it should change back, grass is always greener..
(There’s a manure joke in there somewhere…)

Congratulations to- Wait! NOOO!!! Sorry, the award for this week just blew away. Ah well…
And from the offered choices, the most popular was peoples perceptions of it before it changes the planet irrecvocably. (Yes, a serious answer.). And bravo to you all for picking it.

Why? WHY?!?!?!

Why? WHY?!?!?!

But this week, we’re focused on the climate that is summer. And we’re using an old classic as an inspiration.
If you don’t recognize the song, count yourself lucky.
Trust me.
So come on in from the beach to enter your answers by 2359 EDT on Wed, 14 Aug, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave an β€œOther” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

While we tally the ans*burp*wers, enjoy this.
Since it’s occasionally about never growing up around here, I present…Ralph Macchio.

And for those of you who must know, here’s the song from the poll. Don’t say I never did anything to for you.

Catch y’all on the other side.

Friday Foolishness – Clima(c)tic Edition

Today’s Music: Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time

Hope you all had a good week! And if you didn’t, well, it’s about to get better, because the Friday Foolishness leads you right into Friday night. Ok, maybe not right into it. But until sunset rolls around, you can always read some blogs, like some of what I read this week…
Nicholas Conley saw the beast, and named it the Self Cannibalistic Creative Monster. Becky talked about the tragedy that is book abandonment, and More Issues Than Time Magazine got a job!
Oh, and check out AR Neal – her book is available (free til Monday)!

Thanks for such fun reading this week, and I can’t wait to see what y’all you come up with next week!
But last week, there was a poll. A special poll, a Birthday Poll. Here’s are the wishes you made to go with Grippy’s cake. (As always, my comments are blown out in italics.)

count all the birthday wishes on this poll… buddhakat
(As long as she does it in her Sesame Street The Count voice!)
wishing herself the happiest birthday ever!!! buddhakat
(Until next year!)
why, submitting na answer to her own poll, of course! buddhakat
(I’d have to pick her as the winner too…)
anything but submitting answer to her own poll! buddhakat
(Wait – people get to submit answers to these???)
All of the above – John Phillips
(Pity this answer wasn’t on the bottom…)
Enjoying a special Wombie party, after the Zombies have gone πŸ™‚ Andro
(Umm…W comes before Z…)
Calling into my realm of wickedness πŸ™‚ Well I only said. Andro
(Ah, so something a bit more lighthearted for her birthday.)
Drinking a beer with Guapo (Frank)
(Isn’t that more of a gift for me?)
Maybe getting reborn. Or rebirthed. Fresh is best! butimbeautiful
(She’s the Birthday Mento!)
obvs she should come to Belgium! NBI
(This non-snarky response is a testament to how little I know about Belgium. Something something Beer something Chocolate? )
or we could all send her some pie – NBI
(I don’t think you want to give that much leeway to this crowd…)
Doing some gripping – Benzeknees
(Hold on…)
Hanging out with her favorite (and only) daughter. – Lily In Canada
(Love the way you rigged the “favorite daughter” contest!)
Maggie O.C.says: Mocking weiners and shopping
(You’re so political.)
ummmmmm…. PMAO
(PMAO speechless is the best birthday gift for anyone!)
Pole dancing in a burka. x, Becca
(Doesn’t one defeat the purpose of the other?)
All of the above, naturally. Kanerva
(Always neglecting the sides…)
Partying on Cloud Nine with all of us and the Kinks! Linda Vernon
(Oh, I think we all know what kind of “cloud” rock stars make…)
Gettin’ nekkid! Rutabaga
(Or just Stayin’ nekkid…)
Saying “I’m 29 of course!” all day and forever (its what i do) Marie Nicole
(But she doesn’t look a day over 28!)
playing Angry Birds on her cell SnB
(She killed someone over Angry Birds?!? Oh, sorry. Thought that said “in” her cell.)

Breakdancing to an 80’s songs while balancing tequila on her head. What? KJ
(Shouldn’t she do something out of the ordinary for her birthday?)

Congratulations to Grippy for this weeks..well…just for being her. And from the offered choices, the most popular was enjoying the hell out of herself, and knowing her online friends appreciate that she’s there. (Hey, they can’t all be funny, people.). To which I add a resounding HECK YEAH!
And once again, Happy birthday, Grippy, and thanks for your company.
And now here we are in this week. Heat, rain, a bit of cool. I know the climate is changing, I just didn’t realize it was changing every day.
So that’s this week’s poll is about.
Answer early, answer often. But answer by 2359 EDT, 7 August, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave an β€œOther” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

And until next week, when I hope we all meet again, I hope you enjoy this.

Have a great week everyone!