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Friday Foolishness – Fatal Attraction Edition

Today’s Music: Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

*UPDATE: Because I’m a jackass, I closed the poll at the wrong date.
If it shows as closed, give it a few minutes and it will reopen.

Another week done, and another Friday to be foolish. I spent a couple of days off-line and am still trying to catch up on all the posts I missed. Which isn’t to say I haven’t seen some great stuff already!
Becca, at 25 to Fly, introduced us to her blog. Beth Ann told us about her giveaway, with a cause! Benzeknees had some great tips for surviving panic attacks. And Raising The Curtain gave us fashion parenting tips.
(Despite not having kids, if Raising The Curtain and Lorre ever give parenting classes, I’m there!)

Also, the hilarious and very inspiring Sooz honored me with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! (Because the check must have cleared…)

Thanks to them and everyone else for keeping me properly entertained this week!
But what of last week? Well, last week, we celebrated the joys of pancake dressing. Or, more specifically, what do you like to put on yours? Apparently, the places I go have very uncreative menus. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are drippy and sticky in italics.)

Robbie Williams covered in Nutella –Raising The Curtain
(That’s more covered than he is this!)
(kind of disgusting, but I think it's hilarious.)

Leftover Cherries from last nights orgy 🙂 Oops none left… Gray Dawster
(I hate when guests eat all the frui- Ohhhhhhhhh…)
Jam, Cheese and Bacon 🙂 Gray Dawster
(Wasn’t that a 70s supergroup?)
brandy, sugar and orange juice -crepes suzettes! MBT
(I only use one Suzette in my crepes. Too rich otherwise.)
Pickles and a pancake bun..hold the mayo zannyro
(You’ve left me speechless. And hungry.)
A tiny dolphin, “see you on the flipper side.” Get it? by Live Clay.
(You made that pun on porpoise!)
sweat & shame as I stuff my face (words&otherthings)
(Don’t forget to drizzle on some delicious salty tears!)
Ummm….bacon….was that a trick question? (polysyllabicprofundities)
(I’d turn tricks for bacon!!!)
(Wait – no, forget I said that.)
(That’s your answer to everything, isn’t it.)
Waffles and french toast. It’s just good sense. (Madame Weebles)
(The turducken of breakfasts!)
A yummy treat of course 🙂 Now all I need to do is find her… Gray Dawster
(I think her name is Suzette…)
Bacon and sausage Surprise 🙂 NO… Don’t Ask – Gray Dawster
(But is it enough to be filling?) 😉
Regret and shame.
(It’s the self loathing that makes it delicious!)
Powdered sugar, frosting, sugar, more syrup and then more syrup. – Hotspur
(And a nice layer of insulin to finish it off!)
I prefer French Toast with real Canadian maple syrup! benzeknees
(You know it’s made in Vermont, right?)
Ooh, Nutella! … Wait, no. Cheese! … No, Nutella. Definitely Nutella. (ODNT)
(If Nutella makes a spreadable chocolate cheese, they’ll take over the world…)
Ewww. No syrup. Jelly. Or butter and sugar when I was a kid (Elyse 54.5)
(Because putting it on a kid would just be silly.)

I don’t top my pancakes with anything. They are a topping for my Nutella. –Lily In Canada
(Brilliant! Stick the pancakes to the plate so you have to exercise to get them off!)
Hamburger Helper ~whatimeant2say
A napkin to soak that shit up! Lorre (Articles of Absurdity)
(Dose of Justice)

(Oh, sleeves aren’t good enough for you?!?)
M&M’s, of course! ~Maddie
(more & more?)
butt floss… x, Becca
(You know we’re talking about pancakes, right?)
Gobs and gobs of delicious Friday Foolishness! lindavernon
(Careful – that’s been known to cause frizziness in laboratory camels.)
Pecans and more pecans! (Stacy)
(That’s just nutty…)
I truly prefer to wrap pancakes around something substantially meaty. ~Red.
(And here I was thinking Gray Dawster did all the innuendo in these…)
(Woah! That’s even stickier than syrup!)
My face. Because NOM. — Ashley, Etc.
(Cannibalism never tasted so good…)
PMAO… my face
(Please tell me that’s after you pour the syrup on…)
Butter, peanut butter, syrup, macadamia nuts, and… love. 🙂 Quirky
(I see pregnancy hasn’t affected your appetite…)
I’m a purist – Butter, Maple syrup and a side of ice cold milk. Grippy
(I’m a lunatic. I prefer to pour the milk on top.)
A good old helping of “Mom! Brother won’t stop looking at me!” (UndercoverL)
(Ashley and PMAO may have ways for you to dispose of pesky brother.)
Friday Foolishness, of course! It’s soooo GingerLicious!
(Flattery will get you everywhere!)
Pancakes are manna from a frypan.
(Mancakes…I’m intrigued…)
I’m a recovering pancake addict. Pancake Anonymous meets annually on National Pancake Day. Michelle
(At an IHOP?)
Lipitor – Twindaddy
(I like to dissolve my pills in the lard I cook with…)
hot, hot, hot FRESH maple syrup and lotsa butter… buddhakat
(Skip the pancakes. That sounds delicious all on its own!)
mmmmm…. real whipped cream… lick lips now… buddhakat
(I’m not sure you’re still talking about pancakes…)
Joey Ramones sweaty leather jacket ~ Rutabaga
(Probably not the weirdest thing that’s been in it. Besides Joey.)

Congratulations to whatimeant2say for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was MORE PANCAKES!!!, so congrats to everyone who’s sitting behind a stack of ’em too!
This week, the big event was that commercialistic phenomenon Valentines Day, wherein love was reduced to an equation of how many of those damn Jane Seymour Open Heart commercials they can possibly cram into a normal tv viewing hour. (At least in the US.)
Since today is the day after, that’s what our poll is concerned with.
Answer soon, answer often, but answer before 2359 EST, on 21 Feb, because that’s when this one closes.
(And if you leave a way to tell who you are in an other answer, I’ll link back to you next week.)

And until next time, enjoy these.
First, continuing with yesterdays semi-rant, Ron White, with some great dating advice

And Wanda Sykes. Just because she’s funny.

Have a great week, y’all. See you on the…flipper side!