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Friday Foolishness – Free Time Edition

Today’s Music: Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma

What a week! Not just one, but two big birthdays, of two of the coolest people in the sphere!
I was honored when Sooz gave me a blog of the year award, and again with a very inspiring blogger award from Edward Hotspur.
No idea why I got these, but you guys should definitely check out their blogs. (always a high point for me when they post!)
And finally, Surfer Stoke put up a great post about the radio show from hell.

Thanks to them and you, for another great week of stuff to read!



Last week, it wasn’t about the reading, but the writing. We asked you to note down how, after the holidays, you would lose the weight. And wow, you weren’t shy about your methods! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments spend a lifetime on the hips in italics.)

Stop eating all your chocolates 🙂 Androgoth
(So that’s what happened to all the decorative soaps in the bathroom!)
Forget aerobics and have more sex. I can’t give up cookies. (D. Delicious)
(You realize it’s illegal in 38 countries to have sex with cookies…)
Eat skinny people! I mean, you are what you eat right?? (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(We’ve been over this, Giggles. Deep fried is deep fried, no matter who what you wrap in the batter.)
Lower gravity, or move to the moon. Michelle
(At last – someone who appreciates the weight of the situation!)
Have trampoline sex… x, Becca
(You realize it’s illegal in 38 countries to have sex with a trampoline…)
Book a cheap fare for a cruise on da Nile – what weight? LizzieC
(It’s the riddle of The Sphinx!)
Hey! What are you trying to say? LizzieC
Take off my shoes. That’s all the energy I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(Surely you have the energy to leave more answers!)
y I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(There you go, let it out…)
y I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(Shed the words, shed the weight!)
y I have right now! (From JohnE.)
(Winding down now…)
And repeatedly vote so I can get rid of all these old ballots! (JohnE.!)
(You realize it’s illegal in 38 countries to stuff ballot boxes…)
leaving my dumbells some place from which they can’t find their way home… BK
(*something insensitive about stupid people*)
take down the tree and all the decorations! BK
(What would Clark Griswold say?)
Amputate an arm and/or leg – Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(But then how will you answer these pol– Ohhhhhh…)
Eat and puke, twice the flavor, zero calories
(Save it on the way out and you won’t have to cook for a week!)
(No, I didn’t just say that.)

Cut off MY head.10 pounds uselsss weight. Keeping 20 pnd tits ~ Miss R
(You could fashion the ears into pasties!)
Move my laptop to a different spot 3x a day – Benzeknees
(It’s only exercise if you move your lap bottom.)
Implore my metabolism to hang out with Mario Andretti-lindavernon
(Just give it time to digest the idea…)
Run around the streets naked, well maybe? 🙂 Androgoth
(Go slow so everyone can enjoy the view.)
Sexercise! – Hotspur
Walk to the car and back instead of being carried… Androgoth
(But think of the workout your bearers will get!)
Walk the 5 miles to work. In 5 feet of snow, even summer. Uphill both ways. BT
give up wearing underwear
(How much does a thong weigh, anyway?)
Find the guy that writes these polls and flick him in the forehead 8 times.
(TMWGITU would get angry with you. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. (Even though I think she’s adorable all the time!)
Make my friends get fat so I look thin (ner) –Lily In Canada
(Dinner at Lily’s place!!!)
I am going to cut off your head… I wont lose weight, but the world will feel lighter
(Won’t help. I write these polls through my ass.)
Peen. Wait, what was the question? (TwinDaddy)
(Nono, that’s the answer to next weeks question.)
Usually cutting my hair really short lets me lose about 15 lbs. And my husband. Elyse 54.5
(Your husband lives in your hair?)
Picture Donald Trump in a speedo. That will coldcock any appetite. Carrie Rubin
(Trump just lost 15 pounds slobbering over that image.)
Say “Eff it, I’m over 30” and eat another cupcake. Nom, nom, nom. Quirky
(That can still work for you! (Ex-Lax makes frosting, right?))
I am going to eat like a fiend to GAIN the weight I lost putting up RP ~ Red.
(Wouldn’t it be easier (and less messy) to just eat like a really hungry person?)
wait until its back is turned, then hide behind a rock. Sucker. – calahan
(Umm…that rock you’re hiding behind is my gut…)
find peace. no, not THAT kind of piece, but, soul peace. sheesh. (Addie)
(Wouldn’t you prefer a piece of peac-a?)
Lose weight? Fuck that! Mardi Gras starts Jan 6. GIMMIE KING CAKE!!! Alex A.
(If you find the baby jesus, you have to come up with the answers for the polls in February!)
…jaywalk. More. JOTS
(In New York, it’s like Frogger!)
take a cruise (Frank)
(How do all those buffets help lose weight?)
I think training for a marathon should suffice! (words&otherthings)
(But wouldn’t you eat more during an All In The Family marathon?)
What holiday weight?! My jeans shrunk! KJ
(Seems to be an epidemic of that this time of year…)
Go on a vodka liquid diet. With vodka. And ice. Snaap
(Don’t you know how any calories there are in ice?!?)
Take the batteries out of the digital scale! GingerSnaap
(Sure, the scale is where you’re keeping the batteries. Mmm Hmm…)

Congratulations to Brain Tomahawk for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Wait – is this another “break a resolution” poll?. So congratulations to all you lucky, confused people out there!

Exactly what is a henge anyway?!?

Exactly what is a henge anyway?!?

I’ve noticed that the days have started getting visibly longer. Today, the sky won’t be dark until about 5 pm! For me, that means we’re well on our way on the uphill climb to spring. But why wait? Why not take advantage of it now?
That’s this weeks poll.
Answer soon, answer early. But answer by 2359 EST on 17 Jan, because that’s when this one ends.
And if you write in an “other” response, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back to you next week.)

Well, that about covers it, except for the video.
This one is out and out stolen from Elyse at fifty our and a half:

And to be topical for a moment, here’s a quick explanation of the financial issues in Europe.

Have a great weekend, and see you ’round the ‘verse!

Friday Foolishness – Svelte Edition

Today’s Music: Ricky Nelson – Garden Party
Note On Today’s Music: The song is apropos of nothing, just a nice mellow number But if you don’t know it already, look up the story behind the song.

Welcome, welcome all! Brand new month! Brand new year! Same old foolishness! What wasn’t the same old though was some of the stuff I read this week!
Red put up her latest site! Carrie is very excited about something, and TC History Gal gave me a Wonderful Team Member Readership award, and I couldn’t be more honored!

Thanks to them, and all of you for letting me finish and start the year in such great company!
Last week, in between the eating and the drinking and the rushing and that horrible, tragic tofu and butter incident, the calendar rolled over. As happens every year, tons of resolutions were made (admit it, you made some). So we asked the most relevant question – What resolution will you break first?
Here’s what you said. (As always, my answers will only last a few days in italics.)

To vote in these damn polls on Friday & not Thursday at 11:59pm! SheSnaaped
(Oh, if only you’d gotten this posted in time!)
To enjoy a very nice Picnic, oh that is a choco bar 🙂 Androgoth
(That choco bar is for eating, Andro. Andro?!?)
The early to bed clause, unless there is a good reason 😉 Androgoth
(Laziness is an excellent reason! Or…so I’ve heard…)
My resolution to not make New Year’s Resolutions…Ugh. KJ
(Catch 22!!!)
My resolution to not break resolutions. WG
(Break that one first just to get it out of the way!)
I am going to get up from my coma after working all of 2012 ~ Red
(Hey, I worked through 2012 in a coma too!)
I thought we made New Years Revolutions – I’m taking over Maine.
(Careful – I hear Stephen King has…things…to keep it safe…)
Hey Jude, john, paul, george, ringo – let’s go sing at the revolution! Buddhakat
(You’re up ninth.)
What?!? Revolution?!? Where?!? buddhakat
(Earth. Once a day.)
Drinking alcohol… guaranteed I can’t keep that one. I like my sauce. ~ Bpmuse
(I was enjoying some as I wrote this response.)
That I will stop convincing noobs to order milkshakes at the Bistro. Brain Tomahawk
(But how else will they ever learn?)
Getting Freshly Pressed-Lily In Canada
(I thought you’d go for…steamed! HAHAHAHAHA!!!)
That I’m not making resolutions (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(Well, if you’re not gonna play along…)
It’s time for those again? I didn’t make last year’s yet. Lizzie
(Just write up the stuff you did and backdate them!)
my daily goal of being showered and dressed by noon – sandylikeabeach
(Woah! Baby steps there, Sandy. Baby steps.)
Not to break resolutions, then something about eating. Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(What if you broke bread with a resolution? Two for one!))
to stop dressing up squirrels….well, somebody has to do it!……..zannyro
(I bet the squirrels have some resolutions they would like to share with you!)
not to make resolutions anymore… NBI
(You sound very…resolute.)
New Year? Did we survive another apocalypse? (Twindaddy)Stuphblog
(Let’s see…work…taxes…traffic…No. No, I don’t think we survived at all.)
To never mentally flip someone off! x, Becca
(Doing it physically is so much more rewarding…)
Pro wrestling with Mexican midgets. I really want to beat Mascarita Sagrada.
(You’ll use any excuse to wear a spandex onesie!)
I’ll probably forget while I’m finishing off the champagne! (words&otherthings)
(As long as you’ve resolved to finish the champagne, I think this year is a win.)
Swearing like a mother f#*%$* truck driver…oops. That didn’t last long. Dammit
(WE HAVE A %$#+*#$&*^%# WINNER!!!)
The one where I tell myself to make a resolution. SnaapAlongG
(How would you hear you over the voices in your head?)
Not to be envious of other people’s mad blogging skills
(For a value of “mad” that equals “insane”.)
To run naked in a bar (Frank)
(Eh, it’s been done.)
To survive to 2014. Elyse 54.5
(Um…you realize these were resolutions to break, right?…)

Congratulations to Anonymous for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was , Resolutions? We don’t need no stinking resolutions so congrats to everyone that wants to struggle through the year with no fixed purpose forced on them by tradition!

Happy Food Coma Day
This week, it’s all about dealing with the consequences of our actions. Yep, we’re going to have to face up to all teh bad decisions we’ve made over the last several weeks. On the bright side, if we start now, we’ll be in fine shape for beach season! (Yes, I want to fit properly into my banana-hammock this sumer!)
So below is this weeks question. Answer now or think about it over a snack. But answer by 2359 EST, 10 Jan, because that’s when this one ends.

And until next week, here’s some Mitch Hedberg that I hope you enjoy! (One warning – dude’s a potty mouth. Big time.)
First, there’s a sandwich recipe here that I hope at least one of you try!

And there’s a little overlap here, but it’s worth it, just for “spaghetti”. You’ll see it when it comes around.