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Friday Foolishness – Podium Edition

Today’s Music: Hanson – Give A Little
Note on Today’s Music: Say what you will about them. This one is a fun song.

Well, that was unexpected. Even though it shouldn’t have been. I’ve always said that I know the coolest people online. After my last post, I’m pretty sure I understated it. The comments and support y’all left me were touching and inspiring, and I can’t thank you guys enough!
So once more, for anyone that missed it last time:
You. Guys. Rock.
(I’d say let’s do a group hug, but I don’t do those anymore, not after what I like to call “The great Garbanzo Incident”. And that’s all I have to say about that.)

But it isn’t just comments here that brighten my day or cheer me up. It’s also stuff out there on your own sites.
Betty Rants took me on a trip to the salon. Nicole Warner answered the age old question of what a singer should say when asked to sing something. Now.
And Alex Autin is back on-line! Enough to cheer anyone up!

And yet, in the midst of all these firm affirmations of this life, what of the next life? Because I’m generally tactless, yeah, I asked. Last weeks poll wanted to know what you thought it would be. Specifically, You hope the afterlife… And boy, do you guys have some…unusual thoughts for the afterlife. (As always, my comments live on in italics.)

Idiot free (Frank)
(Then who will we make fun of all day?)
has froyo and cabernet!!! (wordsandotherthings)
(It’s the afterlife. They have cabernet flavored froyo!)
has great food, valet parking and an open bar. Kanerva
(Alas, no valet parking – everyone uses limos. But that means you can take even fuller advantage of the bar!)
bites my Fundamentalist sister in the ass.
(Afterlife: now with even sharper teeth!)
is a big, puffy, fluffy, comfy cloud of BRRRAAAIIINNNSSS!
(Have you checked out the hammocks by the Medulla? Right near the jacuzzi…)
“You could be headed for the serious strife Now you make the scene all day But tomorrow there’ll be Hell to pay” Listen to Squirrel Nut Zippers –Quirky
(One woman’s heaven is another man’s hell…)
Free of stupidity
(Whoa – this is the afterlife, not utopia!)
has better weapons, dance clubs and far fewer clothes. Red.
(This is the afterlife. Sounds like you’re looking for a Ren Faire.)
(Also, you made me think of the Highlander series. Dude always had a sword to pull out. Even when naked. Where did he keep it?!?)
has nice fluffy beds to sleep in.butimbeautiful
(Wait – we’ll still be tired in the afterlife??? Crap.)
gets renovated before I get there. lizziec
(The next renovation is scheduled for after Keith Richards and Mick Jagger check in. 70 years or so…)
has good irish whiskey, no hangovers and lots of food. fried. lizzie c
(Afterlife as neighborhood bar. Sounds about right…)
oh oh I know! Id made entirely of… donuts. mmm with sprinkles. lizzie c
(I think the folks looking for beds won’t like the donut pillows…)
is all you can eat. Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(It is. And calorie free!)
Has unicorns, Philadelphia Eagles and cake. Oh and BATMAN!
(A little too heavy on the fantasy here. Philadelphia Eagles? Really?)
has lots of hot chicks. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! Sigh. – Guess who
(Hmmm…could be you! And I am so not getting involved in this.)
has nachos! (Lilly)
(Afterlife nachos don’t give you gas!)
has extended happy hours stay abnormal
(They’re only 12:01 to 11:59, but you can talk to management if you like.)
has no sanctimonious types I wouldn’t want to spend 5 mins with. (Elyse 54.5)
(Nope. They all do 4:59 shifts in the “Beat The Hell Out Of Someone!” booths.)
doesn’t have an aftertaste. – calahan (mikecalahan.wordpress.com)
(No guarantees. Sadly, no one that ever designed a Cola flavoring made it to this part of the afterlife.)
has a bar. (Madame Weebles)
(What, just one?!?)
has an after-after life, in case I screw that one up too
(Check the counter at the golf course. They give great mulligans!)
welcomes me with Jennifer Aniston on my left and Gabrielle Union on my right.~RC
(Dude, you know they’re going to be jealous when the papparazzi focus on you…)
…it wouldnt hurt to have Kim Kardashian at my rear 😉 ~RC
(Why is it impossible to hear “Kim Kardashian” without also hearing “Rear”?)
involves 8 hours of consistent sleep every night! —asplenia
(Just 8? Slacker.)
I’ll see dead people-Mel🙂
I get to play in a band with Guap and travel the world…maybe a little karaoke.
(K, but we’ll need 1:58 in each song for the kazoo solo.)
doesn’t have an after taste – John Phillips
(John, please take the afterlife out of your mouth.)
Has a lot of desks for sculpture building. I’ll need a hobby…KJ
(Not sure if there are any desks, KJ. It’s not like any of us will be working there.)

Congratulations to Mel for this weeks winning answer. And from the offered choices, the most popular was I’m an atheist. Y’all are worm food.. So congratulations to all you circle of lifers out there too!

Boldly going…well…someplace…

Here on Isla d’El Guapo, we pride ourselves on being topical (like a rash skin cream!). So when we checked the newspaper our fish was in and saw the Olympics were starting, we had to ask – does anybody still watch the Olympics?
And would more people watch if there were more engaging sports?
Then we saw this from Elyse at 54.5 (a Guapotian in excellent standing!) and knew we weren’t the only ones asking.
So it’s up to you. Make the Olympics more relevant. Strip away the sponsorships and the professional athletes and bring it back to its earlier, purer state. Make it less stressful and more fun again.
Or at least, pick a fun new sport!
Pick creatively, and pick often. But pick before 2359 EST on thursday, 2 August. Because that’s when this one closes.

And to keep you distracted while they engrave your names on your medals, enjoy these…
First off, a great short tale from George Burns

And just for giggles, please enjoy Moses, and Toeses and Roses and more!

Have a great week everyone. Catch you on the flipside…