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Trifextra – Finish The Story…

Today’s Music: Gotye – Hearts A Mess

Trifextra challenge:
This weekend, they provide the first 33 words of a story. Entrants have to provide the final 33.
Voting is done by the community, so if you want to, head over to their page and vote. Or just go read the other entries.
Seriously, they get some very talented people!
(*The words in bold are the Trifecta part. The rest is all me…)

“There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion.

She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him.

He turned to where she was looking.
Too slowly.
It chomped through the window, leaving nothing of him but twisted glasses and one sock.
She scratched her youngest under it’s maw.
“So Cute.”