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Friday Foolishness – Self-Actualization Edition

Today’s Music:Living Colour – Type
Note on Today’s Music: Please ignore the post-80s hair and fashion. We didn’t know any better. I’m seeing them tomorrow night, and word is they can still play.

Tickety tock, bippity bop. Annnndddd…..FRIDAY! Woohoo! We made it and it’s time to celebrate! How? Why, by reading blogs of course! Here’s some of what I saw.
Edward Hotspur got dressed. Enchanted Seashells made a feast! And H.E. Ellis welcomed April Fools Day as only she could.

Thanks for all the great reads – theirs and yours too – this week!
Another highlight of the week was the poll! Ok, it was a highlight of my week. We asked what you felt strongly enough to wave a sign about. A sharpie was never given for more…interesting causes. (As always, my comments are having a sit-in in italics.)

Save the Wha… no, Free the Chil… ah, let’s do Release the Hounds! –Brian
(I expect you’ll be getting protested by the Friends the Kraken society…)
If your dog POOPS it, YOU scoop it Kanerva who is tired of dodging the cr@p
(If the sign was aimed at the dogs, you’d have to write it in p- …nevermind.)
I use my protest sign to poke stupid people. KBar3
(You must go through a lot of signs!)
People who drive slow in the fast lane. My sign: “Drive Right” ~Maddie
(Wouldn’t a better sign be “Exit”?)
Alimony is for cheaters!!! bbbatez
(So much for “cheaters never win”…)
“When in doubt… throw it out!” (works for everything) –UndercoverL
(First seen being held by a baby. In bathwater.)
Down with Winter!Ain’t nobody got time for that! Rogue
(Shouldn’t that be Down Under with Winter”?)
GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN! (rollergiraffe)
(Those meddling kids…)
More Thin Mints (Frank)
(Less is the new more, Frank.)
More Thin Mints (Frank)
(How about a few really thick ones?)
(More Thin Mints was mine … Frank)
(Frank, the first step to dealing with a problem is…)
Honk if you think my sign is cool which really protests nor supports anything ..
(You’ll get more honks if you wave that sign in traffic.)
What do we want? Time Travel! When do we want it? Doesn’t matter! – Hotspur
(What if the time travellers came back in time and destroyed time travel? Yeah, that’ll keep you up at night…)
When men can get pregnant then they can make decisions about abortions! benzeknees
(There is no way I can respond to this that doesn’t end in a public lynching.)
God Hates Snookie. And He’s not alone.
(Everyone says they hate Snookie, and yet someone is buying her stuff. Anything to say, God?)
Down With Protesters!! (That One Guy)
(Up with Apathy!)
Pull your pants up or I will pull them down.
(Why, hello there!)
We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers. (Badger Protesters) lindavernon
(Those beavers are so specie-ist.)
Free Gas… All that you can sniff 😦 Andro
(Smells like you should change your diet.)
More Sun or Else? 😦 Andro
(It will be here in about eight minutes.)
Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!
(Use Hippie-Be-Gone, for all your protestor freshening needs!)
Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. Twindaddy
(It was. And don’t call me Shirley.)
If all your brains were nitroglycerin, it wouldn’t blow the head off a pissant. Yes, it is a big sign. I don’t carry it often. Stupid Mtgs always have the wrong time on the flyer. Red
(I don;t think they’re smart enough to read that.)
God Hates Hate! — Ashley Austrew
(Is that like a “rock too big for him to lift” paradox?)
Rutabaga: What can I say about this elixir?
(Was it made from the juice of the Googly Moogly?)
I was told there would be beer! Alex Autin
(We drank it before you got here. Purely a defensive measure.)
Not enough cow bell (Stacy)

Congratulations to Stacy for this week’s winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was God Hates Signs That Say What God Hates!. Although I don’t know he informs people of that, since God communicates through signs. (See what I did there?)
This week, everyone has only one thing on their minds. But my young nephews might be reading, so we’re not going to talk about that. Instead, we’re going to ask about a topic near and dear to my heart: Self Improvement. I’ve been told that it’s a wide topic – that I had plenty of room for it. Well, here’s your chance to chime in.
But chime by 2359 EST, on 11 April, because that’s when this one ends. And if you leave a way for me to recognize you in your Other answer, I’ll link back to you next week.

So to send you off in to the weekend with a smile on your face, enjoy these.
First, from the BBC (read as “good”) version of Whose Line Is It Anyway

And finally, what the hell, lets stay British. This conversation could never happen in my office.
We’re on the top floor.