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Friday Foolishness – Cookout Edition

Today’s Music: Love And Rockets – So Alive

Round and round we go, where it stops, no one knows. But it does leave plenty of time (amid the frustrations) to read blogs! Here’s some of what I saw…
Jots From A Small Apartment is continuing to make great art. I Saw Bob Dylan In A Speedo is livin’ life, and Sharp Little Pencil started posting again after her move, with a fun, beautiful poem.
Oh, and some time at the beginning of next week, AFrankAngle, having done the themed “Time The Musical”, not once, not twice, but three times(!), will return with the fourth installment! When it posts, you can find it here, along with all his other great writings.

Thanks all, for a great week of reading, and the promise of greatness to come!
Last week, Our poll wasn’t so much greatness as it was inane. Which is exactly what aim for around here. We asked about that technological marvel, the hospital bed, should do. And how it could be made even more…technologically marvelous. Your answers made me wonder what you could all do if you had medical degrees! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are on life support in italics.)

do the Orgasmatron thang from the old Woody Allen film -~Miss R
(Just make sure the IV has extra fluids…)
Yes they should, but would anyone be interested? ๐Ÿ™‚ Andro
(I’d only be interested if it came with a demerol stash!)
Change nappies and make the sandwiches, but not at the same time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Andro
(Just make sure whoever restocks the bed is very very careful of what goes in which bin!)
show me boobies!!! – Revis
(Ok, but the ones in hospital beds are not near as attractive with tubes coming out of them.)
(Or oozing…)

Have apps. They’ll be iBeds before long – mark my words. Grippy
(So my doctor disappeared because he was using Apple Maps?)
Send you home lickety-split-ly. Elyse 54.5
(It was the splits that put me in the hospital in the first place!)
Get to 70 in 4 seconds. Duh! (Stacy)
(A hospital bed that ages you that fast doesn’t sound like an improvement…))
refigured so they can be pulled behind a ski boat.
(On the spot aid for those inevitable “Chasing Loch Ness Monster” accidents!)
Eggs over easy with Canadian bacon. (SilkPurseProductions)
(Keep up that diet, and you’ll need a hospital bed.)
Resemble something close to being comfortable–Addie
(I thought the discomfort let you know you were healing?)
…stop Tea-Party members from breeding. JOTS
(So a hospital bed with lights so they have to look at each other?)
Teleport the sick person to the future where they will instantly be cured. JOTS
(Dammit KJ! I’m a doctor, not a – oh…nevermind.)
have auto download of El Guapo’s blog for my laptop! Benzeknees
(Hospitals block my blog as a virus.)
hug you healthy and give you nice dreams starring unicorns. NBI
(I see the words, but it reads as “give better drugs”…)
accept a quarter so the bed can vibrate. That will get the pulse moving. WG
(Wait – so that dingy room downtown I…heard of…was a hospital???)
be a trebucet. patients will hurl themselves onto unsuspecting medical staff WG
fly, like a magic carpet. thematticuskingdom
(That’s not the bed. It’s the drugs.)
Vibrate. Red.
(No, that’s just a phone the last patient left behind.)
Armrests and a cup holder!
(Woah – Yugo doesn’t share that technology with just anyone!)
Vibrate…Wheee (SnB)
(Someone is still high from the anesthetic…)
…go home with you, cus after all – you’ve paid for it! Alex A
(I can think of better souvenirs. Like the money I spent…)
Interviewing private nurses for extra duties. Wink wink, say no more. Andro
(The privacy curtains are a separate feature.)
Double up as an F1 car so that I can not only watch, but take part in the race at Silverstone Andro
(Are IV tubes fire resistant?)
shut off the noises from the ward and cocoon you to sleep MyBeautifulThings
(Wait – you don’t like the inconsistent pinging of beeps and alrams throught the night???))
Scratch that one part of your back you just can’t reach. Twindaddy
(As long as it isn’t the part where the sun don’t shine!)
administer GOOD drugs – Rutabaga
(After a certain point, even the cheap stuff works!)
Have a hole so you can go #1 & #2 without getting up! says, brickhousechick๐Ÿ™‚
(Oh, people do that anyway.)
Bear Jameson whiskey gifts … thanks unknown (Frank)
(Sounds like you’re self medicating…)

Congratulations to WG for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Have a built in fridge. Stocked with edible food.. Because Mystery Meatloaf is rarely good. Despite them saying it’s good for you.

That Star Spamgled Banner still waves.

That Star Spamgled Banner still waves.

This week, the world prepares to celebrate the 4th of Jul-
Not the whole world enjoys it? I mean, besides England…
Oh…ok…So this week, the United States prepares to celebrate the 4th of July, a holiday that is all about the birth of this nation, and its traditions. So this week, we’re asking how you’ll spend it.
Answer as often as you like, but do it before 2359 EST, 3 July,because that’s when this one ends.
And if you leave an โ€œOtherโ€ answer, leave a way to identify you,and Iโ€™ll link back next week.

And until next week, enjoy these.
First, a classic!

And because one is never enough…

Have a great week, and I’ll see you when the clock spins ’round again.

Friday Foolishness – Take Two Of These Edition

Today’s Music: Yamit Momo – My Angel Put The Devil In Me

Here we are again, for what aspires to be the inanest way to spend a Friday on the internet! But what do I do the rest of the week? Why, read blogs of course. Here’s some of what I saw…
GingerFightBack put up another great anti-bullying post. Ristinw shared her cool pic of a life size aquarium. And McCrabass gave us some strongly worded thoughts about reality TV.
Finally, kmushbeauty nominated me for a Shine On Award! She has a great site, and I hope you all get a chance to check it out!

Thanks everyone, for another great week of reading here in the sphere.
And let’s not forgot that during the week, y’all answered the poll! Last week we (who the hell is this “we”?!?) asked you to channel your inner superhero and tell us(???) what is your kryptonite. Here’s what you said. As always, my comments are clad in italics. And spandex.)

Procrastination and poor planning. Curse my self-imposed weaknesses! –Brian
(Eh, curse it tomorrow.)
Someone who works for the gubment with a positive IQ-I would die of shock. Red.
(The smart ones don’t admit it…)
Leaving my bed. — Lily In Canada
(That makes me very curious as to what your superpower is!)
the mirror. It has no manners. butimbeautiful.
(I like to place another mirror directly across from it to confuse it into submission.)
Baptized Christian babies;overcooked. –Rachael B
(An ounce of sauce coverss a multitude of…sins…)
Algebra. Seriously. Any algebra makes me melt into a puddle of quivering flesh
(Woah! We were asking for kryptonite, not turn ons!)
Boobies!!! – Revis
(On behalf of men everywhere, Yes.)
My wife's glances – Hotspur
(Yeah! How are we supposed to have any fun when they’re always watchi- Oh…that’s sweet…)
Negativity….we're still breathing and that's a positive. (polysyllabicprofundities)
(Until you look at the air quality reports…)
A pony bearing Jameson whiskey gifts and clove cigarettes!
(But to be fair, that only happens once or twice a month.)
Good chocolate. (Addie)
(Is there any other kind?!?)
El Gaupo
(I’m so tempted to make this the winner.)
Getting into the costume. (SilkPurseProductions)
(Naked Superheroing is all the rage in Metropolis.)
blog awards. thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com
(Wait- we can get awards for these???)
people walking slowly in crosswalks. thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com
(If the targets are slow, the point values go waaaay down…)
I'm a superhero everyday…pshhhh… or it might be the meds- Bipolarmuse
(I’ll have what she’s having!)
A severe lack of coffee in the morning. Kayjai
(I’ll reply to this as soon as I wake up…)
existentialism on Fridays (Stacy)
(Fortunately, you’re safe here. As are the thoughts of man drifting through the tumultuous swirl of tHE COSMOS INT– Crap, sorry!)
A man in his undies running on a hamster wheel…HA! zannyro
(My god, I think you just described my life.)
the cherry on top, it's always the cherry that kills anything good! Marie Nicole
(Yeah, but if it were on the bottom, you’d never see if coming.)
egg salad and mayonnaise – it makes me FUNICULAR! Rutabaga
(Pork chops and applesauce. And I’ll take the bus.)
A naked Tiki bar … Thanks Rachael. (Frank)
(One man’s kryptonite is another man’s home away from home…)
Yellow Lederhosen! SnaapALong G.
(Can a secret desire be kryptonite?)
A wedgie. I hate those tights. Elyse 54.5
(I thought thongs were supposed to do that…)
Freeze dried icecream as served on the shuttle – Kanerva
(But think what we can get from the Martians for $4 of that!)
country western Music (SnB)
(Wait – which kind – Country or western?)

This week, no winner, just to keep you on your toes! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Kryptonite, jackass. Sheesh.. So congratulations to all you way-too-literal folks out there.

Medical technology has come so far...

Medical technology has come so far…

This week, the roving poll eye turns its attention to healthcare. Because I’m spending way too much time visiting health facilities.
But it isn’t to trash the state of medicine in the US, it’s to marvel at the technology. Yes, hospital beds! They can do all sorts of amazing things. But what else should they be able to do? Well, that’s this weeks poll.
Answer often, answer in good health. but answer by 2359 EST, on Wed 26 June,because that’s when this one closes.
And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you,and I’ll link back next week.

And as we slide off into the weekend, I’ll leave you with these.
First, keeping with the medical theme…

And finally, oh, what the hell. Lily Tomlin!

Have a great weekend everyone!