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Friday Foolishness – Al Dente Edition

Today’s Music: Leogun – Let’s Be Friends
Note on Today’s Music: Saw these guys open at a concert this week. Good set! I hope you like them.

Huzzah! A pretty good week. The snowstorm they threatened us with wasn’t quite as bad as they said, and spring is close, and I saw Vintage Trouble put on a great show, AND I had a great meal and scintillating conversation with TMWGITU and Becky, AND of course, I got to read blogs! Here’s some of what I saw.
A Frank Angle got brilliantly philosophical On Time. Benzeknees wrote a very moving, important post titled Obesity, but there’s so much more there, and I stood and applauded her after I read.
Also, Scarp’s son has a future as in photography!
And in vanity news, I received two awards – Edweird Whatspur (long one of the most prolific, entertaining and readable bloggers I’ve met) gave me a Shine On Award! And Cayman Thorn (who I’ve enjoyed reading since he was in diapers) bestowed a Versatile Blogger Award on Guapola! Check them both out, and all the other great bloggers they name!

Thanks to them, and all of you, for a fantastic week of reads, no matter how hung over I am!
So after some words about Leonard Cohen, the Friday Foolishness turned it’s roving eye to another singer of disputed skill in last week’s poll. And y’all had some…interesting…thoughts about it. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are nasal and incomprehensible in italics)

Will do gently into that good night. B_T
(Is that a 60’s drug reference?)
*GO gently …B_T
(Ah, from the Annotated Bob Dylan Thomas.)
Is that Bob Dylan? If so, I’d ask if he knows his metal eye stalks are showing Live Clay
(Yep, they’re just blowin’ in the wind…)
Will ever stop asking me how many roads I’ve walked down. (Eric Murtaugh)
(I think that’s just because he can’t find his way home.)
does a Seth McFarlane impersonation
(Only if Seth has a killer sinus infection.)
… is an alien in hiding. Michelle
(Worst. Disguise. Ever.)
If he ever gathers any moss… Michelle
(Only when he’s ready to smoke it…)
Is ever going to learn to sing. Michelle
(Why start now?)
I wonder about Bob Dylan – John Phillips
(Robert Allen Zimmerman wonders about him too…)
Knows how many roads a man must walk down before he’s really a man in drag? – Hotspur
would appreciate my husband’s man-crush on him. The Waiting
(Without your husbands love, he’s a complete unknown…)
..suffers from Englebert Humperdink envy? zannyro. zannyro
(He’s a Liberace fan. It’s a candlabra thing…)
Another good songwriter, but should never have learned to sing. Benzeknees
(Pretty sure he never did…)
if the answer is blowing on the soup? linda vernon
(It was. Now it’s doing the backstroke. Waiter!!!)
… could do children’s books on tape… pmao
(No. But they’ve hired him to do announcements for mass transit!)
even cares. (Elyse 54.5)
(He cares about all sorts of things! No one can understand him to know which ones, but still…)
really did coach vocals to Tom Petty and Lou Reed ~Miss R
(I hope they kept the receipt!)
could teach me how to “Dougie” – Scarp
(He learned everything he knows from Michelle Obama.)
will lend me his hat (or at least tell me who his millner is)…
(He’ll tell you. But you should really ask him to write it down.)
has taught anyone else to speak his language? (polysyllabic)
(He taught the CIA. They’re using it as an unbreakable code.)
can untangle my blues while giving me shelter from the storm. sandylikeabeach
still is. (Stacy)
(Actually, I think he’s a Buddhist named Reginald Sumner this week…)
(Anyone catch the mashup? Anyone?)

will see this poll. And vote. WG
(He regularly contributes here. At least, that’s what I’m blaming the incomprehensible posts on.))
Knows how it feels to be on his own. GingerSnaapped
(Not sure. But I bet sometimes he feels just like a woman!)
offers subtitles in english so he can be understood (SnB)
(He does, but only at his Japan shows.)
Rutabaga: has a membership to Costco
(The revolution will be discounted!)
Will be the next Oscar’s host. (Frank)
(Is a joke funnier if you can’t understand what you missed?)
knows Jackson C Frank is better? Joehoover
(Pete Seeger think they both suck eggs.)

Congratulations to sandylikeabeach for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between Is ever going to learn to speak English and Any of the below, so congratulations to all you pickers out there!

For Italian authenticity, he really should be wearing a boot…

This week, the poll goes to the Mediterranean! Rather. it asks what you would do near the Mediterranean, specifically, in Rome. So answer soon, and answer often, just answer by 2359, 14 March, because that’s when this one ends. But don’t answer in Italian, because if my spam comments are any indication, google translate isn’t that great.
(And if you write in an “Other answer, leave a way to identify you and I’ll link to you next week.)

And to finish off this edition of the Foolishness (though I hope your own foolishnesses live on in your hearts), enjoy these.
First, stol- borrowed from the delightful Alex Autin:

And finally, in the never ending quest to bring even more class to the blog, enjoy The Reduced Shakespeare Company.

Have a great week, y’all. If you need me, I’ll be at my desk waiting for the weekend…

Music Critique: Lenny Sucks. Yeah, I said it.

Today’s Music: Oh, all sorts! See below…
Note: I just needed to get this off my chest. It was annoying the hell out of me.

Driving back from a really good noodle place (I had the broad rice noodle soup with beef brisket stew. TMWGITU had the mei fun noodle soup with duck. Delicious!), wfuv (stream here) played a live version of Leonard Cohen singing Tower of Song.
Let’s listen, shall we? (It’s a bit long, but this is the same version that set me off tonight.)

No, not really. The lyrics are pretty good. The sentiment of the song, also pretty good.
Leonard writes a great song, but his performance ain’t worth a damn.
So how can you tell it’s a great song?
Watch this.

Toms live version gives the song depth. He wakes up the sadness, the experience, the pathos,and gives it voice. Leonard? Well. he sounds like he’s performing on buffet night at the I-66 Hilton.
(Even more poignant is this video version by time, which is even stronger. I used this as a “Today’s Music” shortly after I heard it.)

Still think I’m slandering a genius? Try this on – one of his most popular (and best) songs.
This time, we’ll start with the cover.
If you’re familiar with the song, you know it’s very poignant and moving. So moving, even Bon Jovi can’t screw it up. It’s a bit hammy, but still…

Here’s Leonard’s original.

Did you know if you show your ticket stub at the check-in desk, they give you a free continental breakfast?

None of this is meant to knock Leonard’s skill or talent. There’s a story I heard, perhaps apocryphal, that Leonard couldn’t get any traction as a poet, so he began setting his poems to music to get a wider audience. And it worked. Google “Leonard Cohen”,and you get a wealth of information – the artists he’s influenced, the impact his songs have had, the lives he’s touched.
And god bless him for that.
But I doubt it was his singing that did it.

I expect many of you will disagree vociferously in the comments.