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Time Out

Today’s Music: Jen Chapin – Little Hours

Sunset over the #7 tracks in Queens NY – Photo by Chris Goldberg

It’s a beautiful evening in Queens, New York tonight. The air has a cool bite to it. There are a few clouds in the sky, but not enough to obscure the deep blue and deepening orange of the fading sunset.

I have nowhere to be tonight. No errands to run. No relatives to visit. No calls to make, forms to fill out, information to hunt down and organize.
No one to comfort, nothing to attend to.
Just have to figure out what’s for dinner, and have a nice quiet meal with my wife.

Later on, I may watch some of the Presidential Debate. Maybe not. Yes, I’ve already decided I’m voting for Obama. (You’re welcome to criticize below, just be polite about it.) Maybe I’ll turn on the ps3 and play a game.
I might strum my guitar for a bit. There’s a song I’m trying to learn that still needs a lot of work.

At some point, I’ll sit under the stars I can see from our porch and have a cigarette. Maybe I’ll have a beer with it. I’ll read a bit, check my email, but mostly, just sit and relax quietly.
There will be music.

Later on, I’ll go to bed. My girl (TMWGITU) and I will go through our nightly routine. We’ll make jokes about each other. We’ll complain to each other about setting our alarms for tomorrow.
I’ll change out my earring.
We’ll get under the blankets and I’ll put my arm around her.
Her feet will be freezing. I’ll shout when she puts them on me, and she’ll laugh at me.

It will be a quiet night at the Guapo household, like it hasn’t been for a while.

I’m looking forward to it.

The Friday Foolishness posts will continue (as long as I can think of polls – never a guarantee). Other than that, well, I was never a prolific poster. As stuff occurs to me, and as I can set more adventures on the page, or trifectas or beatnik poetry slams, I’ll post them. Just no idea how often.
You’ll still see me on twitter, and on your blogs. As much as I like trying to tell a good story here, I really love listening to all your stories.

So not goodbye, just a pause – a time out.
And if you need me, hey, I’m easy enough to find…

See you out there. I’ll be the one relaxing, enjoying the quiet time.

I think I feel good about that. (Photo by Lizzie Cracked)

El Guapo