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Friday Foolishness – Canine Edition

Today’s Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Edge of Forever

Despite it feeling like at least 10 days since last we met, it’s only been a week. How do I get through such a long slogging stretch? By reading blogs! Here’s some of what I saw…
For a Trifecta challenge, Marie Nicole put a great piece of magic. Red waxed wisely on getting writing help.
And sandylikeabeach is officially retired!

They, and you, made it a great week for reading blogs.

Hey, it's more than just words to me,

Hey, it’s more than just words to me,

But last week was all about getting better here. And thanks to all your advice, I know now that I will just lock myself in a room with tears running down my face.
Because your answers made me laugh that hard! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are the best that they can be in italics.)
*One note – Polldaddy was a bit wonky, so I sincerely apologize if I missed someones’ answer, and the omission was not deliberate.
You do polls? John Phillips
(I like to think of them as existential thought exercises…)
self improvement is masturbation – brad pitt
(Then I don’t understand why so many people get advice on it from Dr. Phil.)
change nothing because he’s AWESOME! (nicolemarie)
(They broke the mold. And beat up the moldmaker.)
Provide either ‘shrooms or more nudity. Either works. (UndercoverL)
(Since I’m naked, I’m guessing you don’t want to know where the shrooms are hidden…)
Offer virtual cake to each voter! MBT
(You can probably find some fruitcakes in the comments…)
angry birds
(grumpy bloggers)
Quit his day job and concentrate on polls!! (polysyllabic)
(Wait – exactly what do you think I do at at work?)
I don’t know but it has something to do with a new Pollguappy platform (Live Clay)
(Only if I get to use the word “Pollguappy”)
Wait a minute! This isn’t Hooters! Where the hell am I? – A Bad Influence
(If you still have your pants, then definitely not Hooters.)
Hold my hand while I do this scary polling thing –Marie Nicole
(I’m already holding two severed hands from a different poll. MUAHAHAHA!!!)
Serve more ravioli and wine. Red.
(I used all the wine in the recipe.)

Change the color from gray to pink, of course. ~Maddie
(I am secure enough in my manliness to not be afraid of pink. Or feel the need to prove it.)

Add an interactive Pole…! SnaapALicious
(Is Lech Walesa still available?)
remember that the only good polls are stripper poles. Revis
(Which makes these polls a bunch of overweight mailmen.)
Offer free Jelly and Peanut Butter sandwiches 🙂 Andro

Hand out chocolates and pancakes to everyone 🙂 Andro
(You think I’m made of dough? (See what I did there?))
realize that the only thing that ever improves anything is an explosion. Revis
(Jim Henson knew it well.)

Guapo, you should make dinner for all of us! The Bumble Files
(With fava beans and a nice chianti?)
Poll the poll on what it thinks. – The Waiting
Make them more literary by including the word “hath” in every choice. lindavernon
(I was hoping to make them more cartoony…)
Bare all! Okay…that was a joke. Hey! Where’s the ‘It’s Just a Joke’ button?
(I left the button in my clothes. Back there somewhere. Oops…)
The polls are already perfect. Awww-Lily In Canada
(Your check is in the mail.)
Serve them with a side of fries….zannyro
(Serving fries! At last, the full realization of my Liberal Arts education!)
do nothing. Like Guapo, they’re perfect just the way they are. sandylikeabeach
(Who is this “Guapo” and how do I live up to his standard?)
Take up single Malt. You’re drinking for two now ~R
(When did I cut down?)
never elect another one. quitters.~R
(Or just write in Big Bird.)
Poll readers for the best poll questions. Elyse 54.5
(I asked on Twitter, but everyone kept telling me about those pictures of me on Facebook.)
channel his inner Orson Welles. And sell no wine before its time.
(Rosebud Vineyards! Confusing to its dying drop.)
Love your work! Starving Activist
(Ah, you must be new here.) 😉
keep doing exactly what he’s been doing Benzeknees
(Isn’t that part of the definition of insanity?)
Record his responses in a video blog dressed as a superhero. Carrie Rubin
(Wow, a lot of responses calling for nudity this week.)
Like a Chanel handbag, YES!
(Like the price tag, NO!)
There is no way I could ever be better than I already am… sigh… PMAO
(Um…I think they said you “wouldn’t” get better, not “couldn’t”…)
Add pink food coloring. Rogue
(I prefer plaid.)
Rutabaga: I like a special channel & FUNICULAR!
(If you mean a funicular railway, I’m afraid this train is already waaay off the rails…)
add music videos and hot models …Ya Baby (SnB)
(Are Tiny Tim and the “Where’s The Beef” lady still available?)
all of the above (Stacy)
(So lots and lots of improvement needed.)
Have a beer cooler available those responding (Frank)
(I don’tthink the beer would stay in the cooler long enough to get cold. And it certainly wouldn’t last til the respondents came! 😉 )
Let someone else host them. Twindaddy
(Sadly, no one will take my calls anymore.)

Congratulations to Emily @ The Waiting for this weeks winning answer. And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between Give substantial, valuable prizes. and always pick me as the winner!. But would you want there to be substantial prizes if I didn’t pick you?
Now that you’ve stretched your pondering muscles on that, consider this: For everything that is brought to dentists for their recommendations – toothpastes, teeth whiteners, Slim Whitman albums – 4 out of 5 do recommend them.
But I’ve always wondered, what does the fifth dentist recommend? Well, that’s this weeks poll for you to sink your teeth into.
So bite hard, bite often, but bite before 2359 EST on 18 April, because that’s when this one ends.
And if you leave your name in an “Other” answer, I’ll link back to you next week.

And as we head off into what will hopefully feel like a longer weekend and shorter week, enjoy these.
First, I was turned on to this by a young friend, whose parents then had to explain to her what bestiality was.

And since we’re already changing lyrics to songs, hears the Literal Video version of aHa. It always gets a laugh out of me, if only for “assful of pipe wrench”.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll see you when next we meet.