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Friday Foolishness – Svelte Edition

Today’s Music: Ricky Nelson – Garden Party
Note On Today’s Music: The song is apropos of nothing, just a nice mellow number But if you don’t know it already, look up the story behind the song.

Welcome, welcome all! Brand new month! Brand new year! Same old foolishness! What wasn’t the same old though was some of the stuff I read this week!
Red put up her latest site! Carrie is very excited about something, and TC History Gal gave me a Wonderful Team Member Readership award, and I couldn’t be more honored!

Thanks to them, and all of you for letting me finish and start the year in such great company!
Last week, in between the eating and the drinking and the rushing and that horrible, tragic tofu and butter incident, the calendar rolled over. As happens every year, tons of resolutions were made (admit it, you made some). So we asked the most relevant question – What resolution will you break first?
Here’s what you said. (As always, my answers will only last a few days in italics.)

To vote in these damn polls on Friday & not Thursday at 11:59pm! SheSnaaped
(Oh, if only you’d gotten this posted in time!)
To enjoy a very nice Picnic, oh that is a choco bar 🙂 Androgoth
(That choco bar is for eating, Andro. Andro?!?)
The early to bed clause, unless there is a good reason 😉 Androgoth
(Laziness is an excellent reason! Or…so I’ve heard…)
My resolution to not make New Year’s Resolutions…Ugh. KJ
(Catch 22!!!)
My resolution to not break resolutions. WG
(Break that one first just to get it out of the way!)
I am going to get up from my coma after working all of 2012 ~ Red
(Hey, I worked through 2012 in a coma too!)
I thought we made New Years Revolutions – I’m taking over Maine.
(Careful – I hear Stephen King has…things…to keep it safe…)
Hey Jude, john, paul, george, ringo – let’s go sing at the revolution! Buddhakat
(You’re up ninth.)
What?!? Revolution?!? Where?!? buddhakat
(Earth. Once a day.)
Drinking alcohol… guaranteed I can’t keep that one. I like my sauce. ~ Bpmuse
(I was enjoying some as I wrote this response.)
That I will stop convincing noobs to order milkshakes at the Bistro. Brain Tomahawk
(But how else will they ever learn?)
Getting Freshly Pressed-Lily In Canada
(I thought you’d go for…steamed! HAHAHAHAHA!!!)
That I’m not making resolutions (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(Well, if you’re not gonna play along…)
It’s time for those again? I didn’t make last year’s yet. Lizzie
(Just write up the stuff you did and backdate them!)
my daily goal of being showered and dressed by noon – sandylikeabeach
(Woah! Baby steps there, Sandy. Baby steps.)
Not to break resolutions, then something about eating. Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(What if you broke bread with a resolution? Two for one!))
to stop dressing up squirrels….well, somebody has to do it!……..zannyro
(I bet the squirrels have some resolutions they would like to share with you!)
not to make resolutions anymore… NBI
(You sound very…resolute.)
New Year? Did we survive another apocalypse? (Twindaddy)Stuphblog
(Let’s see…work…taxes…traffic…No. No, I don’t think we survived at all.)
To never mentally flip someone off! x, Becca
(Doing it physically is so much more rewarding…)
Pro wrestling with Mexican midgets. I really want to beat Mascarita Sagrada.
(You’ll use any excuse to wear a spandex onesie!)
I’ll probably forget while I’m finishing off the champagne! (words&otherthings)
(As long as you’ve resolved to finish the champagne, I think this year is a win.)
Swearing like a mother f#*%$* truck driver…oops. That didn’t last long. Dammit
(WE HAVE A %$#+*#$&*^%# WINNER!!!)
The one where I tell myself to make a resolution. SnaapAlongG
(How would you hear you over the voices in your head?)
Not to be envious of other people’s mad blogging skills
(For a value of “mad” that equals “insane”.)
To run naked in a bar (Frank)
(Eh, it’s been done.)
To survive to 2014. Elyse 54.5
(Um…you realize these were resolutions to break, right?…)

Congratulations to Anonymous for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was , Resolutions? We don’t need no stinking resolutions so congrats to everyone that wants to struggle through the year with no fixed purpose forced on them by tradition!

Happy Food Coma Day
This week, it’s all about dealing with the consequences of our actions. Yep, we’re going to have to face up to all teh bad decisions we’ve made over the last several weeks. On the bright side, if we start now, we’ll be in fine shape for beach season! (Yes, I want to fit properly into my banana-hammock this sumer!)
So below is this weeks question. Answer now or think about it over a snack. But answer by 2359 EST, 10 Jan, because that’s when this one ends.

And until next week, here’s some Mitch Hedberg that I hope you enjoy! (One warning – dude’s a potty mouth. Big time.)
First, there’s a sandwich recipe here that I hope at least one of you try!

And there’s a little overlap here, but it’s worth it, just for “spaghetti”. You’ll see it when it comes around.