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Friday Foolishness – Brand New Day Edition

Today’s Music: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – Next

Woohoo!!! Friday!!! GIVE ME FOOLISHNESS,OR GIVE ME…I don’t know…a beer would be nice…One of the nice things about blogging is sitting back with an ice cold beer, and enjoying what other people have written. This week, here’s some of what I saw.
Truth About Mornings talked about perspective. A Frank Angle finished his recap of his anniversary cruise.
And MomShieb had a bad day, of the kind we all probably have…

And thanks to Edward Hotspur for a Blog Of The Year award! I hope you all check him out, because his site truly deserved that award!

Thanks to them and all the rest of you for a great week of reading!

But last week, the big news was Thanksgiving! Which means the really big news this week was leftovers! And what to do with them is what we asked in last weeks poll. Here’s what you said.
(As always, my comments are reheated in italics.)

Eat them for Breakfast! DUH! The Queen of Gingerland
(Well, at least you’re off the Halloween candy…)
Feed the starving pygmies…Wait, those are children. Oops. Red.
(I wholeheartedly approve of feeding children to pygmies.)
Take them to work for lunch (for the next six weeks) Kanervaf
(Even the guy who steals lunches from the fridge will get sick of them by then!)
Stuff them in my father in laws A$$.
(I can’t wait to hear what you’re basting him with!)
Freeze and hand out next year for Halloween – Becca 25tofly
(Turkey epitaph: frozen to frozen…)
Leftovers & turn the turkey carcass into stock for soup. Quirky
(Well sure, if you want to be practical about it.)
Pass them off as next year’s Halloween Candy- Linda Vernon
(A cruel, cruel trick…)
Start an Occupy Leftovers movement. (Frank)
(Pretty sure that will cause some kind of movement…)
(Who has leftovers?? – asplenia)
(No one I know of.(burp….))
bury them in a time capsule until next Thanksgiving SnB
(As long as it isn’t opened until armageddon.)
Leftovers?This year I had the brains-uh, good fortune-to be invited somewhere WG
(I bet they just wanted someone there to give the leftovers to…)
have them for breakfast. And lunch and dinner and breakfast and lunch and…WG
(Hey! You said you didn’t have leftovers!)
What leftovers?? Michelle
(You know, the ones in the freezer. And the fridge. And the cupboard. And the…)
Make a sculpture out of them. –Lily in Canada
(I thought you only made sculptures out of ice in Canada. Or beavers.)
Send them to Lady Gaga to make an outfit – Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
Stuff them back up the turkey’s butt & use them for Xmas – Benzeknees
(But then how will you fit the chicken and the duck up there?)
Send 47% of my leftovers to Mitt Romney – calahan
(I think he’d rather have a pied stuffed with about another 70 electoral college votes…)
EAT THEM!! (Stacy)
(YE- wait, are we still talking about leftovers?)
Turkey and asperagus pie. Yum. Elyse 54.5
(Won’t that make the gravy smell funny?)
Order pizza instead. ~flame
(Cranberry is the new anchovy!)
plant them so next year I can just pick turkeys and pies right off the trees
(Hey, happiness doesn’t grow on trees!)

Congratulations to Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd and lets give thanks to her for the newest trend in fashion! And from the offered choices, the most popular was Leftovers? You had leftovers?. So congratulations to all of you, and get out of my fridge.
office drone
As you’re reading this (if it’s Friday or Saturday), I’m working on relocating our office from downtown to midtown. As I’m writing this, I’m drunk from an “end of an era” party as our company is subsumed by it’s new owners.
Which begs the question: Will El Guapo still have a job when the dust settles?
In all sincerity, this is not even on the list of things I worry about. Because I have great readers like you who can help me figure out what to do next.
So I ask you, what should my next career be?
Point me in the right direction, but point me by 2359 EST on 6 Dec, 2012. Because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you write an answer, leave an ID, and I’ll link back to you next week.)

Well, that brings us to the end of this weeks foolishness.
And until next time, I leave you with this.
Eric Idle responding to comments.

Have a great weekend everyone!