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Friday Foolishness – Evil Edition!

Today’s Music: Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
Days Til Spring: 25

*A note: Today’s poll is evil. Really, it is insiduous and may very well scar you for the greater part of the afternoon.
You’ve been warned.

Yes, Van Halen rocked.
No, I have no idea why I went to Indianapolis to see them.
But I did have a blast. More on that to come…

Her’s a few posts that caught my attention from around the ‘sphere this week:
SightsnBytes told us about his friend Josh. Brian Westbye threw up another great short piece, this time mocking hipsters.
And Eric Murtaugh embraced the nervousness of his first time.
You should check them all out, then mosey on through their blogs. It’s all good stuff!
But not right now.

Because what you really want to know is the answers your fellow commenters came up with for last weeks poll, Who should be honored on President’s Day.
Well ask no more! Here are the other answers. (Comments in italics, as always, are mine).
John Q. Shopping…that’s why everything is on sale.
(With the amount of sales throughout the year, he’s got to be the most honored man in history!)
Thomas Crapper…for bringing all the crap inside. Red.
(Thanks Red – I had him confused with WC Flushington)
Me, of course! Mrs. Cap’n Firepants, future President of the United States
(How would you direct the Secret Service to respond to Wonderbutt?)
Masterchief. Nuff said.
(Cortana would still be the woman behind the man.)
Charles Nelson Riley — LindaV
(I should have known you were a Matching game fan!)
Add Thomas Jefferson and James K Polk because they had the most BRRAAIIINNSSS!
(Wait – had as in “possessed” or as in “ate”?)
Guapola – for his coolness…whitelady
(Thank you whitelady! but there’s no way I’d survive the background checks.)

Captain James T Kirk
(Sure, he’ll get the green woman vote, but how does he do with the rest of the population?)
The Brain (No, not BRRAAIINNS, but The Brain, from Pinky and The Brain. Alex A.
(THE WINNER!!! I wish I’d though of this!)
Congratulations Alex! And from the list of answers in the poll,the most popular was Zaphod Beebelbrox. Just more proof of how cool you all really are.

But now it’s time to move on. I’ve talked several times about my girl on this blog. But the reason I love her and think she’s so fantastic is summed up in today’s poll. Because it was her idea.
And again, I have to say that if anyone has anything even remotely productive they want to do today, don’t read any further
There is no “Other” answer this week. Leave your choice in the comments so everyone can suffer enjoy them without having to wait.
You’re welcome!

And until next time (when I do the concert review), here’s a song I don’t mind having stuck in my head.
From the show I was at. Seriously, most of the concert is on You Tube…