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Save a house, Save a home.

Today’s Music: The Beatles – Obladi Oblada
Days Til Spring: 24

We don’t actually know each other. We read each others stories, tell each other tales. Sometimes our posts look like we rolled our faces across the keyboard, sometimes our eloquence and wit are astounding.
Something I’ve seen in the time I’ve spent knocking around here is that you people have never failed to come through and help someone when they need it.

This post is a little off for me. What I’m going to ask actually has nothing to do with me. I don’t have the issue described. The problem isn’t mine.

Hell, I don’t even know the person, except by reputation. (I would, except I can be incredibly slow to get around to reading blogs I know I should.) But I was asked by Zoe, a blogger who I know and who I enjoy, whether she’s posting on her site or razzing me in comments elsewhere, to help spread the word about this.
So here goes…

Many of you know Merbear. She blogs about her daily life, her family, living with depression and living with fibromyalgia. Along the way, she’s met a lot of great people online. People that she’s helped through some dark times, and ones that have helped her too.
Now, her condition has gotten worse. It’s gotten to the point where she is at risk of losing her home.
That would suck.

There are a lot of good and worthy causes out there. There are a lot of people asking for money. But if there’s any way you can scrape loose a couple of bucks, Merbear could really use the help and support now.

Like I said, I don’t actually know any of you, outside of three or four I’ve been lucky to meet in real life. But because of my online relationships with most of you, I’d be happy to give you a hand, as I could, if you needed it – maybe some tech guidance or research on something, maybe an ear or a couple of dollars for whatever cause it is that’s important to you.

Since I don’t really like doing “preachy”, and you don’t owe me anything, check out Merbear’s site.
And if you’re inclined, you can donate to help save her house.

If you can, thanks so much!
And if you can’t, thanks so much for listening!

Trifecta – Babu to Back

Today’s Music: The Beatles – Nowhere Man

Well, those wacky Trifectans have gotten even wackier!
This week, instead of giving us the third definition of a word, they’ve given us a buffet! Buffet, sadly, does not fall within the alphabetical range of Bab to Bac. But what does?
Why, the 99th page of the Oxford English dictionary!
And to be even wackier, this time they want exactly 99 words!
So even though I’m rarely mentioned for the challenge, I do want to assert myself as wackiest.
so here you go, and enjoy! (And while i’ve used several words in the piece, I did (in an even wackierest twist) actually try and use one correcly!)

Titleless(What? I used all 99 words in the story.)
“I got nothin’”
“What does that mean? You’ve got a whole dictionary page to work with. A whole page!”
“Did you even look at it?” came the rejoinder. “How the hell do I make ‘Babylon’ mean London? And ‘back’ is so amorphous it don’t mean fiddlesticks!”
The first poured himself a Bacardi. The second pulled out a steel shaft, toying with the bacilliform. “Who’s this?” he asked of the armored man under the ‘Merriam-Webster-Trifecta’ banner.
“He’s my bachelor”.
“Woah! I didn’t know you even went that way.”
The first man rolled his eyes. “Did you even read the dictionary?

*Note on today’s post: There’s a much longer version of this which has all the words on the Oxford page, but it was way over 99 so I couldn’t use it. You’re welcome.