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Friday Foolishness – Culinary Edition

Today’s Music: The Cat Empire Sly
And so, I emerge from the spreadsheet hell where I spent most of my week. But not all of my week. I also managed to read some blogs. Here’s some of what I saw…
Christopher De Voss contemplated going to his high school reunion, Christine MacDonald took a failure as a personal challenge and kept on going.
And in that same vein, there were a lot of reflections on Monday’s events in Boston. Running On Sober related to it in the context of her own running, and Cayman Thorns conclusion pretty much summed it up.
Thanks to everyone for another great week of reading and comments.
But there was some commenting last week too. Specifically, your comments in response to last week’s poll. And from what your answers, I’m secure in the knowledge that nitrous and anesthesia are still in heavy use. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are drilled in italics.)

banging the other four. – Revis
(Open wider…)
Regular brushing. What? It’s boring, but it’s true.
(Do dentists have teachers pets?)
The soundtrack to Little Shop of Horrors. D. Delicious
(I prefer the sound of John Denver while getting my mouth pummeled.)
Getting dentures (Addie)
(Hold out for the iTeeth.)
Eating garlic before instead of afterwards… Andro
(Dr. Acula says he can no longer see you.)
Goofy looking dentures… Andro
(Wait – are the mini disco balls too much?)
Pulling hers down instead of his… Who said that? Andro
(That was Dr. Arthur Tootherton, in his seminal work Moving the Lips to Access Bicuspids Two and Four)
Smoking Grass Not Kissing Ass… Andro
(Depending on the company, one can lead to the other…)
Skinny Dipping Hillbilly Parties… Andro
(Do hillbillys have enough teeth to use dentists?)
Reading El Guapo every week while soaking dentures – Benzeknees
(I find it much easier to read this while soaking in tequila…)
… that those other four losers get a life! –Kwyjibo Brian, D.D.S.
(Dentists, like teeth, are so clique-y)
not having teeth – Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(Then how will they pay for their vacation homes?)
Not going to dental school. SO MUCH WORK. –Lily In Canada
(Wait – some dentists get trained first???)
Chicklets. – The Waiting
(The orange ones, or the green?)
sugar! (Stacy)
(He just wants more work.)
Using your teeth as tools & getting a degree from a cereal box. (UndercoverL)
(Well, since many cavities come from those cereal boxes, why not the fix too?)
just tying a string to a doorknob and slam! – calahan
(the Bob Vila school of dentistry!)
using your teeth as a bottle opener…….zannyro
(Have to. My friend won’t let me use his anymore.)
there is no 5th dentist – its a herring..lizziec
(But can it chop down the largest tree in the forest?)
That I show up from time to time Elyse 54.5
(I stop in from time to time just to see the fish tank.)
Not brushing at all so you spend more money. X, Becca
(But I save so much in toothpaste!)
Ignoring the other 4 guys and think for yourself- Rogue
(If he tells you to think for yourself, should you give in to the pressure?)
to pull out your teeth? NBI
(Sure, it’s an expensive procedure. But there’s no repeat business.)
an oral cleaning and protein shot. twindaddy
(Wasn’t there a court case about that recently?)
Psychotherapy. Red.
(If only therapists used nitrous…)
Dentures. Carrie Rubin
(If only wooden teeth were as valuable as wooden nickels…)
…to do whatever you want. We’ll all die anyways. –Marie Nicole
(Zen dentistry at its finest.)
Rutabaga– a diet rich in glass shards and fish gravel
(Sure, it gets your teeth clean, but will it help with gingivitis?)
the YOLO philosophy – Speaker 7
(That’s why the other four won’t hang out with him anymore.)
Visiting the 4 other dentists? – Doggy’s Style
(Nah, he hates those jerks.)
THIS (from Asplenia)

(He waited til the camera was off to smell his butt.)
Peanut butter and jelly (Frank)
(Four out of five dentists prefer the scents of pickle and liver sandwiches from their patients who eat sandwiches.)
replacing missing teeth with chicklets (SnB)
(Swallowing a filling never tasted so good.)

Congratulations to you all, for making laugh during another long week. And from teh offered choices, the most popular was using the nitrous before the patients come in. So congratulations to all you light-headed people too!
This week, our thoughts turn to food. And what to handle it with. So here’s your chance to find new and unusual ways to play with your food! Dig in all you like, but dig in by 2359 EST on 25 April, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave an “other” answer, leave some ID too and I’ll link back to you next week.)

Well, that about wraps it up. So I’ll leave you with these, two fun songs from Garfunkel and Oates (yeah, I did a doubletake too when I saw the names).
First, this is for medicinal use.

And second…never mind. I don’t know what to say.

Have a great week, y’all, and keep on keepin on.