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Beatnik Poetry Slam – Infinite Mystery

Today’s Music: Tony Bennet & Diana Krall – I’ve Got The World On A String

Note – Tonight’s Beatnik Poetry Slam ans nothing to do with Lynne at Free Penny Press who is hosting take-it-to-the-street-poetry.
Because Beats don’t join clubs like that.
Unless there’s dark coffee.
And angst.

A black curtain, speckled with bright white LEDs
Drummer Moe Green with the brushes plays the Hi Hat (Ka-Tshhhh) under a dark blue backlight.

A warm pinpoint spot slowly widens on the black-turtle necked torso of El Guapo, clove cigarette dangling languidly from his lips, mirrored Wayfarers reflecting the infinity of space…

Like jewels
Glimmering in deepest darkest dirt
I blink
rocket past a star.
illuminate my pores
orbit near and far
(exhale of smoke scents the room with clove)

The universe
asks me who what I want
in darkness and in light
My answer
echoes out beyond.
Is there any booze
available on this flight?

(Fast tattoo on the Hi Hat)

Aaaand fade…

*Note – El Guapo does not condone the use of turtlenecks or clove cigarettes. Ray Ban Wayfarers, however, are just plain cool.