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Friday Foolishness – Blustery Edition

Today’s Music: Lyle Lovett – I’ve Been To Memphis

Well, another week come and gone. Faster than expected, though that might have been Tuesday’s fault. Went to see Gotye, drank waaayyy too much. IrishPaul drank even more. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t wake up with a blt in his pocket.
Fortunately, y’all were around to help me through my hangover! I read about how Curly Carly got a dog! Brian Westbye made me clutch myself in pain, and Howlin’ Mad Heather put up a great set of animal pictures. (I was partial to the first, myself.)
Really, except for the shaking, laughter is great hangover medicine. And thanks to all of you for keeping me properly distracted this week!

So before you go to check them all out, let’s clear up last weeks foolishness. The poll asked what you need to cure your spring fever. As always, your answers did not disappoint! (As always, my coments are in italics.)
fuck spring. –goradde
(Says the one who lives in the tropics)
Fried catfish, fried pickles, fried okra, fried crawfish, hell, fried anything!
(Sure, it’ll cure spring fever, but set you up for a whole host of other problems!)
to be thankful the biopsy came back negative. I’ll keep the spring fever though.
(In all sincerity, we in Guapolaville are ridiculously happy for you!!!)
to stop reading this @#$^&^^ blog and go outside for fresh air and sunshine.
(Maybe just read at night. After all, isn’t Guapola fresh air for the soul? No? Eh, I tried…)
Benedryl (Carrie)
(Make sure you’re getting prescription strength, not over the counter. Woohoo!!!)
Virgin sacrifice (BrainRants)
(Gotta say, if you’re sacrificing the whole virgin, you might be doing it wrong…)
I’m going to eat a big ol’ bowl of daffodils so I can finally get my fill! Linda
(If you go for dandelions, you know it will be organic and wholesome – no chemicals like weedkiller were used!(
Naked sunbathing with umbrella drinks. Rich Crete.
(Wouldn’t it be more fun with naked girls?)
a bandana, possibly 2, i’m sure you can figure out the rest 😉 lizzie c
(Sure, you can use the two to make a sling, and…um…)
Severe allergies (She Speaks)
(Sounds like the cure is worse than the disease!)
Start going through spring adventures list as soon and as often as possible. AFrankAngle
Who in the hell would want to cure Spring Fever? Ginger Snaap
(I never thought it would happen, folks! I agree with GingerSnaap!)
To get dirty…not like that, just working in the garden (Hobbler)
(If your fences are high enough, no reason not to do “that” too!)
Champagne. Might as well suffer in style (Kanerva)
(I don’t think “champagne” and “suffering” really go together. You should just ditch the suffering!)
Congratulations to Frank for the best answer of the week!
For everyone that stuck with the offered choices, the most popular one was If this is being sick, baby I don’t want to be cured.

But that was last week, and this is…well…this week. Which means another round of silly question.
As always, feel free to write in your own answer in “Other”. If you like, write your name at the end of your answer and I’ll link back to you in next week’s wrap up.
Its spring, and like the adage says, it’s come in like a lion. All over the place, I’ve seen reports of high wind. Huffing and puffing and blowing and rolling all over everyplace. But what are you going to do about it?
No, seriously. That’s the question. So here it comes! Vote early, vote often, just vote before midnight Thursday, because that’s when the poll closes.

And to keep you busy until next week, I leave you with a guy who knows exactly what he wants to do when there’s wind.

Have a great weekend, everyone, catch you on the rebound…