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Friday Foolishness – Senior Discount Edition

Today’s Music: Cage The Elephant – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

I have to say, I was a bit surprised last week by the strength of the reactions to Rupert Holmes timeless opus, “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to all of you at the end of this post.
There were also other reactions. To blogs! Here’s some of what I enjoyed…
Thin Spiral Notebook told us about her dialogue with her inner child. Two Wise Gals caught photographic evidence of the cat charger, and Quirky is very very pregnant!

Thanks to them, and everyone else, for the great stuff to read this week.

One more time! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!.)

One more time!
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist!.)

But focusing on last week (as we often do), there were so many questions in the world. And only one that we’re concerned with – last weeks poll – where we asked If you like Pina Coladas, whatdo nyou also like? Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are served with a maraschino cherry on a sword in italics.)

Suck at pole dancing… Andro
(In that context, I'm not sure if sucking is good or bad…)
Wear wellies at luncheons… Andro
(Better than spats for supper.)
Sting like a butterfly and float like a bee… Andro
(Ah, I see you’ve tried it with tequila.)
Like sniffing ripe ones… Andro
(Who doesn't enjoy the scent of ripe pineapp- ohhhh…)
Have the breath of a farting goat… Andro
(I don’t think you’re using the right mixers in your drink…)
Don’t like drinking with Herman… Andro
(That’s because Herman eats all the bar snacks.)
Crap your pants a lot… Andro
(Nono, those are the Bran Coladas.)
Drink with tramps, or is that vagrants? Andro
(Either way, my kind of people!)
Smell of Tuna…Andro
(Time to get fresh garnishes.)
haven’t tried a nice Vampire…Andro
(Do they stir their Bloody Marys with celery??)
Fell of the wagon for some, I mean a bit…Andro
(It’s not the falling. It’s the landing.)
like Magnum or perhaps just a six pack – Andro
(I thought you’d be focused on his short-shorts.)
Haven’t been allowed to drink for 9 months and no longer discriminate. –Quirky
(Oh, the unappreciated sacrifices we make for our kids…)
won’t enjoy our local microbrewery. Sharp Little Pencil
(On a serious note – PINA COLADA BEER?!?)
have vomited them up in Nogales and need chiclets for your breath – Rutabaga
(Consider yourself plugged.)
get drunk a lot. Duh…. – Revis
(Is there some version other than “a lot”?)
You probably drank your way through the 80s (SilkPurseProductions)
(Was there any other way to survive them? Leg warmers. Bleagh.)
Is there pinapple juice in that? Mel at According to Mags
(Yes! Pineapple! No rum at all. hehehe)
don’t know that guy’s greatest song “Him, Him, Him” (Stacy)
(That’s just the rum talking.)
part pirate – John Phillips
(…because fruit juice is a great way to relieve scurvy…)
Haven’t tried gin and tonic. Or margaritas. Or…dd
(Once you go pina colada, you only…..umm….want more, but a lot a…?)
you hail from planet Douchebagian. Linda Vernon
(Our planet is SOOOOOO much cooler than yours.)
(Spoken like someone who confused Rupert Holmes for John holmes and saw something he really didn’t expect.)
have a romantic bone in your body – Benzeknees
have good taste! (my fav!) Benzeknees
(After 23 of those, my tastebuds are shot.)
you might like to put the lime in the coconut. sandylikeabeach
(Hey, my doctor said the same thing!)
Will drink anything. Elyse 54.5
(To be fair, we were thirsty.)
have never fractured your skull on a door after having too many. (UndercoverL)
(The frozen pina colada makes an excellent clotting agent.)
music! ll I thought was drinks with umbrellas.
(Unbrellas are only for when the guy upstairs is a sloppy drunk.)
like to mix it up. thematticuskingdom
(Personally, I prefer my liquor undiluted. In short glasses.)
put the lime int he coconut. thematticuskingdom
are a big Rupert Holmes fan…Who? Who the hell is Rupert Holmes? (SnB)
(Mrs. Holmes asks that question twice a day.)
are in favor of eugenics to produce a cocoapple-pine nut already exists. Red.
(I’m just looking for a tequila bush.)
brickhousechicksays, then you obviously like my big coconuts!
(El Guapo backs away from that one. Slooooowly…)
have no business drinking in a bar. Kayjai
(Alcohol is best enjoyed in solitude. In a basement.)
…need to attend AA meetings. Twindaddy
(I hear the most knowledgeable drinkers are there.)
are living in the seventees! with something something and plastic trees! butimbeautiful
(Thank you for leaving out leisure suits!)

Congratulations to Benzeknees for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was like getting caught in the rain! (this is a continuation of the climate change poll, right?). So congrats to everyone who is as confused as I am!

I don't care how drunk I get, I'm not eating that.  Probably.

I don’t care how drunk I get, I’m not eating that.

This week, The Guapolian mind turns to food. Because writing these polls makes me hungry.
We’ve all heard of it. Some of us have even eaten it. But all of us want to know: What exactly is in the Blue Plate Special? So that’s this weeks poll.
Get your your answers in by 2359 EDT on Wed, 21 Aug, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

Which, I guess, brings us to the end of the post. But before we head off into the weekend, enjoy these:
First off, Woody Allen and his moose hunting adventures.

And finally, I promised above that this would make up for the Pina Colada song last week.
Well, if this doesn’t make that look good, I don’t know what else to do.
(By the way, I was turned on to this by Blogs of a Bookaholic, so stop by and thank her after you’ve enjoyed it.)

Have a great week, y’all!