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Friday Foolishness – The Edition of Fruit

Today’s Music: Gull – Live Video
(Saw this guy last night. He plays drums and guitar. Simultaneously. Unbelieveable energy in his set.)

Well, it’s been a semi-busy week here. Some posts occurred to me, but sometimes the calendar changes on you in ways you don’t expect. I hear that happens a lot in Canada too…
But I did get to see some great posts. This first one from The Nomad Grad is actually a couple of weeks old, but I didn’t point it out, and I find myself going back to it, so here’s her post on financing your fun. Also, Alex Autin continued her educational series on the Bad Bad Writer with how not to use the ellipsis.
Edward Hotspur introduced us to Hells Salesmen, and Susie Lindau put up a great story about…well, you can read about it here.

Great stuff! And I enjoyed these and everything else I read this week, so thank you all!

Speaking of this past week, lets go back to last weeks poll. Ah, Easter. Honestly, I had never heard the phrase “Zombie Jesus Day” before, so that was…unusual. And here are what you all said that Easter Means…(As always, my comments are in italics)

did i vote? lizzie
(No one votes in these, LizzieC. I make them all up myself!)
Easter = rabbits = Fatal Attraction Hasenpfeffer scene . Thanks for that, Guap. Laura
(You’re welcome, Laura! Shlemiel, shlemazel. (anyone?))
Cadbury Eggs… Om nom nom BrainRants
(Tastier if you don’t think about what the filling is made of…)
Another lame excuse for me to bulk up on candy
(No excuse to bulk up on candy is lame.)
Kickball! callmequirky.com
(Kickball with eggs? I’m intrigued…)
Totally the Hand Grenade, but ask about speed of unladen swallows first
(Excellent question! but is the swallow African or European?)
easter means never having to say i wuv you wabbit. Barking in the Dark
(You never have o tell them Tony. They can see it in your eyes.)
dangerously high blood sugars for the next few weeks
(Just a few weeks? Dude, you have to get a better haul!)
we have a spring time holiday as an excuse to gorge on chocolate – Carrie
(I think any day you gorge on chocolate is, by definition, a holiday.)
trying to keep Wonderbutt from eating the ham – Guess Who
(Have you considered hiding it in the couch? hehehe)
Easter: It’s not JUST sex! Rachael Black
(well, no…but it’s best when it is!!!)
Hoping that the chilluns will find all the eggs or it’s gonna be ugly (More Zen Now)
(I’m going to suggest you don;t hide the eggs inside. At least, not inside your house. hehehe)
Not going to work! Enjoying time off with the ones you love! –Lily
Crawfish boil!! (Stacy Lyn)
(Easter at Stacy’s place!!!)
Less traffic and hits on my site… Motley News
(Wait – I can blame that on something besides my inane writing?!?)
Finally getting to cook up my in-laws pet bunnies for Easter Dinner. Elyse(54.5)
(Don’t forget to season it with their salty tears! mmmmmm)
CHOCOLATE. –1wordbeautiful
Jesus will rise from the dead just in time to hide the Easter Eggs! Lindav
(Well, earlier than just in time, I hope. He has to be up early enough to die dye them first!)
the snowbirds will soon be gone, at least until next winter. Sandylikeabeach
(So they go away and then return…like a resurrection? ;))
the opposite of christmas – John Phillips
(Wouldn’t that be Hannukah?)
Another chance to file its pointy teeth- TikkTok
(I like where your head’s at!)
Chocolate…I think I need to go have an intimate moment with my chocolate Hobbler
(Waaayyyy too much information. Please go on…)
a heck of a lot more than the rabbit and eggs …. Candy? AFrankAngle
(And thus, the true meaning of the holiday is revealed…)
Congratulations to style=”color:blue;” href=”http://lilyincanada.wordpress.com” target=”_blank”>Lily for picking this weeks’ answer! (Yes, I was feeling a bit sappy when I read these.
From the available answers, the most popular was I have to polish the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. That is not just a little bunny rabbit.. Thank you, I couldn’t ask for better company to hang out with.

Doin' the happy dance!

But that was then. And we’re off to get into all sorts of trouble this week.
Because baseball season has begun!!!I know what that means to me.
But the more important question, dear friends, is what it means to you!
If you write your own answer in, feel free to leave a way to identify yourself and I’ll link back to you in next week’s roundup.
Vote as often as you like, just do it fast, because this poll closes at 2359 EST on 19 April.

And to keep you entertained til next week, enjoy these gems:
First, the classic. And how could you resist?

And here, you get to go on the mound for the true mysteries of beseball.

Have a great week all, and swing for the Fences!