The Babbleroll

I follow a whole lot of blogs.
It seems easier to put them here than have them on the sidebars.
I read each and every one of these. Hope you enjoy them too!
(If you know ones that should be here but I missed, or should check out, please let me know in the comments, or the form at the bottom.)
AFrankAngleA Frank Angle
– Science, politics, religion, The Onion, handbells. All under the auspices of the Great Eye.

TaswegianA Taswegian in Finland
You’ll have to visit to find out what a Taswegian is.

AccordingToMagsAccording To Mags
I think we all know who’s in charge in this family…

AlexAutinAlex Autin – …Things I Love
Forget the clouds. Her head is in the stars!

AGrippingLifeA Gripping Life
It really is.

AliceAtWonderlandAlice At Wonderland
Take a trip down the Rabbit Hole…

AmyReeseAmy Reese Writes
Stories For The Senses

BarbaraButlerBarbara’s Blog
Autism and Other Craziness

BehindTheMaskOfAbuseBehind The Mask Of Abuse
There Is Hope

A frustrated writer, who is her own worst enemy. But I’ve always found her to be friendly!

BrainRantsBrain Rants
He’s pissed. Really.

BudgetCookingBlogBudget Cooking Blog
You will be inspired to cook. And it will taste good.

QuirkyCall Me Quirky
Kinda busy, kinda neurotic, drama queen, kinda fun, kinda funny. With a lot of crap to say.

Vroom. VROOM!

MatticusDJ Matticus
A Jester. Not a joker.

HotspurEdward Hotspur
Whoever that is…

Her hard wiseass exterior hides her soft gooey wiseass interior.

Doesn’t burn. Just illuminates.

AndroGray Dawster
Is it getting hot in here, or are those zombies?

HEEllisH.E. Ellis
You’re going to have to see for yourself….

SpeedoI Saw Bob Dylan In A Speedo
The Rise of a Woman!

JohnPhillipsJohn Phillips
Music, travels, other stuff…

LilyinCanadaLily In Canada
Lily in Canada. Snark in Lily

LindaVernonLinda Vernon
Read her blog. She’ll put you in her will!

Malpighian Corpuscle
Looking for her heart. And the best body-part conversations ever!

Fabulously refined, yet wildly inappropriate.

NicoleWarnerNicole Warner
Seriously having a good time. And classical. In every sense of the word.

NBINo Blog Intended
Fiction, Life, Belgium. (No really, Belgium!)

GingerSnaapedOh my gawd, just do what I say!
Snaapy. Very snaapy.

OldDogNewTitsOld Dog, New Tits
From shopping for new breasts, to life with the family.

PolysyllabicProfunditiesPolysyllabic Profundities
Random thoughts, (more than) Sporadically profound.

PrometheanTimesPromethean Times
The finest in WTF journalism.

LizzieCrackedRunning Naked with Scissors
slightly cracked observations and unsolicited advice on bending the rules and being yourself

RutabagaRutabaga (The Mercenary Researcher)
Because Life’s too short to not be well researched.

SamaraSamara Speaks
And boy, does she have things to say!

SharpLittlePencilSharp Little Pencil
Sow peace. Wage love.

SnBSights N’ Bytes
Newfies do it a little differently…

StacyAllbrittonStacy Allbritton
Dreaming on the bayou

Keep it down while he’s ranting!

TFTMTales From The Motherland
More than just a girl in a spiffy hat!

RedThe M3 Blog
Yes. You should be reading Red.

NancyTexMy Year(s) Of Sweat
Can you keep up?

BrianChristensonUnintimidated By Convention
Don’t be scared. He isn’t.

MissBYo Yo-Dyne Propulsion Systems: Reno Division
If you don’t read, she’ll spank you. If you do read she’ll spank you.
But you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more.

13 responses to “The Babbleroll

  1. Nice list! I’ll be back 🙂


  2. Fun list 🙂 Reading makes us hungry! How about Cheers!


  3. Yay I’m going to visit all the blogs on your list! Thanks! Please pop in and say hi on my blog at – it’s trashy, but you’ll survive it.


  4. Hola, Guapo! I found your blog through No Blog Intended (love her). It would be just my luck that I’d stumble upon it in the middle of a posting hiatus, but I’ll content myself with browsing your archives. You said you’ll still be reading, though, so I thought I’d audition my blog and see if it makes the cut 😉 You can find it at Letters, rants, poems, stories, creative writing of all sorts.


  5. Pingback: On Retrospect: The People – A Frank Angle

  6. Hi Guap! What’s up old and dear friend. Ok dear friend, we are not old in the least. Although, there was that birthday of yours back in the merry month of Dec….not forgotten, I promise. Just life, ya know?
    Red and I were perusing the blogs from the days past..specifically, well specifically a lot of them but the Glittery… The one you actually gave in and gave out. What a hoot. Miss those days I do. Just dropping in and seeing who is still around..I still want a pony but I’m over butter canoes.
    Be well and stay safe.
    Much love
    Lizzie… Yeah still cracked, moreso even..damn duct tape isn’t what it used to be either 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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