The BOZO List

We all know ’em. We all have to deal with them.
You know who I’m talking about.
Over at Unintimidated By Convention, Brian the Kwyjibo has done us all a favor by compiling a list.

Check ’em out.
See how many you’ve met.
Add some more.

And dear God, make sure you’re not one of them!

18 responses to “The BOZO List

  1. This is surely an idiotic question (there are no bad actors only idiotic scripts -okay maybe that’s a paraphrase) but how do I follow your blog… NOT on Twitter?


  2. nevermind…. derp as the kids say


  3. Closer to ‘Hey you kids get of my lawn!’ kids


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  5. I saw the link and HAD to go there, Guap. Saw some friends, Old Dog New Tits among others, and posted my gripes. Thanks for a huge laugh! Peace and bozos, Amy


  6. Know who should be on this list? This clown…..


  7. hehehe
    He’d see that as a good thing…
    I need to pull the full list from Brian and post it here. Sadly, he’s disappeared into the ether.


  8. I was thinking that this was your blogroll
    and half expected me to be at the top of
    the list πŸ˜‰ lol I am soooooooooo relieved…



  9. This looks like a fun place to frequent πŸ™‚
    But remember I am always in cognito so
    don’t be telling anyone that you have seen
    me around here, there or anywhere 😦 lol


  10. Hey, Guapo! I’ve just updated the bozo list over at U by C. Added several nominations from Sharp Little Pencil. (Sorry for the 14 month lapse.) And I think it’s your turn, because I wrote the last update too.


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