Toys. With Pictures!

This page will be updated as I manage to take pics of stuff. Might be a while…

My Guitars

Fender Dreadnought

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Takamine Jasmine

Washburn Rover Travel Guitar

Wet Stuff

Surfboard Logo

My Surfboard!

28 responses to “Toys. With Pictures!

  1. Cheers for the Article, its my second time visiting your page and must say it is very interesting hope to check back soon.


  2. They should invent a surf board that has guitar strings! Best of both worlds!


  3. Wood board? You my friend are bold. Surf on.


  4. I’ve always wanted to surf…..


  5. oh, really nice photos, like the guitars!


  6. Nice toys, El Guapo. Fun stuff.


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  8. Kirsty Higginson

    I’ve never known a surfer! How good are you? Have you any pics (or videos!) of yourself out there? That’d be great to see.


    • Kristy, for a value of good that equals “enjoys the hell out of himself every time he’s in the water”, I’m fantastic!
      For a value that equals “he stands up on his board and surfs with control”? Not so much. But I’ll get there!


  9. I suppose guitars for boys are sort of like sex toys for girls, but I still thought the header for this category was misleading.


  10. surfing rocks! Are you in Cally?


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  12. You kinda mentioned in your Adminisilliness you had an adventurous soul…and I was wondering where the pic of the parachute was? But nothing and I mean nuthin’ beats that pic of the Stratocaster 🙂


    • The jumpmaster was too busy peeling my fingers off the plane to take the picture, the jerk.

      I got that guitar during a rough work stretch and I needed something to pick me up.
      One day, I may even learn to play it!


  13. aren’t you meant to add the shoes you wore to work today with the wet stuff?


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